Simple Vote: Henning Or Henne?

You can click here to see my recent comments regarding Dan Henning’s Thursday coordinator press conference and read all of the other comments that were made on that thread which got all this started. It’s apparent that fans are split on the blame game. SO why not poll the masses and get an idea of what we all really think.  You can also join our forum and discuss these topics further as forum comments do not post with the main site commenting.

So, who is it?

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  • Brian Miller

    Wow, I just posted this thing, literally and already two votes…LOL And it’s 50/50 already as well…LOL

  • phinz99

    No doubt about it. it’s Henning

  • Brian Miller

    Im sure I will get the “why didn’t you put an option for both” on this poll, I agree Henning to me is the bigger issue right now…but I think we need to draft a QB early in the draft anyways. That competition would be good for the team.

  • tommy

    There should be an option for both.

    • Jen

      Agreed! Its both!

  • tommy

    That’s histerical

  • Brian Miller

    Having “BOTH” is an easy way out. There is not thought in that process. Whereas if you have to really come down to it and it’s one or the other, then you have to make that choice and defend it so to speak. Putting both is a copout that everyone would select…and then there is no need for a poll…LOL

  • jMcDolphan

    Niether, it is the oc line, not good blocking, Henne needs more time…

  • phinion

    I agree Both would be a copout.
    But there is a third option that should be there.

    I believe the QB coach (and I don’t mean David Lee) is to blame! I think Pennington has been the major influence on Henne’s decision making and that is why Henne looks more like Pennington despite the fact he has a stronger arm. Now maybe Lee is complicit in this I don’t know but I think Henne needs a QB Coach who can do a better job of improving his mechanics, Improving his ability to read a defense without locking on WRs and can teach him when to zip a ball in and when to use touch.

    A few of Henne’s INTs come from not putting enough zip on balls and giving a defender time to jump the pass. and many of his failed deep passes come from not knowing how to lead a WR properly on a fly and corner. Pennington never made those types of passes so he would never know how to teach that. And I think if Lee is at fault it is for letting Pennington do the majority of his work.

    Truth is Henne is looking a bit like Romo when he struggles. What we need is someone who can take Henne to the next level. Henne has the skills and he is about where Brees was at the same point in his career.

    A guy like Norv Turner (not available), Ken Anderson or Bill Musgrave would probably do a much better job than who we have.
    I think Henne has gona as far as he can go with the current lot. He already looks a lot like Pennington now it is time to train him to use that stronger arm properly to take it to the next level!

  • MJ

    Henne. At least Henning has proved that he can be productive.

  • Brian Miller

    Georg you need to come up with better insults…:)

  •!/profile.php?id=100000367637273 mikem

    yes Henning is the #1 reason but i blame henne also look when the game is on the line WINNERS want the ball do you think favre,manning,marino,brady or any other decent self respecting QB would put up with the play calling I dont beleive Henne has the fire/love for the game like great QB’s do maybe its his QB coach maybe its his attitude I see sparks of greatness in him but he needs someone to get it come out.make Pennington QB coach pickup veteran for competition/advice Mcnabb

  • phinion

    yeah and all you Thigpen Lovers don’t have a clue as to what is a decent QB! Just keep changing them until Marino gets back right?

  • phinion

    Ok George, I will let you pick which Spade is actually a spade.

    From these two 3rd year QBs which one wins a SB?

    QB-A 57.6 CMP% 2,108 Y 11 TD 15 INT 21 S 67.5 QBR 5 F 3 FL

    QB-B 60.5 CMP% 2,676 Y 13 TD 15 INT 22 S 76.5 QBR 4 F 2 FL

    Which one is the spade that needs to be dumped? A, B or Both?