Why is this clown whining about NFL rules?

Harrison The Clown

UPDATE: Because I am so enjoying the fact that Steeler fans are riled up over my “Harrison the Clown” comments…which I don’t retract by the way, I wanted to point out another quote that I think has baring on this to be fair. “I just want to go out and play within the rules the way my coach has taught me”.  From the one person who’s hit looked the worst and actually deserved to be fined…New England’s Brandon Meriweather.  Notice he didn’t whine about it or for that matter say the quote below instead.

“I have to decide if I want to continue playing football“.

The words of a clown. A 75,000 dollar poorer clown. After having been fined the 75K for his helmet to helmet hit on a Browns WR last Sunday, hard hitting cry baby James Harrison has said that he needs to “sit down with Mike Tomlin and see if he can still play under the NFL rules and be effective”. Are you freaking kidding me?

The guy levels another player with an illegal hit and now doesn’t know if he can play under the rules? I hope he realizes that the rules were not instituted last week prior to Sunday’s games. They have been around for at least a year. Why is Harrison whining anyways? Because he knows the next time will likely cost him playing time.

The NFL wants to take a longer, sterner approach to dealing with helmet to helmet blatant contact and one of those options being explored is suspensions instead of fines. The problem I have is the level of subjectivity to what is constituted as blatant or incidental?  Who makes that determination and what kind of suspension should be brought about as a result?

Last night on Finsradio.net we discussed that for about 20 minutes and “Cat” had the idea that a player who hits an unprotected player maliciously should serve a suspension equivalent to the duration that other player will miss due to injury.  In other words, an eye for an eye.  On the surface that sounds like a great idea but there are still issues with the theory itself.  What if a player truly did not mean to contact the opposing player with his helmet and is still deemed to have done it maliciously?  Why suspend him?

It may make more sense to follow the above method of suspension on a 2 strikes system.  Do it once, you get a fine, do it twice, you get the suspension.

If the NFL truly wants to look into curbing the desire of some to completely knock the hell out of someone else, then they need to look within the structure of their own property and other media outlets as well.  Do you think a player is more or less likely to carve the top of his helmet into the side of a QB or WR’s head if the replay would not be televised on ESPN or NFL Network?  “The top 10 hits of the week” advertises the very violent collisions that the NFL is trying to eliminate.

It’s a catch 22 in reality, the NFL for years has billed itself as a overly physical sport where hits are replayed over and over again during live broadcasts so that viewers can hear the smashing of pads against each other.  Now, they find that the brutal mess they created is getting out of control and they want to stop it.  It’s like telling a child that you have taught to stick up for themselves to suddenly stop hitting back.

There is a problem with amount of concussive hits being taken on the field and it’s about time that the NFL attempts to do something about it, while it may be a little too late, it’s a start in the right direction.  Make no mistake though, they need to go all out and completely in to curb this type of behavior, all the while walking on a thin double edged blade.

For clowns like James Harrison, sympathy for you plight won’t likely come from the fans, so stop whining, play within the rules, and shut the hell up.

Harrison will be on the field this Sunday when his Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Miami

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  • ramin

    This is a ridiculous thing for you to publish this kind of garbage as Harrison the clown. The only clown I see here, is the person who is unworthy to appreciate a great skill like James Harrison. He does not need to hear shit like , put up or shut up. that is the publisher’s job not his

  • macroi

    Only clown around here is the author of this article. Hopefully, now that the NFL is no longer going to be a contact sport, the Dolphins should do much better.

  • ed

    And what do you do when the receiver lowers his head and creates the collision smartass?

  • Smoking Tire

    I understand Harrison’s frustration. He can’t help it if a guy is going to sink to his knees as he’s coming in to hit him. It would be almost humanly impossible to try and change directions within a half second. He’s a defensive player who is supposed to hit people when they come across the middle trying to catch a football. What’s he supposed to do, go for the knees and end careers as opposed to unintentionally making slight helmet to helmet contact? If it is a malicious hit with intent to cause significant injury – as in the guy has reasonable time to place his hit correctly – then I agree on fines. That was a split second reaction.

    The Eagles don’t really have any guys that could ever hurt anybody with a hit on their D. So these rules don’t really apply to them.

  • Smoking Tire

    Sorry – I meant the Dolphins not Eagles.

  • JR

    Woooow… So youre an idiot. Poor thing.

    Clearly youve NEVER played football. Thats sad.

