The Future Of Sun Life Stadium

Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee spoke to the webmasters for about 20 fan websites on Saturday night. Among the hot topics was his revelation that after the Florida Marlins vacate Sun Life Stadium, the team has plans to add more seating along the sidelines. Dee said the Dolphins currently have the largest margin of space between it’s front row and the sidelines of the field.

He indicated that the team would use that space to bring more fans closer to the field and thus creating a more energized home field advantage. Then, he cued up the projector and treated us to the official Sun Life Stadium video that showcases the changes to the stadium and the surrounding area. In this video you will notice how the parking structure has changed, a water park, and a new flow to the stadium itself. The animated flyovers are awesome and if the team can in fact pull this off, Sun Life Stadium will surely bring more than just Super Bowls to south Florida. Don’t take my word for it though, view it for yourself. Then let us all know what you think.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • foodFORthought

    Isnt it amazing that the NFL accumulates over $750,000,000,000 a year, and yet 1/8 people are in poverty and how many work 5 days a week just to survive?
    what is the american cancer society doing? everyone knows about march for dimes and yearly events and YOU yourself have been contacted by someone to donate something to the american cancer society. WatcH==>
    or skip to time 38:42……lazy<==WatcH

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  • The Florida Gridiron

    The stands are still too far away and the canopy is not necessary. I am uninspired by this concept.