Just One Man's Theory

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Anyway back to the point… I have a theory… ok, its just a theory, see what we have to look at here is this,  our teams woes are not new… offensive inability to do anything, defenses promising so much but inexcusable breakdowns, front office shuffles, crazy drafts all date back to a dark night early in 1983 … yes 1983 see Don Shula had to keep his winning profile, his strong winning ways after losing his second superbowl in the early 1980’s. He was looking for the next big thing and he offered up to footballing gods, Miami’s future in exchange for a once in a lifetime type player, come on it’s gotta be true!!  He went from Bob Griese, Paul Warfield, Larry Csonka, and that 70’s defense, “what was their name again?” to …… hmmm (yes, ok the killer B’s but play along for a second), so can you picture it? The Jaw crouched over a cooking pot in the corner of the endzone, in the Orange bowl, rain coursing down his face, lightning striking a near by stadium light as he puts the last few ingredients in to the pot! One lace from Jim Thorpes boots, silver shavings from the floor of Tiffany’s & co. and three copies of the longest yard (Burt Reynolds version, please it’s 1983!!), standing straight up, hands held high as the sound of thunder rumbles all around him, “oh footballing lords, grant me the player I so desperately need … oh and can you help me get past George Hala’s for most wins all time”. Come the following year, all his prayers were answered and we all rejoiced!

 Skip forward and what do we have? 15 years of ineptitude, some bad playoff loses, and some “out of this world” draft picks , Cecil Collins, Larry Shannon, Eddie Moore (don’t forget in a 5 year span were we only had one first round pick, come on that has to have repercussions), and six coaching changes (who forgot about Jim Bates?).

 So don’t think this is new, we are as cursed as Howard Cater, but fear not my fin loathing friends, it ends in 2011! So just enough time to draft and sign a great squad, pull everything together, and have a Superbowl contender for 2012! Just in time for the end of the world!

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