Draft Needs: QB?

With the Miami Dolphins making the move this week to bench Chad Henne in favor of Chad Pennington it made many fans and media pundits question the reasoning of head coach Tony Sparano. Sparano made the statement,

It’s not an indictment on his future. I do believe this player has gotten an awful lot better right now, certainly (has) come two-fold from where he was to where he is right now but at this particular time it’s something that I feel like I need to do for our football team.

Of course this is an indictment on his future. We were told that Henne was the QB of the future. We as fans hoped he would finally be the guy that brings Miami that franchise QB they have been missing since Dan Marino. With this move I seriously question that thought and now look to the 2011 draft at the prospects at QB that could be on Miami’s radar.

Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford | 6’4″ | 235 lbs- Luck is the crown jewel of this years QB class. More than likely he will be the top pick in the draft. Luck is a sophomore eligible player that could elect to stay in college, but I don’t think he can elevate his draft status any higher than it is now. He is the real deal, a solid pocket passer completing 68.7% of his passes and throwing 22 TD’s to only 6 interceptions. Luck also has enough mobility to get himself out of trouble with his legs. Projected round Top 5 pick

Jake Locker | QB | Washington | 6’3″ | 223 lbs- Locker may have made a mistake by not coming out this year. He will still be a first round pick, but Locker would have battled Bradford for the top pick in the draft. Locker is very athletic and still learning the pro style QB. His legs can get him out of trouble and he has a nice arm. he will need a little time to develop, but may have the most upside of any QB in the 2011 draft. Projected round Top 10 pick

Ryan Mallett | QB | Arkansas | 6’7″ | 238 lbs- Mallett is big with a big arm. He is a bit inconsistent but when he is on he is as good as any QB in the country. He is confident in his arm and sometimes will take chances when he shouldn’t. He can get away with that often at the NCAA level, but will need to learn to pick his chances better in the NFL. Mallett is not the most mobile of QB’s and doesn’t have the best mechanics, but in his three years his completion percentage has increased each year and he has thrown 56 TD’s to only 20 interceptions. Projected round 1-2

Christian Ponder | QB | Florida State | 6’3″ | 220 lbs- Ponder came into the 2010 season with hopes of a Heisman award. Unfortunately he has not lived up to the hype this year. Ponder lost his top receiver just before the season and has tried to make too many thing happen with a young receiving group and it has not paid off. Ponder is very athletic and extremely intelligent. Projected round 1-2

Nick Foles | QB | Arizona | 6’5″ | 235 lbs - Foles has all the tools and tremendous upside. He has put on a little weight and has a strong arm. The knock on him is he checks down too quick and questionable mechanics. He is probably not going to step in right away wherever he goes, but is a solid prospect. Projected round 2-3

Pat Delvin | QB | Delaware | 6’3″ | 220 lbs - Delvin has taken the same path as Flacco transferring from Penn State to Delaware, but he’s not the same prospect Flacco was. Delvin is tough as nails and athletic. He has a good arm, but not elite. Injuries have slowed him down a little this year, but should have a good combine and prodays and rate out fairly well. Projected round 2-3

Nathan Enderle | QB | Idaho | 6’5″ | 227 lbs - Enderle is a tough mobile QB. He doesn’t have the greatest arm strength and incoonsitsnat with his accuracy. He has thrown for 69 TD’s in his college career, but he has also thrown 56 picks. Projected round 3-4

Ricky Stanzi | QB | Iowa | 6’4″ | 225 lbs- Stanzi is an emotional leader with all the intangables. He has put up very good stats in his career completing around 60% of his passes and throwing for 51 TD’s and 28 picks. Unfortunatley his physical abilities don’t measure up to his leadership abilities, but in the right situation he could be a diamond in the rough. Projected round 3-4

Andy Dalton | QB | TCU | 6’3″ | 215 lbs – Dalton put up some lofty stats with the way TCU throws the ball around. Not the strongest arm and plays out of the shotgun. He will be a project at the NFL level.  Projected round 5-6

Robert Griffin | QB | Baylor | 6’2″ | 220 lbs – Griffin could be a sleeper in the 2011 draft if he decides to come out. he is unpolished but putting up solid numbers this year. Very athletic and seems to have a sense about him. he is completeing close to 65% of his passes and has thrown 39 TD’s to only 9 picks in his career. Projected round 5-6

There are more prospects that could be late round of undrafted picks, but if Miami feels they must invest in another QB in the next draft let’s hope the make the commitment to invest early.

