Marshall Calls Out Henne?

The Brandon Marshall that many expected when he arrived in Miami back before the NFL draft has been anything but.  A model citizen for a “Diva Receiva”. He has had a few moments through tough losses where he simply lost his head but nothing major.  Even his ball tossing antic to Jay Cutler, one of his best friends, was made more out by the media than it was a problem.

Now that the season is coming to a close and media questions tend to target next season, Marshall is opening up on the opinion front and Chad Henne seems to be in the cross hairs.

Brandon Marshall and other key members of the team were made available this week to the media.  Earlier the not-so-well spoken Chad Henne stepped up and said,

“It’s definitely been a good ride…I mean not a good ride, but one to learn from and one to take in and in the offseason and just sit back and kind of just take everything in and understand what you need to get better at and what you did well and what you did get better at from last season”

His lack of speaking ability won’t win him many points with his non-supporters.  It was Marshall however that got the juices flowing when he simply said that he didn’t know if he and Chad Henne could become great together.

Marshall opened up about the future of the team and his view of the coaches and of course his QB where he started.

“We had some opportunities this year to do that and we didn’t get it done,” Marshall said, “so I guess we have to evaluate what we did this year and see what we can improve on. See if we can become good before we can become great.”

Marshall and Henne did not work together throughout mini-camps, training camp, or pre-season but one would have to believe that they would naturally gain some continuity over the course of weekly practices and games in a 17 week season.  That’s not always the case and in terms of Marshall and Henne it has improved but apparently not to the degree that Marshall expects.

“You just have to let it go,” Marshall said. “Don’t worry about the consequences, just throw it up and see what happens. Let’s live and die by it.”

This statement was more towards Dan Henning than Chad Henne.  Marshall gave no endorsement of his offensive coordinator but several times eluded to the conservative approach.  He also never mentioned Henne by name either.  Marshall was exceptionally unhappy about the QB play late in the game after the two interceptions and according a report by Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post, was seen throwing his arms out into the air while talking with Henne and one point pointing to Tyler Thigpen.

This is where I start to lose some of my support in Chad Henne.  Not because I think he will be a bad QB but when you start losing the confidence of the players around you, it’s hard to get that back.  This was a similar situation for Steve Young in his early Tampa Bay days and had he not got out of Tampa when he did, he would never have made the Hall of Fame or accomplished anything.  That of course is not to say that Henne is or will ever be someone who will do enough to make a Pro-Bowl roster let alone the HOF.

Still, Marshall’s comments reverberate a little differently when the source is taken into account.  Marshall is a numbers guy, he wants to be the best and this year he wasn’t.  No Pro-Bowl birth, not 1,000 yard season or 100 catch season, no leads in Touchdowns.  The frustration from that has him repeating, “just throw it up there” in regards to Henne’s passes and Hennings’ play calling.

He did have one good thing to say during his short Q & A.

“I’ve never been around a coach who gives me goosebumps in a team meeting during a week of practice … before football season even starts,” Marshall said. “His ability to motivate is amazing. I’m glad they brought me here.”

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  • corners

    How can you have that title, then follow with

    “This statement was more towards Dan Henning than Chad Henne. Marshall gave no endorsement of his offensive coordinator but several times eluded to the conservative approach. He also never mentioned Henne by name either”

  • dodgeguy

    marshall needs to shut his face!,and catch more balls!i mean footballs.cut just his drops in half and he’s got his hundred!don’t blame anyone else ’til you look in the mirror many drive stoppin’ drops,momentum killers.i watched the whole season,other than devon,all you receivers need to work harder.where would chad’s comp.% be wit’out fasano,hartline,and marshall droppin’key passes at crucial times?hah!how many more t.d’s do we get? and if your supposed to be a true #1 receiver,how come you got no speed!true#1′s have speed,and your so called y.a.c.and tackle breakin’ability i guess you left it in denver with your favorite pacifier!even parcells said you need babysittin’and a lollipop…that should say alot.

