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The Miami Dolphins decided that Randy Moss was not the missing puzzle piece or for that matter, one of the missing pieces. Had they decided that he was, Randy Moss would be a Miami Dolphin. Moss, released early in the week by Minnesota was claimed by the Tennessee Titans a couple of slots after Miami.

Moss will join a Titans team ranked 30th in the league in passing but a team who holds one of the most dynamic runners in Chris Johnson. For the Dolphins however, it’s a bitter pill in the sense that they will face him for the second time this season when the Titans visit Miami in two weeks. The Dolphins likely felt that Moss was too much of a cancer and a disruption to the team. There is no doubt that Moss would have brought a needed down-field threat on the field. It’s off the field that had many teams worried about him.

It says a lot about a player as dynamic as Moss when so many teams in need of a top receiver passed on his talents. Moss is entering the final years of his career and his attitude may end that prematurely.

For now, the Dolphins will move on as they have all season, apparently satisfied to turn the bottom of the roster over to find a few kernels, but apparently not the top.

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  • alex gayanigo

    Mannn why cant we ever do something cool..what would of been the worse that could happen..o wait maybe we would of jeopardized dan carpenters field goal record.. I am die hard dolphin fan but come one passing on randy..what a disappointment

  • Joey


  • Jetro

    Originally when I heard the news that the Phins passed on Moss I was disapointed but once I took a step back and looked at the big picture, it made sense.

    1.) The Phins are not a Superbowl team, even with Moss. Next year, maybe but certainly not this year as they are far too inconsistent and are already out of the Wildcard picture if the season were to end today. Of course, a lot can happen in the next 1/2 of the season but from what we’ve seen so far, we’re looking at a 10-6 or 9-7 record.

    2.) Everyone talks like 3.4m is pocket change but that’s actually pretty pricey for an aging, troublesome wide receiver. On top of that, he’s a free agent that can’t be franchised so he’s following the money (and maybe the team) since it’s going to be his last shot at making big money. So the Phins would not have offered him the contract he would have wanted nor do I blame them.

    3.) The problem with the Phins offense isn’t the players but rather the play calling. So imagine having Moss on the team and we’re still running back to back wildcat plays at midfield killing our drives. Us fans are already snapping at our OC, imagine having someone like Moss who’s not afraid to voice his opinion (right or wrong)..

    So basically, rent Moss for 9 games and hope for a Superbowl run.. That’s what the fans are demanding but unfortunately the team isn’t good enough and certainly not ready for a deep playoff run. If the Phins make the playoffs, itll be as a wildcard, likely on the road which anyone who follows football knows that isn’t an easy way to make it to the big show. Anyhow, Moss would then leave and we would be back to square one, but minus 9 games of development for our young wide receivers.

    And this is just treating Moss as a regular person, not someone loaded with issues throughout his career. Granted, playing for the Raiders would depress me and being traded from the Pats to the Vikes in the middle of a soap opera season wouldn’t help matters as well. So I’ll give him some slack on his “attitude” but age and the contract situation alone makes him a perfect player for a team that’s geared for a Superbowl run. I don’t think the Titans are there quite yet but I do think they’re in a better position than the Phins are..