    And as for the tackle… Harrison was bent over a good three feet to make that tackle. The average NFL player is 6 feet tall. That meanss Harrison strike zone was for the belly. The receiver lowered his head a good three feet and Harrisons SHOULDER pad hit his helmet.

    I would be frustrated too if I got fined the price of a new escalade for tackling another person; something Im supposed to be encouraged to do.

  • Txmedic5

    I love it when you call out a player and his fans come to support him. My article is actually dead on…completely. There is ZERO indication from that article that I called out the fact that suspending players for hits is the absolute way to go, I did however call out one CLOWN for crying because he has to play within the rules…HIS OWN WORDS I might add.

    Apparently you all can’t read. JAMES HARRISON IS A CLOWN! Play ball, within the rules, and shut up. Period!

  • JR

    Haha, well you seem to be a little TOO passionate about this one. Like REALLY REALLY upset.

    I’ll let you go and be upset by yourself big guy.

    I hope you can get over this by the weekend…

    And for the record(for those that are curious) his quote was “And now you’re telling me that everything that they’ve taught me from that time on, for the last 20-plus years, is not the way you’re supposed to play the game anymore. If that’s the case I can’t play by those rules. You’re handicapping me.”


    • Txmedic5

      I’m not upset. I love being called an idiot. Yes I did play football. IN fact for about 12 years and I coached as a DC for semi-pro league. So in reality, I know about hitting…I was pretty damn good doing it. That doesn’t mean I played outside of the rules…which honestly, in regards to Harrison, I really don’t care if he hits outside of the rules of play…I laugh that he whines about having to play within them. And that my friend, makes him a clown!

  • JP

    Look. Just Pay your fine. Stop hitting people in the head. And keep your job that allows you to get paid millions for playing a game, instead of crying like a baby that you can’t change your idiot ways. “Boo hoo…i’m gonna retire cause the big bad league doesn’t want me concussing people…Boo hoo”. Idiot.

  • Txmedic5

    Hey someone gets it!!! Good for you JP

  • JR

    I think you’re missing the point.

    Harrison is NOT frustrated specifically with the fact that hes not allowed to hit people helmet to helmet. He’s frustrated with the fact that there’s a huge gray area, and the NFL is allowed to just fine whoever they want however much they want. And, Harrison has no say in the matter.

    As Harrison put it, “We didn’t actually hit helmets. It was the shoulder pad, and he lowered his target by a good three feet.”

    THATS what hes “whining” about as you put it so kindly.

    If he was blatantly hitting defenseless people 10-15 times a game in the head with his helmet and was whining because he got fined for it… well that would be different. I too would consider him clown worthy.

    But Harrison is an absolute BEAST. And Im a Ravens fan. That’s hard to admit. I love watching the guy play the game. But when the NFL becomes the “No Fun League” and starts fining guys for what they deem legal based on 20 years of coaching… well that my friend, breeds frustration.

    • http://www.maxpowermarketing.com Kurt Rasche

      Hey Ravens fan. I want to take time out to thank your team. Since I don’t know anyone on the team itself, I like to thank the fans when I get the chance. Why? As the story goes, on December 16, the Dolphins ended a 16 game losing streak by defeating the Baltimore Ravens at home 22–16 in overtime on a 64 yard touchdown from Cleo Lemon to Greg Camarillo. This day shall hereby be know as Ravens Day in my heart and I will where the Purple, Black and Gold on Dec 16th in thanks. Thank you Ravens, for not letting us be the worst team in the history of football. Also Thanks for the 30-1 Odds to win the Superbowl. I made a killing that year!

  • Txmedic5

    Did Harrison say, “i need to see if i can still be effective by playing under the NFL rules” ? Yes. Did he say that he may have to quit football because of the rules? Yes. Will he? Absolutely not. Sorry, I know why he is pissed and where it’s directed, but it’s still funny as hell and he still comes across as a whiny little child. And that is EXACTLY why I wrote this. :)


    WOW. For the life of me Im tryin to figure out your angle on this one…. By your comments you played and coached. So have I. I think this is just a preemptive strike before we KICK THAT ASS SUNDAY. Your decision to write this CLEARLY demonstrates this. Dont be scared you FUCKIN ASS CLOWN. Now Im callin YOU out for a dumb-ass stab in the dark of taking focus off of us whoopin that ass. This is CLEARLY an overreaction by the league PER THE FUCKING GUYS WHO PLAY IT!!! Even guys who play OFFENSE are saying the only hit that should have been punishable was Merriweather(New England). And thats also from guys who PLAYED-Mike Golic, Warrick Dunn,Derrick Brooks, Kordell Stewart, Teddy Bruschi, Mark Schreleth, Jamie Dukes, ALL OF THE EX- PLAYERS AND TALKING HEADS SAY THE SAME THING. Funny, he wasnt a clown year before last when he was the DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK GETTIN OUR FOOT OUTTA YOUR ASS THIS WEEKEND. FUCKIN ASSCLOWN

