The Jets Suspicious Sideline, Tripping and Other Things

Use your ← → (arrows) to browse’m the lone shark living out here in New York Jets territory, in southern Connecticut.  And with most New Yorker’s comes a swagger with living here, an attitude per say.  There’s a phrase that New Yorker’s use and it goes, “There are nice people in New York – they’re called Giants fans.”  Following the tripping incident from Sunday’s Miami Dolphins win over the Jets, it was no surprise to me that this came from the Jets organization and was made very clear that the incident was done purposefully.  Sal Alosi, the Jets tripper admitted it himself.   After reading Armando Salguero’s recent post, which can be found here, I too started to think that something about the Jets coach formation on the sideline was very suspicious and I doubt it was a part of their swagger.

The news coverage that followed Nolan Carroll’s trip was reported nationally by nearly every sports network, newspaper and media outlet; especially around here.  And although the Jets have now suspended Alosi for the rest of the season without pay and the Dolphins organization has squashed it, I don’t believe he has been reprimanded enough.  He should have been fired.  I’m also wondering when the NFL is going to step in like the Big Brother that they truly are.

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