Wembley Mania!!

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With the latest International Series well and truly in the books, and the talk of possibly more games over here, I thought I would share my experience of seeing the Miami Dolphins live (a real once in a life time experience).

28.10.2007 (or should it be 10.28.2007) I woke early feeling like it was Christmas or something, well actually it was in a crazy,“I’m actually going to see the Dolphins in a regular season game”, type of way! First of all imagine… you guy’s following Manchester United for almost 25 years then they announce they will play Chelsea in a real premiership game over in Biscayne Boulevard! (Don’t give me, Manchester, Chelsea who!!)

My brother Bill, (Washington Redskins through & through, still hanging on to the Riggins run every time I mention the perfect season,… chuckling here at how lame our arguments have been over the years), had pulled a blinder and got two tickets! He also offered to drive down to London,  “love you bro!” So in full regalia, we set off! Great journey down! Laughing, reminiscing the old days, player salaries, how good the Superbowl’s have been, those damn Patriots and his damned Cowboys! Now if anyone has been to London and had to drive round, will understand why we chose to park way out of London and get the tube in!

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