    • http://www.maxpowermarketing.com Kurt Rasche

      Yes – That was totally this guys plan. He thought that if he got you all upset, that your cheering in front of a TV might tilt the game in the Dolphins favor. Pure genius. Well I won’t take up any more of your time. YOU and the Steelers need to get your heads straight and ready for the game. Don’t let anybody deter you from your hard work and effort you put in each week to help the Steelers win. I myself just watch the game and cheer on my team, but then again I’m lazy that way.

  • JR

    Uh OHHHH. Looks like “Steeler Nation” is here.

    Im out.

    Be afraid Txmedic. Be very afraid. AFC North is coming.

  • MaineDolfan

    Wow…eaaaaaasy Mike. I can see the vein in your forehead from here. You have to admit Harrison’s reaction is a little over the top. Retire?!? Please! You don’t see anyone else in the league reacting like this. Are they critical of the league? Absolutely. Threatening to retire because he can’t “play within the rules” that’s a little Douchy!

    And you may well beat us this weekend, but ya better not fall asleep on us or you may be in for a surprise!

  • charlei kaune

    What would you have the defender do in this case? The receiver was trying to catch a pass when hit by the defender – linebackers are taught and encouraged to separate other players fdrom the ball and that is what Harrison did. This is a contact sport and helmet to helmet contact is oft times unavoidable – that is why there was no penalty flag at the time.

  • tree

    He is considering retiring not because of the fine, but because of the change in rules. He was taught to play the game a particular way. For you to spin it that it has anything to do with the fine, just goes to show how horrible of a amateur news correspondent you are. Harrison always said that fines would never stop him from playing the way he plays, it is the rule change of suspending players which has him all up in arms. A very reasonable view, because this means defensive players can’t play the game all out, but intead have to approach each tackle with caution and hesitation, which makes it a lot more difficult to tackle, especially some of the great players like Chris Johnson.

    You are one of the big problems with the internet new sources, there is no integrity.

  • MJ

    Anybody thats played football knows this rule is garbage. A few people in congress get mad and heres what happens. We do the American thing…make a few people happy at the expense of many others.

  • MaineDolfan

    Tree….maybe you should do some research. They are not “Changing the rules”. The rules are already on the book. You are not allowed to make helmet to helmet contact or hit a receiver who is considered “defenseless”. Those are the rules….have been for awhile now. What they are changing is the punishment for not playing within said rules.

    A good example of this that I’ll use is this…I work in the construction industry and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently DOUBLED their fines. Why? Because the fines were such that companies were starting to simply pay them as a cost of doing business as opposed to looking at them as a deterrent and force them to put in the appropriate safety measures. Thus….changing behavior. By doubling these fines, some companies are going to have to decide whether to keep operating that way and pay the price or change their behavior.

    This is what the NFL is trying to do. Obviously some players don’t see the fines as a deterrent, but put a suspension on it and maybe you can change behaviors. Rodney Harrison said on the NFL network that he used to put $50,000 away before every year in order to pay the fines he was going to get. He said that instituting suspensions would have caused him to think differently.

  • Txmedic5

    So let me ask you illiterate Pennsylvania Steeler fans…I suppose some of you are intelligent so please do not take this personally if you are one of those…obviously the idiots who respond by taking an exception to this will…but where on Gods green earth in that article did I say that Harrison should have been fined, suspended, or was even responsible for that hit, aside from stating the fact that he committed an illegal hit according to NFL rules right or wrong as it was? WHERE!!! I said he is acting like a whiny bitch boy. And he is.

  • noe alvarado

    First the only hit that was illegal was the hit the patriot player on Heap. The other three were also caused by paniking quarter backs dumping a quik pass to a receiver going across the field before he gets sacked. They see the defender within five yards or less while they throw their pass as their under or being pressured, and what about running backs leading with their helmets or offensive linemen chop bloking. Just man up and play football, big hits are part of game

  • sky

    I am proud to say that I am from STEELER NATION and James Harrison is an Idiot! He reminds me of Ricky Henderson, just a half a bubble off. Soon he might imitate Ricky and start talking in the third person. He refused to meet the President for no politcal reason at all, just because he thinks that he should be able to meet the President whenever he wants to (not that everyone wants to meet the guy).