  • corners

    I just got vertigo trying to read dodgeguys writing skills.

  • Ripp

    Marshall has no room to talk. He is 2nd in the league in drop passes and you think at least one of those 82 receptions he has he would have been in “beast mode” and break one for a big TD. Instead he has just 2 TDs where both were thrown to him in the endzone. Not to defend Henne but he has thrown the ball in Marshall’s direction even when covered and time and time again Marshall failed to come up with the ball. One play that sticks out to me was against the Ravens where Henne lobbed the ball up to Marshall in the endzone, despite man on man coverage Marshall failed to come up with the football. He needs to take advantage of those situations and come down with the ball.

  • Brian Miller

    I pointed another comment he made regarding the oc which set up his comments regarding sparano. The article shows his opinion on three of the main players in this seasons collapse. The title is correct as is the comments.

    • shaggy

      Wrong, what a failed article. Try again brian, he in no way called out henne. Stop trying to stir up shi&. Thats what your article was.

  • davessi

    yeah, Marshall has room to talk having dropped so many passes this year. I am, however, quite surprised that Henne and marshall did not spend every waking moment together working on their timing and communications. Again, that speaks more to Henne and his ‘lost in the woods’ character. Henne just doesn’t strike me as a motivated leader and that will kill any chance your offense has to gel. His accuracy and knowledge of the game are way below par. Can they be corrected?? who knows…

  • Steve Hoffart

    At the end of the day the responsibility lies in the hands of the guy with the football! That has been Chad Henne. A big play big money receiver does you no good when the only passes thrown to him are on hitch, out, and button hook patterns. Even if you make the argument that Henning locked down the deep ball, I have seen Marshall running back to the huddle after streak patterns enough times to think he’s just running wind sprints out there. Marshall needs a QB with some BALLS. Whether you think Henning cut Chad’s off or not, he doesn’t have them.

    Davessi nailed it! These two should have been inseparable from day one! The fact that they were not tells me that Henne either thinks he can succeed on his own, which evidently is not the case, or he never watched football growing up and therefore never saw that every great QB had a great WR. Young and Rice, Aikman and Irvin, Manning and Harrison, Bradshaw and Swan, I could go on forever.

    Time to find someone who knows what he has and is not afraid to use it! Chad Henne – Find Your Balls or Find the Pine!

  • Brian Miller

    Uh, Shaggy, he did say that he didn’t know if the two of them would be great together in 2011 and he did lay into him on the sideline AND those are not my quotes those are his in regards to questions he was asked about CHAD HENNE!

    You can go to the PBP, The Sentinel, and the Herald and read the same thing. Why the hell would I try and stir up shit, WHEN I FREAKING SUPPORT HENNE!!!!!

  • Gary

    Sorry Brian:

    I agree with previous posters here. The comments i read from Marshall are in no way “calling out Henne”. I think your title is very inaccurate and misleading and quite simply stirring the pot.

  • Brian Miller

    ThaNks Gary. As I reread it I see where the context is different. The original quotes on the SS were more clear of what Marshall was saying. I left a few out by mistake and it changed the tone. I put a ? At the end and left it that way. Thanks for not being an ass like a few others. Wasn’t trying to stir stuff up because I don’t need more fuel for the Henne haters…I got enough problems defending him…lol

    • Gary


      Nice that you responded. I wish i could have seen the other marshall quotes you were talking about. I agree Marshall probably isn’t happy and I think he’s actually done a good job NOT calling out Henne. I USED to be a big Henne supporter but it’s gotten much tougher at the second half of this season. I just haven’t seen him progress. Anyway, take care and happy new year.

  • Samantha

    Miller, sorry but imo you wrote a crappy, careless article, and when you declare that Marshall has Henne in his “crosshairs” and is calling Henne out,…I didn’t read one quote that indicated that. Getting upset on the sideline after an INT is just a football reaction, and nowhere near what you declared. And Marshall talked to Thigpen, the interception queen? That’s meaningless to me. Way to have class and calling posters asses.