Doubts Linger After Dolphins Loss To The Lions

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Miami Dolphin Fans Sad And Fed Up

Typically, at this point in the NFL season for a team that has been ruled out of the playoffs numerically for two weeks but realistically for five weeks, offseason speculations about coaches and players jobs have been formed and jelled.  The Miami Dolphins continue to go week-to-week questioning Tony Sparano and if he is the man for the job and whether Dan Henning or Chad Henne is to blame for an awful offense.  After Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions, Henne is now at the forefront of fan anger and Henning’s cowardly unconscious, regardless of a Miami defense that let the Lions score effortlessly.  If anyone saw Eli Manning’s effort yesterday against the Green Bay Packers you might feel thankful for Henne.  After a night’s sleep through a snow-covered northeast, boarded up in my home, doubts about the Dolphins organization and where they go from here have not settled.

I follow a lot of journalists that cover the Miami Dolphins and I’d argue that 90 percent of them have backed Henne for the majority of the season.  Many of them believe he is worthy of a starting quarterback position if put in the right situation.  Most of them know that building an offense around your 2008 starting, now injured quarterback is not an ideal situation for a young, and now starting quarterback like Henne in the now 2010.  Repeated badgering by coaches and the media only shrinks a fragile players ego.  But I guess the NFL is not for the fragile anyway.  So where does Henne go from here?  He goes to the Miami bench to sit behind a veteran QB like Donovan McNabb or Kyle Orton and competes with a first round QB draft pick.  Since Henning is likely to be gone, everyone will have their eye on Henne next season, who might see his last days in Miami.

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