The Jets Suspicious Sideline, Tripping and Other Things

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My intentions are not to state that the NFL is covering up the improper activities of an exciting playoff bound team with an outspoken, but loveable, media darling head coach who draws in a butt load of cash for the organization and the NFL itself that might cause some controversy, no.  But after watching the video a couple dozen times in the last few days, I’ve noticed those particular Jets coaches were standing near inches away from the sideline in a formational pattern, like toy soldiers or robots readying for activity.  I’ve curiously come to suspect that this might be something the coaches have been doing all season, just as long as they could get away with it.  I wonder if this is something Rex Ryan or the Jets organization knew about at all.

No one has yet to claim an investigation into anything further than Alosi’s tripping incident.  No one is suspecting that the Jets organization or Rex Ryan knew that this might be going on from week to week too.  But something tells me that this group of infamous coaches planned this out thoroughly and quite successfully.  They’ll certainly be on watch now.

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