    None of this, however, changes the fact that the guy is amazing football player. He is one of the 5 best defensive players in the league and every team would love to have a player of his intensity out there every Sunday. He plays with passion and his coach said that he is one of those players who makes big plays when you need them.

    His words were chosen poorly, but if you don’t understand his frustration then YOU don’t know football. It is a violent, physical game with rules already in place and for years has played accordingly. What is frustrating to him and most experts, is that his hit was LEGAL. So the league is punishing him for being too good at his job and that is not fair. You can’t punish some of these players today because they have perfected their craft.

  • CK1

    What a pathetic and transparent attempt to get a reaction from people.

    The team you root for has already embarrassed you and your pathetic city beyond all repair with that 41-14 ass raping on MNF. So now you are trying (and miserably failing, I might add) to piss of Steeler fans as much as you must already be at your own horrible excuse for a ‘football’ team. LOL worthy, skippy.

    If the hits were illegal where were the flags? Blame the ref’s. They, and you are the only clowns stinking up this joint.

    Besides, you would be just as pissed as Harrison if you were given a ticket for a crime you committed -that was legal two days earlier. Now, hike up your skirt, get your keyboard revv’ed up, and lets hear your next asinine response.

    On a side note, you can be grateful that you and your abysmal city will be graced by the presence of a real football team come Sunday, The Pittsburgh Steelers, or shall I say, the next SB Champions. ;)

  • Txmedic5

    So pathetic CK that you actually took the time to post your thoughts on it. But thank you for playing. While you obviously only read where I called Harrison a clown you actually confirmed the entire freaking article by saying “why was it illegal? Where were the flags. Had you actually read the article you would have realized that I made the argument that the whole process is far too subjective to work for any real purpose. But I guess your attention span ended when you realized I wasn’t talking about real clowns. Sorry maybe you will get them for next years birthday.

  • Tommcc642

    This week what you are going to notice is the beginning of the receivers lowering their head and or bodies to cause the ejection of a linebacker or DB. The League just opened a huge can of worms. There was one of the hits this past weekend was intentional. I’ve seen the replays. I will also say in agreement with Harrison that is what kids 8 years old are being taught. When I was taught many years ago, this was not the case. We were taught to drive into the upper legs and torso. Larger targets. Peewee coaches do teach what they see on Sunday.

  • CK1

    Where did you say that? Hmm…
    How about your mis-quoted caption under the image of Harrison.
    “If I can’t hit illegally, I don’t want to play” – That’s where You wrote it.

    You also misquoted my comment. I said, ‘if it…’ You quoted me saying, ‘why was…’ in your quote from my comment. Totally different meanings. Very poor taste, fella. You really shouldn’t be writing anything.

    I just took the time to CALL YOU OUT for being upset that your team blows so much, and for trying to troll a response from Steeler fans. Which is really all your ‘article’ is about.
    You took the time to misquote a bad ass football player, in hopes of getting people to reply. You drop what you are doing everytime someone leaves a comment here. You must have an awesome life, kiddo, That, or maybe you are just among the 90% of Miami slime out of work, begging for change on the street corner. 25 comments, half of them are your own… Looks like you’ll be there soon enough, Champ.

    • michaelbro8

      Harrison’s just saying what most defensive players are thinking right now: ” if I go out and play the way I’m supposed to play, and do it well, it looks like fines and suspensions are in order. So why play” Ray Lewis said it best: “the game is way too fast; you don’t have time to think ahead about a certain way to tackle, you just hit”. Merriweather’s hit was the only one that looked like an attempt to injure.
      all the others were hard reactive hits, and part of the game.

  • Txmedic5

    I was paraphrasing what he said. He said, “I have to sit down with my coach and see if I can play within the rules of the NFL at an effective level” Or to shorten that, “I have to see if I can play making legal as opposed to illegal hits”.

    Oh, and for the record, I just reviewed both hits he was fined for and he was at fault for illegal shots to the head. Period. Doesn’t matter if he bitch slapped the side of the helmet or if he hit with his shoulder pad, he launched into the tackle and hit both of them in the head. You can’t deny that, it’s very clearly visible. Sorry, you have zero case here.

