American football in the UK? (one UK fans perspective)

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Right, how  much do you guys think we know about “American Football”  over here in the UK? …or should I ask “which of you even really cares”?

The truth is, American Football has been big over here for a very long time,  let me show you!

It probably started with guys playing American Football who were stationed here with the US Army, but it’s only when a terrestial TV channel, “channel 4″, started showing American Football way back in 1982 with a mix of highlights and game rules. Wow!  Over here, we hadn’t seen anything like this sport… padding, helmets, legal violence (violence usually happened on the terraces not on the pitch!) touchdown thingy’s oh and of course the cheerleaders! What did we have in Britain? Soccer violence? Snooker legend Steve Davis? Oh and Torville & Dean! … Jeez how sad!

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