Crowder Blames The Fans

Channing Averages 3.5 Tackles A Game...Please Don't Boo Him

Channing Crowder is a lot of things.  Outspoken would be one of them.  He talks smack and made last years off-season entertaining when he took to a verbal sparring with Jets HC Rex Ryan.  On the field, Crowder is serviceable at best.

35 total tackles in ten games means that he averages 3.5 a game.  In other words, he is not a game changer.   So when he takes exception to the Miami fan base that shelled out thousands of dollars to attend the game/s it only goes to further explain why Channing Crowder should pack his ass up and leave town.

“Fair weather fans” he called Dolphins stadium attendees after Sunday’s fourth quarter meltdown. “We don’t need fans like that” he remarked. “To boo the players on the field who are out there trying their best…is silly” You get the picture.

This all comes from a player, a team, that should be used to playing while getting booed.   The Dolphins have won more games on the road than any other team in the NFL.  Is Channing trying to tell us that Miami fans are more brutal?  Booing from the home crowd should make you feel more like your on the road.

It was also Channing Crowder who said earlier in the season that the team felt more relaxed on the road.  When asked to expound, he simply said that many players were distracted at home and often found themselves looking into the stands.  At what he didn’t clarify.  Back then the fans weren’t booing…they were still “howling”.

According to Omar Kelly in this article, Crowder is not the only players who feels this way, just the only one to step up to the mic and say something.

It’s frustrating as a player, imagine what it was like when you got booed by the fans in your HS stadium on a Friday night and then multiply that by 70,000.  Yeah, it’s worse.  That still does not bode well for a player to open his mouth when his play on the field is as microscoped as much if not more than anyone else.  Sans Chad Henne of course.

Which brings us to the entire reason Crowder opened his mouth about this at all.  Chad Henne.

Henne was not simply booed, he was berated with chants of “Henne Sucks” as he walked off the field.  So I will give Crowder that…at least he is sticking up for one of his own.

The reality is that Dolphins fans simply have nothing to cheer about.  How are they supposed to express their displeasure to the owner sitting in that box above and below them without booing the game on the field, send an Email?  The message to the owner is as much a point of the booing as it is to a player that the fans can’t get behind…or a coach they are not pleased with.  More likely it’s not the players they are booing as much as the system in place.

The “Chad Henne Sucks” chants excluded of course.  Maybe it will thicken his skin a bit.  I would have been much more happy to hear Chad Henne step up to the mic and tell the fans to “go screw themselves”.  It would have shown emotion, dedication, and for once an attitude.  I would be raving in this article if Chad had done that.  Instead, I get Channing’s big mouth.

Anthony Fasano spoke out about the chant as well…and he made his point valid, clear, and without pointing the finger at those responsible for the booing, directly.

“It’s not a good situation and it’s tough for Chad,” Fasano said. “It’s tough for Chad because everyone on the offense and everyone on this team had a hand in it, and he takes the brunt of it. It’s the way the position is, the way the game is today and it’s a shame, but if anybody can handle it, he can handle it.”

Channing Crowder has never learned when to shut up and the frustration of Dolphins fans towards him is that he simply doesn’t “walk the walk” after he “talks the talk”.    Crowder is a mediocre player for all the chest pumping he does.  He is not an impact player and likely never will be.  He is paid a lot of money to make 35 tackles in a a season and that doesn’t seem to bother him all that much.

Not when you can find him on a Friday night at a local strip club tossing money to the ladies.  Yes, I have heard that he can be found at one in the Miami area.

So while Channing wants to walk off the field taking exception to the fans booing his play, maybe he should take a long l0ok in the mirror and ask himself if he truly is giving 100 percent on the field.  If he is, then then NFL is not for him.  Not with an average of 3.5 tackles a game…which I am sure none of which are for losses.  Fear not there Channing, the fans do cheer you.  I have seen it first hand.  It goes like this, “Yeeeahhh, Channing Crowder finally made a tackle for a loss”!

See all’s not bad.  Care to comment on that?

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