    AND FYI, my article has little to do with Harrison but I mentioned him simply because we play him this week, but instead has everything to do with the fact that I don’t agree with how the NFL is going to approach a subjective situation with any real authority and if you want to listen to more of it, click the link and hear my comments on the radio show last night about it…it’s at the beginning so you won’t have to listen long…which is good considering you didn’t bother to read the entire article before commenting on it.

  • Txmedic5

    and one more thing, it’s my site so it’s not trolling…you commenting on it, is considered trolling by the very definition.

  • Txmedic5

    Tomm – When I was a kid and a coach I taught very similar, you put your facemask on the chest and drive through the player, now if you FM hits their head at all, it’s helmet to helmet. I don’t agree with you that WR’s are going to go low in an effort to draw a penalty mainly because the risk is far too expensive and they are more likely to get seriously hurt by doing so. In fact, I would actually tend to see more WR’s specifically staying high or trying to turn away from the hits.

    Harrisons hits were not malicious…not like Meriweathers, but they were outside of the rules of the league. Harrison had two head shots in that game and was flagged for one. In both replays he launched at the ball carrier leading with his shoulder…the problem is he hit both on the head which is illegal. Regardless of whether the carrier was going down, dropped low or not, that is his responsibility to not hit them in the head. He plays very very high when he hits and if a ball carrier lowers himself, he is going to get flagged every time. I was never taught nor did I teach to go high, you aim for the mid to lower chest. Harrison, on the Mass hit was going upper chest which is why when the WR went low it was contact to his head…on the Cribbs hit, he launched at him as he was going down…he should have been flagged on that one as well but I can see why he wasn’t.

    As for the suspensions, it has to be after multiple hits and not just one. If they start suspending a player for every hit to the head, you may as well fold the league. This entire issue is far too subjective to put into place arbitrarily. And as my article pointed out, that won’t work…it’s good they are trying but they can’t simply throw out a rule without really going full bore into how they will police it…fairly.

  • sky

    With all of this intellectual talk going on from you SO KNOWLEDGEABLE Dolphin fans I’d like to enlighten you on why Pittsburgh Fans have the right to tell you how the game is played…..

    Western Pennsylvania is the TRUE heart of Football. More Hall of Famers are from here than any other place. Canton is fifty miles from Pittsburgh. In fact a third of your ALL TIME Dolphins team is either from Pittsburgh or right around it. Larry Csonka has a farm thirty minutes from Pittsburgh still to this day and Jason Taylor, Mercury Morris and Dan Marino are all from Downtown Pittsburgh. Hall of Famers Paul Warfield and Don Shula were born less than an hour from Pittsburgh. You only have one player from Florida, so don’t sit there and preach from your pulpit like Miami is the center of Football, because we ARE the EPICENTER of the game….

  • Openended

    While Harrison, like you, have the freedom to say whatever you wish, you should replace the filter between your thoughts, and fingers.

    A complete 180 is performed before our very eyes, as you originally resort to name calling, then say the league is to blame promoting such violence. It is quickly brought forth that, “The problem I have is the level of subjectivity to what is constituted as blatant or incidental? Who makes that determination and what kind of suspension should be brought about as a result?”. How is this any different from the interpretation of the very rules Harrison has been fined? The gentlemen on the field of play that are professionally employeed to do this – refs – had no issue with the hits at the time. Yet, when heads needed to roll in the coming days, it was clear Harrison’s name was at the top of the list.

    A WR that has taken two steps while securing the ball, drops his pads to absorb a hit, and get the hell knocked out of him, shows football at its finest. We all understand it is a contact sport. The rules, and intent dont change from level to level. The size and athleticism of the players do. The sheer physics of a 280lb man contacting a 190lb man at full speed will not end well. As Harrison pointed out, if a tackler goes low, he ends the receivers day/year/career. If the tackler goes high, or to the mid section, there may be internal injuries.

    This is indeed a fine line that the league is walking. Regardless, a few names can not be made the poster boys for the league “cracking down” on the unnecessary roughness. It isnt as though this issue is just coming to light. Blunt force trauma causes deaths and has prolonged effect yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This is the sport of football, unnecessary roughness is an oxymoron.

  • Txmedic5

    I am not retracting or retracing anything I said. Harrison was, is, and likely will act like a clown. This article is not about Harrison it’s about a rule that is in place that the NFL wants to enforce on a different level. I think it is a very subjective penalty in terms of suspension and I do question how they will enforce that, but that doesn’t change the fact that Harrison is acting like a whiny 5 year old who didn’t get to buy a toy.