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  • Postman- California

    Let me start by saying I am a Dolphins Fan to the core. I live and die each week by how my Phins do on Sunday. When I heard the news of Pennington replacing Henne this week versus the Titans I knew why Bill Parcels left…our brass has lost their marbles.

    This move is a big mistake all around…Chad Henne IS our quarterback. As much as I like CP, Henne is our future, not Pennington.

    To compare to another quarterback often referred to as a QB on the rise I looked up Matt Schaub of Houston.

    Consider for a moment that Schaub played for 3 years as a back up in Atlanta and had primarily mop up duty during that time.
    His first start line read like this:

    17/41 passing for 188 yards, 2 INT, 3 Sacks, 1 fum (not lost)

    During the course of the next 3 years…
    (1st Year) Experience in 2004- 6 games, 1 start, 33/70, 330 yards, 4 INT, 1 TD, 4 Sacks

    (2nd year) Experience in 2005- 7 Games, 1 Start, 33/64, 495 yards, 0 INT, 4 TDs, 6 Sacks

    (3rd year) Experience in 2006- 5 Games, 1 Start, 18/27, 208 yards, 2 INT, 1TD, 2 Sacks

    Schaub had the benefit of growing into a starters roll. When we then compare Schaub in his 1st year as a full time starter 2007 with the Houston Texans…

    (4th year) Experience 2007- 11 games, 11 starts, 192/289, 2241 yards, 9 INT, 9 TDs, 16 Sacks, 7 Fumbles (3 Lost)

    This was by no means a stellar season for the new QB of Houston…but he had already had 3 starts and experience (albeit trash time at times) in 15 other games! He was starting to grow into a starting QB. By the time 2008 had rolled around it was generally accepted that Schaub was becoming a legitimate QB. In addition from day one he had one Andre Johnson to whom he could throw balls.


    Experience in 2008?? 1 Trash Time game 7/12, 67 yards, 0 INT, 0 TDs, 0 Sacks (vs the Cardinals when we are already out of the game…)

    In 2009 Henne became the starter after Pennington unexpectedly went down for the year. Henne was thrust into the starters roll a year before the team intended. Despite this fact…and considering that the Dolphins had no real deep receiving threat (Heck…they had no legitimate top tier WRs period) Henne went 274/451, 2878 yards, 14 INT, 12 TD, 26 Sacks.

    If you compare the 2010 NFL Campaign of these 2 QBs you would see that Henne and Schaub compare favorably

    Henne 2010- 176/277 1900 yards, 10 INT, 8 TD, 12 Sacks
    Schaub 2010-170/267 2006 yards, 7 INT, 10 TD, 21 Sacks

    Schaub has Andre Johnson, Henne has Brandon Marshall from a #1 receiver stand point this is about a wash. But Houston hands down has the edge in the running game. The Dolphins Ricky and Ronnie Show has yet to broadcast this season…

    I would argue that Henne had the far tougher schedule facing the Jets, Patriots, Ravens, Stealers (pun intended), and Packers…all potential playoff teams.
    Schaub faced Colts (2x), Giants, Chiefs, and Chargers. I challenge anyone to say that Schaub faced a starting tougher schedule…yet after 8 games…both QBs are 4-4.

    This move, as some of the other writers have noted, smacks of desperation. Henning is the problem…not the development of Chad Henne.

    Comparisons could also be drawn to Aaron Rodgers. I know the popular thought today is that guys can come in and start right away…and some have…Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez. Other’s take time to develop.

    The Dolphins may win 5-6 more games between now and the end of the year with Pennington…but at what cost to their future?

    These moves over the last few days make me wonder if the Dolphins organization will figure this one out. Henne will be a winner and leader somewhere. When he gets on the field at Dolphins Sun Life Stadium…I hope its in Dolphins uniform…and not someone else’s.

  • Jackson

    Postman thanks for an outstanding read.

  • daddymack

    I feel the only reason Henne has been benched is because of his inconsistencies. He does throw for a lot of yardage which is good, but he does miss open receivers, checks down way too soon, and does not audible. On third and longs, how many times did he check down to a receiver 3-4 yards shy of the first down marker WITH the receiver being covered so there would be no gain. Might as well take the chance further down somewhere. Baltimore showed them last Sunday how a screen should be executed. it isn’t that hard, but for some reason the Dolphins run a screen usually for 0 or negative yards.

