Closer Than I Thought: Your Thoughts On Moss

The Randy Moss drama played out earlier this week in a mid-season soap opera.  While Dolphins fans counted down to the 4:00 announcement on Wednesday regarding Moss’ destination, we all were a little surprised to hear that the Tennessee Titans had received him and not the Dolphins.  In fact, many believed Moss would never make it to 17 let alone 22 on the waiver wire.

Well, apparently two days is not enough to solve the issue of whether the Dolphins made a mistake or not as the poll we created is almost 50 -50.  Take a look at the pic below.  You will see that 45 percent feel that the Dolphins made a mistake while 40 percent of you believed  they did not.  15 percent would have been fine with either decision.

The point is that out of 258 voters thus far, most of the readers are split down the middle.  We will visit this again in two weeks after the Titans game and see how these numbers will change on that Monday.

This poll has a 2% margin of error – really it doesn’t but I got so tired of listening to “Gallup polls” around the elections that I tossed that in for fun.

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  • phinion

    I didn’t vote but I guess you could put me down for the either way category.

    The truth was it was pretty much no lose if we got him.
    I don’t buy the fact he could influence the lockeroom at all. Not with guys like Dansby and Marshall around.

    In the list of cons
    Could (but not definitly) hurt team chemistry
    Doesn’t play every down
    Would cost 3 Mil (not much of a con you have to admit)
    Would only be here a year.

    List of Pros?
    Would push Hartline
    Would only cost 3 Mil! lol
    Would net us a compensatory pick if he does sign elsewhere
    Could like it here and play hard
    Would force teams to not focus on Marshall alone

    It was not a slam dunk win move but hardly a slam dunk mistake either.
    I think we passed as much because they didn’t want to deal with him than because of what he might do to the team or on the field.

  • Txmedic5

    I tend to agree with you. I am fine that they didn’t sign him but would have been o.k. if they had as well.