Thoughts on the Jets and Current Situation

Here are some thoughts on the recent game with the NY Jets and the current situation as I see it presently.

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First it goes without saying that the Dolphins have a long way to go to even possibly be looking at the playoffs this year.  Some commentators have sort-of hopefully asserted though that at least Coach Sparano has his team, “playing hard every game” or some such thing.  For the record, I do agree that the Dolphins at least are not getting mired-down in their own woes or crying in their beer.

Second right now there is to be an NFL investigation of what happened to Nolan Carroll by NY Jets Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi.  And the coach, for the record, has made a public apology this afternoon and stated that it was wrong, etc., etc.  But he is still employed by the Jets franchise, of course.  Just so you knew.

Third I have to just mention: how ’bout that Defense?  Short of about 2-3 bad plays the entire game, they pretty much shut down the NY Jets.  And from August of this year I’ve been telling you that this was a different defense with a different scheme due to Coach Mike Nolan.  Not to belabor the point but right now at the 3/4 mark in the season the defense is the strength of this team and that is very, very different from what many of our readers were thinking over the summer.  Actually, even dreaming about a better defense here.  And we at least have handled that aspect of the team.

Fourth: The Dolphins Offense are lacking 2 large aspects which are an effective passing Quarterback who can read defenses and take it deep when needed and an Offensive Coordinator who can adjust to the modern pass-oriented game.  On the first count, I feel that many fans and writers alike probably agree with me already.  On the second, there has been much debate and the calls to fire Dan Henning are growing it seems with each week.  But what is not needed is a wholesale shift away from Coach Tony Sparano and the rest of the established staff.  The present philosophy in Miami can win and another gigantic pendulum swing is more distraction than anything.  Believe me, put in a competent QB and an Offensive Coordinator with some passing savvy and we’ll be looking at a whole different situation; it’s just like what happened on defense in the off-

And please note: Paul Pasqualoni is now over in Dallas as their coordinator and that defense is struggling to beat all!  So his going was completely merited and nobody would argue that from the Miami Dolphins standpoint.

So the question is, what is going to really be done to immediately address the Offensive production (155 total yards last game)?

And also, what is going to be done during the draft and off-season on the same topic?

I look forward to your input on this.

-Bert Smith

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  • NMDolphan

    Yeah – thank God for TOM NOLAN!?!?!? LMAO!

  • hawkfinfan
  • Joe C.

    First off I’m getting a new OC then I’m drafting a Running back or 2! Ricky and Ronni have run there course here, I love them both but one is getting to old and the other dances to much. and a better running game equals a better passing game!

  • MiamiChris

    Good article, however a little bit redundant, I completely agree. I was on the Henne bandwagon for as long as I could stand but I officially stepped off that wagon last Sunday. After a season and a half at starting QB, I thought I would have seen a lot more growth from Henne but I feel he has only regressed. Also, let me say that I love Tony Sparano and the rest of this coaching staff. The team philosphy seems definitely sufficient enough to win championships. If I were Sparano, I would go out this draft and take the most explosive offensive player on the board with my first pick. We don’t have that guy that can take it to paydirt at any moment and that’s what’s killing this team whose offensive struggles are almost alarming at this point. Any chance we could sign Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson this off season?

  • WDM

    Fire Dan Henning and look for a future QB in the draft. As for the running backs, keep one and see what’s on the market in the off season…Also, you might want to look at some offensive lineman to…Love the dolphins, but there needs to be some changes in the coaching staff, especially on the offensive side of the house. No pass blocking, No run gaps created, No leaders and No continuity…One more thing, please get rid of the wildcat! It was good in it’s day…

  • JioeSciullo

    This my sound crazy but I say we trade Henne for Alex Smith of the 49ers.

  • nickzi

    Mike Nolan might be a little surprised to see Tom Nolan get the credit for his defense. Just sayin’.