Mothman or Mossman? Both Could Predict Disaster

The MossMan Prophecy

Rarely will a player in the NFL draw so much attention to the NFL’s waiver wire.  That is the case however with Randy Moss who today will learn what team he will be whining for next.  Will it be a team like the Cleveland Browns or Seattle Seahawks or will the St. Louis Rams pony up the remaining 3.6 million the rest of the year to ruin their locker-room stability?  And then of course there are the Miami Dolphins.  Will they bring the vocal Moss to Miami to play with Marshall’s Mouth?  This is the Mossman prophecy.

Like the fabled demon of book, movie, and resident of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, who appears to signal a horrific moment of disaster, so holds true for Randy Moss.  The beleaguered never too happy WR who’s presence often signals internal discord.  The Vikings, the Raiders, the Patriots, the Vikings again.  Now??? Fans and the media alike sit and wait for the 4:00 PM Wednesday deadline when the waiver period ends and Moss finds a new home to complain about.

There is no denying what Moss can bring to a team but as many are finding out, Moss is really looking for a big contract with lots of money and a team that he can walk over.  Is that the Dolphins?  He basically whined his way out of NE begging for a trade and got one.  Then his month long honeymoon ended with locker-tirades, a media circus, and his public cry of love towards the New England Patriots.

Still an up-field threat, Moss is one of those rare players that has the ability to make good things happen, but he has to be in the right frame of mind to make it work.  There is no denying that he quits on his team…during games, and there is no denying that when a play isn’t designed for him, he takes it off.  Can the Miami Dolphins change that?

Let’s look a few points that very well may help a Randy Moss type in south Florida.

  • Tony Sparano – He is a players coach that most players respect and want to play for.  Why?  Because he doesn’t play games and won’t call you out in the media.  Bill Belichick is that style of coach and Moss worked well in New England.
  • Chad Pennington – Moss’ former QB at Marshall University.  The two of them have remained friends and some believe that Pennington is a guy that can keep Moss focused…even from the sidelines.
  • Brandon Marshall –  Marshall is a jawing WR as well and while he hasn’t completely rocked the boat just yet, his presence would give Moss the coverage looks that would put Moss in more situations to score.
  • Playoffs – of all the teams that have a legit shot of claiming Moss, only the Miami Dolphins are still realistic contenders in a tough division.  Something that Moss won’t shy away from.
  • Moss’  mouth – Moss took exception to the fact that Brad Childress ignored his efforts to try and help describe the tendencies of the Patriots team.  In Miami, they would lock him away and pick his brain for a week and then actually use it to their advantage.  Something that Moss would look at as akin to putting him on a pedestal.

The entire theory of Moss coming to Miami is insane.  17 teams will have to pass on him before the Dolphins have the choice to do the same or pair him with Marshall.  The certain thing is this.  Moss is a one year, 8 game rental.  The Dolphins won’t sign him to a long term deal because he wants big time money and the Phins don’t pay for lazy players.  This is very similar to a baseball team making  a pitch to land a big time pitcher for the playoff chase.  Once the season is over, so is the experiment.  Make no bones about this, Randy Moss will not be in Miami next season if he is in this season at all to begin with.

Are there benefits to Randy Moss?  Sure, the coverage of Randy Moss would pull safety coverage off Brandon Marshall, it would free up Davone Bess of secondary coverage completely and likely match-up Bess with LB coverage.  Moss would draw away from the line of scrimmage allowing the Dolphins running game to move forward again and possibly better than it has been in years which you know has been one of the best in the NFL.

If used right, Randy Moss could be that missing piece of the offense.  A down field sprinter who can open up the offense…but…when you use Moss in that regard and he doesn’t get the ball, he becomes lazy.  Which Randy Moss is sitting on the free agent list today?  The lazy loud mouth who will turn a locker-room into a giant cancer, or will it be the WR who wants to finish the season strong, reshape a little of his image and then hit the free agent market on his own terms come March?

The Mothman is described as a man sized, or larger, creature with glowing red eyes and wings of a moth.  It is described as a 7-foot-tall creature, with long wings and huge red eyes. It possesses an unusual shriek.  Or is that how Randy Moss describes Randy Moss?

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