Breaking News Number 2: Sparano Fired

The Miami Dolphins, according to my source, have a deal in principal with Jim Harbaugh and it will be announced sometime tomorrow following a minority interview (complain about the Rooney Rule all you want, I agree).  Sparano has already been informed of the decision and that announcement will come later today.

The deal is reportedly going to be in the neighborhood of 6.8 to 7.2 million…he doesn’t know the exact amount that was finally agreed upon.  He will be the highest paid NFL HC and his salary requirements started with the Pete Carroll number from Seattle last season that exceeded 6 million.

Sparano has been recently rumored, although I believe them to be unfounded, to possibly be heading to Michigan to coach the Wolverines.  One of the reasons they say he has been hanging around.  My source doesn’t believe it but stated he didn’t know one way or the other.  He has also been rumored to have interest in UConn as well.

My other source has yet to confirm this information…so stay tuned.

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  • onole1

    Yoou know if Sparano goes to Michigan this would all make sense. Ross had a 3 hour meeting on Monday and likes the guy a lot. As a matter of fact he likes him enough to not only pay him his $2.75m (yes he has to) but pushes him for the Michigan job. not sure if it is the case, but if so maybe Ross isn’t as classless as Mike Greenberg wants you to believe.

  • daytonadolfan

    Wherever Tony end up I wish him the best of luck. It did not work out for him here, but I don’t think to many first time HC’s make it with theie first team.

    Hopefully, he learned something that will help him in the future.

  • kato

    I have not been an advocate of Tony Sparano, but I also have no idea where this love affair with Jim Harbaugh comes from…….we should have gotten a proven commodity, not today’s Special.
    I wish him luck, and TS luck as he seemed like a decent, hardworking guy..

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  • Brian Miller

    Not so sure either. He was my first choice but then again, I didn’t expect this kind of courting…the whole process leaves a Sabansour taste in my mouth.

  • bahamas

    What about keeping Tony as on Oline coach?

  • Brian Miller

    I can’t imagine any scenario where a HC would be fired and reassigned to an assistant job with the same team.

  • dieharddolfan

    NO!NO!NO! This was a mistake. I can count at a minimum 4 games where the loss was decided by one or two bad play calls…or one mistake at the end by a player on the field. Thats an 11-5 record people. There are other fish to fry other than taking out the lead. Yes I admit games should not be that close to be decided by one or two plays…but regardless, it happens all the time and no one complains when its in thier favor.. I think Sparano deserved at least one more year. So many people out there talk about the lack of continuity in the Dolphins, the QBs the coaches.. yet I read on here people calling for Sparano’s job. He has been cited as being one of the more highly regarded up and coming HC in the league. Now here are, talking about another untested(nfl) coach..Yes I realized he played…but wheres the hype coming from??? A few years from now, if Sparano stays in the NFl..were all going to remember the day we decided to start from scratch ONCE AGAIN…and didnt need to!
    K im done ranting :)

  • Your source

    My source tells me you’re an idiot for breaking a story that doesn’t exist as of yet. You may be correct at some point, but that doesn’t make you less of an idiot.

    • Eeik5150

      Don’t get your hopes up Doll-phins. Your increase in money doesn’t compensate for your lack of talent on the field. Harbaugh wants a team that he can win with and there are few teams with more talent than the 49ers. And don’t forget that the bay area is his home and Bill Walsh is his mentor. There’s a lot more appeal to be a 49er coach. And the 49ers are famous for giving deserving people a sizeable contract upgrade years before they are up.

      • Jake

        The 49ers are a joke they finished 4th in the worst division in football LOL. 49ers are not a good team.

        • Kevin

          Hey Genius they finished 3rd, check your info before posting idiotic responses

          • dieharddolfan

            good point…yes..yes you are correct..they finished third in the worst division in the NFL. his mistake

        • 49erkings

          4th in the worst division huh? Get your facts straight before you start running your childish mouth! They have waaaay more talent than your guppys do. just deal with it

          • dieharddolfan

            with all do respect, how do you follow a sentence like “running your childish mouth” with the word “waaaay” and “guppies”

        • danny boy


        • mlm92124

          49ers had Singletary as coach and he isn’t exactly an offense guy. They really needed somebody to run the offense better. There are games San Fran should have won with some of the players they have but the offense wasn’t coached right.

