A Case For Bill Cowher

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Cowher, who’s been away from the NFL for 4 seasons, has been clear that he is coming back.  In a recent report from ESPN on December 21st, Cowher listed his top three teams in sequential order that he would like to coach for: the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans.  It’s no secret that the Texans are going to be looking for a new coach but they’re at the bottom of Cowher’s pecking order.  The Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is now considered to be on the hot seat too since blowing a huge lead against the Philadelphia Eagles in this past Sunday’s loss.  If the Giants make the playoffs, it’s most likely Coughlin will stay in New York.  That leaves the Miami Dolphins, again with a lucky lottery chance to pick up the coveted Bill Cowher.  Hopefully the Dolphins organization doesn’t pass on him like they did Randy Moss off waivers.

In those same reports from ESPN, Cowher mentioned that he wants to coach a team that has an established quarterback.  That either means he thinks that Chad Henne is an established QB or he can make Henne an established QB.   Maybe Miami is the exception.  Most Dolphins fans are scratching their heads right now.  Furthermore, Chad Pennington, who may have a considerable, but unlikely return, might be classified as an “established QB.”  Eli Manning and Matt Schaub are without a doubt, unquestioned established QB’s.

Now let’s just imagine that Cowher really wants to go to Miami, will the Dolphins organization hire him?  Chances are pretty slim simply because of money.  Remember the garbage 4-year out clause contract the Dolphins organization posed to Bill Parcell’s two years ago?  Because Wayne Huizenga sold his stake in the team, Parcell’s will be paid 9 million dollars in full by the Miami Dolphins organization for 2 more years without doing a single thing.  On top of that, the Dolphins would have to pay Sparano for his last remaining year in contract if he’s let go.  Bill Cowher will expect to get paid in the upwards of 5 million dollars per season.

Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 seasons, 10 of which extended into the playoffs, with one Super Bowl win in 2005.  8 of those 10 playoff appearances, the Steelers won first round games, but only 2 of those appearances went past the second round.  His record is 149-90 with an average .623 winning percentage.  His peak season was in 2004 when the Steelers went 15-1 in the regular season but were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs.  He’s known for his tough hitting defenses and all around smash mouth football teams.

If the Miami Dolphins pass on hiring Bill Cowher as their head coach for next season, it would be a costly mistake.  A coach with his caliber comes around only once in a lifetime.  The AFC east is only getting more competitive and the Dolphins can’t expect to compete with the staff in place now, no matter how much we think Tony Sparano is a nice guy, sorry.

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