Stop Being A Grinch

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Mike Nolan:

Mike Nolan is one of the best defensive minds in the game today.  Watching our team line up this year was a work of magic.  Not since I started watching the Dolphins play, have I seen more exotic and unique disguises that not only confused offensives but fans as well.   We should be grateful that he didn’t gel with Josh McDaniels, because as of right now, signing him was the best move of the offseason.

Brandon Marshall:

Brandon is our voice on offense.  We lack a true quarterback and due to this, we aren’t able to utilize our best asset on our team.  Regardless, of all the talk we heard about ‘feeding the wolf’ we never saw our primary objective fulfilled.  We can blame it on many factors, Henning’s play calling, Chad Henne not knowing how to read a field, or how the running game has been stolen just like our Christmas tree


The best part of any season, we get a chance to see our prospect learn and develop.  If you put aside the definition of the game, you obtain an opportunity to analyze our team and learn how they react in certain situations.

For Example:

Vontae Davis against the Vikings, arguably the best game I have seen a Miami Dolphin corner play. 

Cameron Wake against the Packers, Patriots, Vikings, Raiders and the list goes on. 

Davon Bess has played into our version of Mr. 3rd down

The leadership of Karlos Dansby and the endurance of Jake Long are close considerations as well. 

At this time we need to take a moment and take a step back.  Our team is doing something it hasn’t done in years and that is develop from within.  Yes we have found a few amazing presents from Santa (Wake, Dansby, Bess), but we have also broken out a lot of ugly sweaters from our distant aunties (Henne, Henning).

Regardless of what unfolds on the last two games, let’s take a moment and realize what we had a chance to find out this season.  As we continue to grow, we will correct our flaws and remind ourselves that our team can provide us the ultimate Christmas present, and that is to continue watching them well into the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone and a joyful new year!

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