Wembley Mania!!

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What a complete joy that train ride was. Fans from all over (what seemed like) the world, English, Spanish, German, French, African and of course the good ol’ US of A. The banter was fantastic! The two New Yorkers who told me how “Strahan was going to dominate”, and me asking them if they could “spell Strahan” lol! The family from France (sorry I sent you all in to the “unisex toilet cubicle” at the station) the vibe was electric though!

The stadium was something else! Compared to the original and jam packed!… Pity about the rain! But in no way was that going to dampen the enthusiasm, even from my brother? go figure!

OK the game (and the season) was dire, but to see it first hand is something I’ll never forget.  Strangely enough, it’s the little things like pre game warm ups, things happening on the side lines, and the noise that stick out more than the game! The rain didn’t stop and the field was a mud pit, but it never stopped the noise from mostly Dolphins fans. (I was hoarse by the time the game was over). A moment that made my hair stand on end, was the play that was over turned by the refs! (Sound familiar?). Just before half time, giving the Giants a first and goal! The noise was deafening! “Amazing!” We didn’t like that, I can tell you! By Eck!

The second half was worse. Down by 13, the Dolphins looked lost in the mud, and at this point the beer had taken over and the songs began. The dolphins fight song  “Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, number one!” Blared from the speakers as it did from about 80,000 voices! (90 odd thousand fans at the ground, I swear nearly all were fins fans!) With game drawing to a close, we saw what we thought was a sign of things to come, with Tedd (where’s the sidelines) Ginn scoring his first professional TD,  how wrong we were! (side note: he must of liked England he came back with the 49ers!) …

Game over, and another loss in the season that we all like to sweep under the carpet, but it was still an amazing experience considering it’s 2010, and over here we are lucky if we see 2-4 Dolphins games a year  :( … (DVD’s welcome!)

The journey back in the rain was a strange affair, trying to remember what we saw because, different to televised games, you have to  be the camera, no one shows you reverse angles while your there. But both me and my bro talk about that day, the queue’s for a beer, the loo’s oh and of course the football! I know we lost, but “I’d buy that for a dollar” any day!

   Thanks NFL come back soon!

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