The Blame Game – Bill Parcells

The “thud” that was the Miami Dolphins 2010 season was palpable.  It is the cause of that thud and where the thud will lead that is the topic of discussion for Fins fans today.

There is plenty of blame to go around, with just as many solutions, and plenty of speculation.  There is the “Henne should stay” camp, admittedly very small, that believes that Henne could function well in the NFL with the proper coaching.  There is the “Sparano should be given another chance” camp vs. the “Sparano needs to go” camp, each with their own valid argument.  In the “Sparano needs to go” camp, there is a breakout camp of “Cowher vs. Gruden vs Nolan vs anyone else”.  The “Keep Dan Henning” camp has been completely abandoned, even by Henning himself.

 What I have to wonder is why no one seems to be pointing the finger at Bill Parcells?  He is the latest in a long string of people who have just walked away from the team, a fact I pointed out in an earlier post.  He came to South Florida in 2008 amidst much fanfare, and unbelievable expectations. He was a powerhouse, and he was respected. And in 2008, he delivered.   The 2009 season was a disappointment, but we were still “working out some of the kinks”.  A good draft and a couple of acquisitions, and we were in the hunt.  The 2010 season was to be our year.

 But evidently, Mr. Parcells saw something that just didn’t sit right with him.  Instead of stepping up an making the necessary corrections and changes, as he had done with so many other successful  teams in the past, he chose to remove himself from his position, and leave behind the mess that became the 2010 season.  Instead of a “trifecta”, we were left with something far less than a “perfecta”.  Something like a car missing a wheel; direction is not clear, nor is the identity of the driver.

So while we are sitting around deciding where to point fingers, perhaps you should consider joining me in the newly opened “what about Parcells?” camp.

  • LD

    Yeah he removed him self when he saw and said chad henne stunk.

  • The Florida Gridiron

    Parcells has a history of taking off. Probably he got mad at Ross for bringing in celebrities. Or he didn’t think the Dolphins could be fixed. No one will ever know because the man never talks.

    I will say that Miami is better now than before he got here.

  • Mike Near Miami

    Parcells is and has always been a Stiff. He has never, Miami now included, won anything without Belichick on his staff. And what has Belichick done lately? What has Parcells done lately?

  • Rocktosr

    Sure, you can blame someone who is not here any more. But, how does that help the Dolphins now. Making mistakes is a human trait. Recognizing and fixing those mistakes is what we need now. Bill does not seem to be in a position to help with either of those needs at this point. It’s a waste of time to even drag his name back into this.

    • Bruce Lamb

      It’s not a waste of time to blame Parcells, he ran and hid once he saw he didn’t do a good job. He didn’t live up to his end of his contract, and I’m willing to bet that the good players Miami has drafted over the past 3 seasons were Ireland’s picks with the exception of Jake Long. Parcells realized he just didn’t have it anymore, like Henning is realizing now. Instead of manning up and taking blame, he walked away and didn’t say a work, what a coward!

  • dodgeguy

    agreed but i think it started with huizenga…if he stays maybe just another year maybe tuna stays another 2?i don’t think the tuna liked the direction of the new ownership with a bunch of partying owners that don’t know football,but only know business….i’m not sure,but i don’t think this is like saban bailin’ or anything like that.count the head coaches o.c’s and the q.b’s since marino and shula and you wonder why we’re in the shape we’re in? no stabillity…look at new england,green bay.philly,just to name a few.long term at owners h.c’s and q.b’s i’m just sayin’.

  • dodgeguy

    it starts at the top,if the organization isn’t stable nothin’ else is either.san fran was dismall for all my young years and they built a dynasty and it started upstairs first!

  • Doug C

    I am joining the “trade or release Channing Crowder” camp. I am sick of his mouth, sub-par play and constant injuries. Off topic but needed to be said