In My Opinion...What’s Wrong With 5th place?

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1.  Steelers

This team in my opinion is the best in football right now.  They are playing amazing defense and their offense is just starting to click.  I don’t know how they scout LB’s, but their scouting department is better than Parcells.

2.  Ravens

Best stat that makes you wonder, why we don’t draft prospects from ‘da U’
Ed Reed Interceptions in two games 3.  Rest of the team at the midway point; 0

3.  Jets

I hate them

4.  Patriots

See above

Yes, you could argue that the Pats are not a top 5 team because of their young secondary, but on the other two facets of the game, they are scary good.  And the Gmen look like the second coming of the Colts Champion team (Is Manning to Hicks, the new Peyton to Harrison?) so I can see your argument on them being up their before them.

Speaking of the Ravens, let’s take a trip down memory lane for a second.  Since our Trifecta has taken over our team, we haven’t beaten the Raven’s once.  In fact we got schooled every game:

  • October 19, 2008 27 -13
    Remember Sugg’s Pick 6 on Chad P? Wildcat did nothing, and then we fumbled on the 19 yard line, just when you think we would pull back.
  • January 4th 2009 Wild card Game 27-9
    Note: for all those fans that didn’t like Ted Ginn Jr, please watch this and the pick six by Ed Reed.
    On word…dammmmmmm
  • Nov 10, 2010 26-10
    We all saw what happened, I don’t need to tell you anymore.

If you pay closer attention you will notice that we weren’t even close to winning…once. Each game was a complete blow out. Not even close.  If our front office is responsible for the ultimate product on the field, shouldn’t they be held responsible? This is a team in which we are basically copycatting.

Draft a QB and develop him: Who wouldn’t pick Flacco over Henne?

Build a stout defense: As good as Nolan is, he can’t teach his players to catch the ball and make a play.  Last two games 5 missed INTs.  For a secondary to leave that many game changing plays on the field, is disgusting.  We should have signed O.J or Rolle.

Run the ball: Ray Rice is the next best Running Back.  He is going to be the next LT, but more physical.  Say what you want about Cam Cameron, but I would love his playing calling right now.  This team offense is fun to watch.  If our team is so dedicated to running the ball, why not use a draft pick on running back? Lex Hilard and Patrick Cobbs are not going to replace Ricky and Ronnie.

Feed the Wolf: Tony S live by example my friend.  If your motto is “Feed the Wolf” why only one long pass to Marshall all game? Last time we did that was against the Vikes, week 2.  Watching Flacco go deep for Boldin, Manson and TJ is something we can only dream of right now.

I know we are 4-4, but as a fan we have to be realistic, we all thought this team made the necessary moves to make some noise, however the only noise we are hearing is the sound of disappointment.  It hurts to lose, as a player, or a coach or a fan, we have to be better at playing fundamental football, or the only thing the Miami Dolphins will be receiving is a satisfactory ribbon.

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