My Glass Is Half Full

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But i’m not just making wild predictions ..Ok maybe I am, we live in hope! However, I do have history on my side! Let me show you.


record 10 – 4

The Dolphins had not even had  a winning season at this point, and with a new coach, maybe it would come in a couple of years time. At week 8 we stood at an average 4-4 record, but with Don Shula leading the way, the Dolphins rode a six game winning streak to their first playoff birth, (albeit a loss to the Raiders) and gave the league a taster of things to come.


record 12 – 4

This was supposed to be the year the Dolphins and Dan Marino went back and won the big game! But alas, it was not to be! But with the awesome season Marino put together, (which still stands as one of the greatest single season records  around, and I predict will still stand Mr Rivers!) Miami opened the season well, going 4-1.  Things looked rosey but the wheels almost fell off over the next four games, with three losses including, dropping important divisional games to the Jets & Patriots (sound familiar?), but on the back of Marino’s arm, Miami ripped off seven straight wins! (including that win over eventual Superbowl champions), all the way to the conference championship.


record 9 – 7

This season is a bit of an enigma, with the season hanging in the balance at 5-4, we somehow managed to scrape into the playoff’s, despite losing three of the last five games, including getting swept by New England. They proved to be the spoilers in the wildcard round as well. 


record 9 – 7

I debated not putting this in because I hate to give Nick Saban (i’ve always preferred Satan) kudos for anything, but coming off a disastrous 2004 season with just four wins, hopes were high for 2005! With a top rated young college coach and Ricky Williams back on the books, and the potential of the defense, the sky was the limit for the Dolphins in 2005. But going into week 12, and coming off an embarrassing 22-0 loss to the Cleveland Browns, we sat with a miserable 3 – 7  record, including an 0-3 AFC East record. Some how, Satan managed to guide us to a 9-7 record (only just though.. winning 4 games by a combined 9 points). We didn’t make the playoffs, but with that finish everyone thought we had made the right choice with Satan, but alas, another coaching let down. This time not from lack of ability, but more of a “I guess i’ll have to say  it, i’m not going to Alabama” mentality!


record 11-5

The best till last!… … A new coach coming in, Bill Parcells, the “big Tuna”.   One of the worst teams in  league history, we couldn’t get any lower. We new it would take a couple of years and oddly for this day and age, we were prepared to wait. Starting the season as an 0-2 team, coming off a 1-15 season was acceptable, but we all know how this played out, a plane ride home! A clandestine conversation, the wildcat,  a blowout win against the Patriots and hey presto! Henning’s a genius! By week 13 the dolphins stood at 6-5, (I don’t know about you, but I would have been happy at  6 – 10). But an improbable 5 gaming winning streak saw us win the division and head to playoffs! Ok that game went like all our other playoff games, but what a season! Finally, here was a management structure that was desperately needed, a coach (Tony Sparano) who had the personality that could carry the franchise on his shoulders, and a youthful squad. Watch out NFL!

How will 2010 play out? We are yet to see, but I find it really funny how fickle fans are… ok, some things have not gone our way and even I have questioned some play calling, some draft picks and some free agent pick ups/let go’s etc. But calling for guys to be sacked, or  running players out of town, and tearing down (any) good work done by Parcells and co. at this point  seems daft … After all, the one thing all the great teams have had, is continuity! Starting with the head coach from, Lombardi, Shula, Noll, Landry, Gibbs, Cowher, Shanahan and of course to Belichick so ….

 I dont know about anyone else, but  my glass is half full! I’m a fan of the Miami Dolphins, and i’m rooting for them to make a run over these last six games… GO FINS!!

Thanks for reading another Historical Highlight!

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