Dearly Departed

Just what is it about the Miami Dolphins that makes key management and coaches just walk away?  The trouble started with that cataclysmic fall from the NFL elite following the awful 62-7 playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Jimmy Johnson, the supposed savior of the Dolphins, walked off into the sunset, and into a successful broadcasting career.  Rarely does he refer to his stint as the Dolphins’ coach.

Dave Wannstedt ran off in the middle of a season.  If you and your team are bad enough to be fired or leave in the middle of a season, then clearly it will not hurt your team much to stay the remainder of the season. I’ve never been a fan of mid-season departures.  It only leads to confusion and reduced morale. 

Then came the departure of our next “savior”, Nick Saban, who deceived everyone with his misleading statements about returning to the NCAA ranks, then slithered off to Tuscaloosa.

Cam Cameron didn’t exactly slither away.  I think he left for safety and security reasons…his own!  But still left behind a giant heap of a mess that should have been a football team.

In 2008, we were all THRILLED to have engaged the services of the “trifecta”, with The Tuna being the biggest catch of the three.  And that season filled us all with hope…we went from 1-15, to AFC East Champions, in what seemed like the snap of a finger.  And now Parcells has decided to swim to warmer oceans.  I, for one, thought he was in it for a much longer haul.

Is there some sort of curse over this organization?  At the time of Don Shula’s departure in 1996, which, incidentally, was not his choice, Miami had only had one other coach in its 30 year history.  And here we are, just 14 years later, and are now on coach #8.  We’ve become no better than the myriad other teams with a revolving door at the coach’s entrance.  And no closer to any answers.

What will it take to get Miami on track to once again become of the elite, with players and coaches that stick around, and are worth the absorbitant amount of money that they make?  The fans are no help; the stadium is usually half full of fans from the opposing team.  It is sometimes difficult to tell that Miami is the home team.  A team really must dig deep to overcome such opposition in their own stadium, and the Dolphins just haven’t been able to do it.

Now we are staring at the possibility of losing yet another head coach, and bringing in another miracle worker.  Some changes will be made, and we Fins Fans will face another season, filled with hope that this will be “our year”.

But it won’t be until we can figure out how to undo, and who is going to undo whatever spell the Dolphins’ organization has been put under.

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  • Shula

    Trial and error — that is the formula for eventual success.

    We do not keep a coach who is not qualified to enhance the team’s potential. Such inaction brings more harm than good.

    Suprano is a glorified offensive line coach at best. He has proven that he cannot lead this team to success. 2008 was a mirage – helped by playing against one of the worst schedules ever.

    Gruden or Cowher are a BETTER coach. Plain and simple.

  • BrassMonkey

    I don’t buy the “lack of fan support” angle- this is a team that went 6-1 on the road and I bet there were far fewer Dolphins fans in those stadiums.

    I attend every home game and the fans are loud until they get tired of the 3 and out / Dan Carpenter offense. Hard to argue that your fans aren’t supporting you when you don’t do anything worthy of support.

    Ross’s shenanigans haven’t helped either- the nightclub, the crappy fight song, the Jimmy Buffet and Gloria Estefan “interludes”, the asinine orange carpet… none of these things have anything to do with Miami Dolphins football. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do much clubbing at 1PM on Sunday and nothing drains my energy faster than Jimmy’s “Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right” crap. It’s annoying.

    Ross needs to focus more on football and less on his silly marketing / rebranding exercises.

  • Joe Y

    I think it is really coincidence more than anything else.

    First of all, we were spoiled by Shula’s longevity. Shula was a football genius, in that he had the capacity to adapt to his system to his players. It is surprising what an extraordinarily rare gift this is in the NFL.

    Johnson and then Wannie were simply done. They knew how to play the game one way, did the best they could, and then left when they were burnt out.

    Saban was an opportunist who knew when he had taken a bad opportunity, and left for a better one.

    Cameron was wrong place, wrong time, not suited for it.

    Parcells did what Parcells always does, but with less patience and interest as he ages.

    The problem is that we simply don’t know the internal political situation. The defense is excellent, the special teams perfectly good, and the offense has the frnachise left tackle, good receivers, and a young QB who has shown plenty of potential.

    It all comes down to if Sparano has the power to fire Henning. The Nolan hire is the precednet. They went out and got a great coach. Will they do the same for the offense? And people who are all ready to kill me for my positive take on Henne and the offense in general should take note of the massive improvement in the D.

    Also, I’m not saying Henne is the next Marino, but he has made plenty of good throws and plenty of good plays. He desperately needs an offense that is friendly to his talents, and a coach that will encourage him instead of blaming him for the coach’s own incompetence. We have the receivers and some of the OL. Getting one or two aggressive new RBs and an upgrade at center and guard is all that is standing between us and next year’s playoffs.