    I think Henne will be a leader of this team, when he is given the freedom to win, and not to just play safe, and he needs to mature, his non-emotional attitude is evidence of that and I’m sure it will come, but it hasn’t yet.

    Right now CP is the better option at QB, and if after a few more games the playoffs are out of sight, I think Thigpen will be given the rest of the season just to see if his game can gel to what he flashes at times.

    I also hate to statement that CP’s arm is weak. He can heave it down there and with accuracy. We’ve seen in several times during his time here.

    Also has anyone noticed how all the teams that had franchise QBs since the 80s really have struggled to find a replacement.
    SF: Montana, and Young
    Bills: Kelly
    Broncos: Elway
    Dolphins: Marino
    Green Bay may be one of the few exceptions.

  • Big Nick

    Jake Locker has a nig arm??? Come on, now… there’s no need for talk like that here.

  • Txmedic5

    EVERYONE, please understand that the comment about Jake Locker’s arm was a typo and was not intended to be anything close to what it ended up being. It was supposed to say nice arm but spell check didn’t catch it.


  • http://www.sportswagerweb.com Chris_Miller

    Nice write-ups Postman & Daddymack-
    The Dolphins are 4-4 on the season. They rank 14th in passing yards and 16th in rushing yards but a miserly 28th in points per game. They have attempted 5 more field goals on average than their opponent and have scored 7 fewer TDs.

    Why are they stalling out and having to kick so many more FGs rather than getting into the end-zone?

    The Dolphins are picking up 63% of their first downs via the pass, and have 1843 passing yards on the season, more than the opposition.

    Henne has also been under fairly massive pressure this season. He’s been sacked 21 times compared to 12 sacks against opposing QBs.

    Will Pennington throw fewer INTs? Maybe. Who knows. But without more protection why should anyone expect drastically different results?

    This move has to send the worst kind of signal to Henne. And if CP flounders is Henne expected to hop right back into the huddle with the same enthusiasm?

    I understand the need to take action. I understand the lack of patience in the professional sports market.

    I don’t think this change gets the Fins 5+ more wins and a play-off birth. It opens a new uncertainty regarding the remainder of this season and beyond.

  • http://twitter Jerry

    Draft a QB??? This regime including Parcell’s btw couldn’t draft their way out of a paper bag. If we are in a position where we have to draft another qb Ireland should be GONE!!! Unfortunately Sparano would have to pay the price, because a new GM is going to want a new coach. They have had THREE drafts. Jake Long, Kendall Lanford, and Vontae Davis are the only good players they have drafted. That is one player per draft. Its laughable. Pat White and Pat Turner were the WORST picks of the entire 2009 NFL draft. I want to apply for this GM job of the Miami Dolphins that way I can do a lousy job on personnel meanwhile the coach and the qb get all the blame.

  • http://twitter Jerry

    How about this? Greg Camarillo is better than Brian Hartline, however you have to trade Camarillo for a nickel cb. Will Allen is 100% now but cant play because Ireland put him on IR. The team is ranked 32nd out of 32 teams in touchdowns and Randy Moss is on the waiver wire. We picked up NATE NESS! The only player we drafted that is actually playing is Koa Misi who just so happens to play Jason Taylor’s position. Jason Taylor who you insulted all the way to New York. Also insulted Dez Bryant. I wish we had gotten rid of Jeff Ireland kept Jason Taylor and drafted Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant who can also return kicks and punts and help our offense get better feild position which may translate to more TDs. Why do that though? I mean our returners are electrifying! lmao. Jeff! I will personally pack your bags. Hopefully you dont scapegoat Sparano and fire him and we get three more years of your personnel moves.

  • http://twitter Jerry

    Every player Jeff Ireland drafts either gets hurt or gets beat out by an undrafted guy. Stop scapegoating Henne and Sparano and Henning and get a real personnel guy!!!! I sell cars for a living and I can’t help but think that I can average better than ONE good player per draft. Jeff Ireland blows more draft picks than game winning field goals in college.

  • phinsational87

    i was in the NFL.com boards telling all my fellow pfin fans that are drafts have been horible in the past yearslast year we got a d- rating.. henning has to go it starts with the the play calling were last in the AFC EAST in point and something has to change we gotta take chances in this league the jets continue to get better as well as the pats.

  • phinsational87

    RYAN MALLET 4 PREZ…lol hey i like the kidd i thicnk we should takem