    Who the hell says they are going to consider retiring over it? Who in the hell is going to be so upset over it that his coach tells him to go home and take the day off? Harrison did…and that in my opinion makes him a clown and if he were standing in front of me I would tell him, you may hit hard as hell but you sure are whiny baby.

    Shut up, take the fine, you were wrong, and play football. Period.

    As for the penalties, he was flagged on the second of the two and had the first not been on a runner he likely would have been flagged on that as well. The fact is he was fined for both hits. And it’s not unusual in the NFL for players to be fined for actions on the field that they are not penalized for. In fact, more often than not, they aren’t penalized.

    • Openended

      The lack of understanding, and judgment is no more amazing than the use of poor analogies.

      First, his second hit was not flagged. There was a flag on the play, which was unsportsmanlike conduct – against the Browns, after a player kicked the ball out of bounds after the play was over.

      Second, it was clearly stated that the hit on Cribbs is, by definition, a legal hit on a rusher. The league claimed he was levied a heftier fine due to his previous 5k fine for the roughing the passer (Titans – Vince Young).

      Last, but not least, try to understand the players passion. If they feel their ‘game’ doesnt fall into the definition of the leagues rules, then maybe they dont belong. Hence, the retirement comments. Granted the players comments may be a bit over the top, but that is why a brilliant coach like Tomlin, will give a star athlete a day off to cool down and think things over.

      This article isnt about Harrison, but you choose to make direct comments about the difference between his comments and those of “The ‘U’” Meriweather.

      While I understand this is a blog, you should work to state the facts, instead of simply your opinion.

  • steven McCrae

    I think that the NFL , in its pursuit of the fan loving high scoring game is molding the game into an injury ridden pass first sport. The problem rests with the rules promoting the pass in an attempt to increase scoring to gain fans. Aggression has to motivate a defender in this contact sport. The NFL has to set appropriate rules and live by them. Never fine a player without a flag unless you also fine the referee. If you send a 190lb man across the middle for a pass in the first 15 yards from scrimmage then you are placing him at risk. The answer is not to fine guys for hitting “with excessive aggression.” The NFL should allow more hitting down field if it truly wants to save players from injury. Make it a little harder to pass and the strategies will change. Extend the 5 yard chuck zone to 15 or 20 yards or when the ball is in flight and you will solve the problem as best as it can be solved in this violent sport. If the faster/smaller guys find it harder to get open down field, then the problem will correct itself naturally. Ah, but the NFL does not want that! They want their high scores without the injuries that naturally come with it. They want the semi-contact sport of flag football with just a touch of violence. Good luckpolicing that one. What comes next, boxing without hits to the head?

  • glenn a taylor

    You are a complete idiot, you have not idea what football is, or what it entails. I was small, played against huge men, but i held my own. Harrison is small and plays huge, FUCK YOU>

  • Smashmouth21

    A pissed off James Harrison is a motivated James Harrison. Rather than gloating over your self-important blog you should be praying that Chad Henne doesn’t end up on a stretcher Sunday. Pray for his soul.

  • MaineDolfan

    I always thought Pittsburgh fans were different, but apparently SOME of you are just black and gold wearing Patriot fans.

    A person writes an opinionated article and instead of debating it intelligently and with a little civility the author gets called an idiot (2 differnt times), a fuckin ass clown (2 different times), skippy, Miami slime (the author doesn’t live in Miami) and was told Fuck you!

    Welcome to town Pats fans!!

    • Bigmikereese

      Didnt this begin Harrison The Clown? If you call somebody a name be prepared for the same. Damn did that rhyme? Dude and his site are cool w/me, I got no real beef. I aint no kin to James Harrison. Im just kickin the shit w/yall. The fuck… you takin it personal for somebody else just like we’re doin with Harrison. Be cool, this is all in fun. (we are gonna kick that ass this sunday though lol)

      • http://www.maxpowermarketing.com Kurt Rasche

        You said “we”. What did you do this week to prepare for the big game? Me? I bought Nachos and Dip. That should put us over the top. Just messing with you! Enjoy the game!

  • JH

    Miami linebacker Channing Crowder said the only way of preventing helmet-to-helmet hits is to eliminate the helmet.

    “If I get a chance to knock somebody out, I’m going to knock them out and take what they give me,” Crowder said. “They give me a helmet, I’m going to use it.”

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  • Bigmikereese

    The ONLY solution is modifying the equipment.

  • Txmedic5

    Yeah JH and we all know Crowder is a wind bag

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