Exposing our Nickel and Dime Coverage

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Why are we getting beaten in our nickel and dime packages so often? Why are we constantly allowing a home run play that is causing oppositions to quickly score?

Big Ben and Mike Wallace
Sanchez and Edwards
Edwards and Parrish
Rodgers and Jenning

Each week we are seeing our dime and nickel coverage’s getting exposed due to leaky coverage in our secondary.  We can no longer blame this on Gribil Wilson or our former DC, since both of them have been shown the door, so what is going on? Why is our nickel and dime coverage’s causing some much chaos….let’s take a closer look


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  • http://www.finsnation.com Tom-Ass

    Two of those 4 plays (NYJ, GB) were due to CBs slipping slightly while in 1-on-1 coverage, which is the downside to blitzing on passing downs in our scheme. Should we blitz less? HELL NO!

    However, our DBs need to wear longer cleats and use better footwork…

    • bahamas


      GB – was not due to slipping my friend
      Vontae Davis got beat on a double move by Jenning…

      Ironically Davis got beat twice on the same move.

      As per Edwards – yes Allen slipped but his tackling angle was all wrong

      Form tackling is not something our coaches should be teaching at the NFL level….don’t you agree

      • http://www.finsnation.com Tom-Ass

        You have a point, in that VD slipping was probably more a case of him getting his feet / legs twisted up biting on the Jennings double-move, but I have faith VD won’t bite so hard on the move the next time around…

        As for Jason Allen, he has played how many years on that home turf? Should’ve had longer cleats on and known better…

        I don’t think tackling is an issue for our DBs, except for Sean Smith, though he has improved of late and may regain his starting spot now…

        Above all else, I just want to see our team get (and stay) pi$$ed off about the loss to the STEALers and play with some attitude the rest of the year.

        • bahamas

          You are right on the money my friend…

          That bitter taste of a W being stolen from us is key…and should leave them with a sour taste in our locker room!

  • brad

    we could join this list to if we throw the ball over 20 yard attempts

    • bahamas

      Brad – dont get what you are saying?