Dolphans Want Moore

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It was nice to see an offense that has struggled and been plagued by injuries come together and raise their level of play. That’s what makes a top tier team. Chad Henne, typically handcuffed and hog-tied, was apparently allowed to play football yesterday and went 17/30 for 307 yards and two touchdowns (yes, and one pick). He hit seven receivers, including the undrafted rookie, Marlon Moore, who made a nice grab and kept stride to earn his first NFL touchdown.

Marlon Moore for Six

I have liked this guy since preseason and I hope he continues to develop. This is the stuff of which Dolphans want Moore.

Of course, Devon Bess is becoming a superstar. Henne is making more touch passes and the offensive line has pulled together to protect him. The defense was spectacular. The special teams had all of us swearing at the television in standard fashion but this was attenuated when Bess almost took one back for six. It seems every game, he gets closer.

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