    • mlm92124

      This article appears to have posted much earlier today than the latest I read online. That is…there is no validity to this since Jim H didn’t tell them yes and may not like all the problems with being the Phins coach.

  • corners

    I think coaching Michagan might be the right thing for Sparano.

  • bahamas

    Just read that Luck is not declaring for the NFL draft….

  • Mike

    Does this mean Miami fans will show up to the games? Your franchise is a joke. Good luck with Saban II. How does this hire help you beat New England or New York? Do remember when you franchise used to have pride? Me either.

  • dollphan00

    i hope everyone realizes that this a DOLPHINS forum and for those who support the Miami Dolphins. For those of you who are a wee bit upset because we MAY get the coach you want, well please feel free to cry on your own forums. nothing has been confirmed and if you really have no life or are that unintelligent that you misspelled 49ers D_O_L_P_H_I_N_S… well i feel bad for you anyway.
    ps- we beat the Jets last game we played them this year, read up on that.

    • dieharddolfan


    • Shanedog

      Eh that 49ers fan is probably a misplaced New Yorker. That’s their thing – go from site to site and put down everyone else’s teams in order to make themselves feel better about their own pathetic, hapless team(s). Ignore them as the pimple on the butt of sports they are.

      • 9er fan

        I was directed here from a 9er blog. I thought this article was similar to one I read from a 9ers news site … similar to this one. It stated that Harbaugh basically told the 9ers he will accept their offer and was going to speak with the ‘fins out of respect. This was also confirmed by the reporters “source”. Funny, huh. Many fans are upset that the ‘fins are lookin to “steal” Harbaugh from us, but I for one didn’t feed into the hype. As a 9ers fan, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad-bit upset, but hey … those are the breaks. An folks .. don’t down my 9ers too bad! I would GARUANTEE our 9ers would beat the breaks off the ‘fins, lol ;)

        • 9er fan

          Also, from Armando Salguero (Miami Herald) Jason La Canfora (NFLN) stated this:

          “Despite myriad reports going in many directions, I KNOW this for sure: At this minute Tony Sparano is not fired & Jim Harbaugh is not hired.”

          Like the 9ers reporter, looks like this reporter needs depend more on facts than their “sources” lmao! :D Anyhow, good luck ‘fins fans!! Nothin but love for you guys!!

    • Cantstoptherun

      you have a cute boy, and a nice comment, but you mispelled misspelled lol.

    • mlm92124

      KUDOS to you!

      Normally I’d have the view that the current coach should be kept because making a team a consistent winner cannot be done in a “3 years and done” way. However, after the horrible playing I witnessed the last few games of the season, especially Buffalo, I have a different point of view. Sparano made no attempt to change what was happening. Henne played poorly, though it wasn’t all his fault, and yet Sparano kept him in the game. Why was Henne the starter? Because he performed better in practice. How a person does in practice is not always an indicator of how he will play in a game. Marino wasn’t supposed to be starting in his rookie season nor in his second year I imagine. For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember back that far, Marino came in during a game and the starting QB at the time, David Woodley (RIP), never started again. I’d make an educated guess that it was viewed that Marino wasn’t thought to be completely ready at that point to be the starter, until he played the first time. So, my point….Henne should’ve been removed from the game and a different QB given a chance. Perhaps none of the others would’ve performed any better but Sparano never even made the effort to change what was happening. Maybe a lineman or a receiver was the problem, point is, Sparano really did nothing to change what was happening. If the coach fails to perform and adapt to the game, he has to go.

  • Mike

    I read that the Jets are in the playoffs and the dolphins are home alone. Maybe they could hire Shula back, or is he dead because the last time I saw him in a game that mattered Bill Walsh was schooling him.

    • mlm92124

      Shula is not dead. Right now I think he and Marino would be a better tandem for the Dolphins than Sparano and Henne. Marino has been retired for 10/11 years now as well as various injuries from his playing days and I’d take him and Shula, as they are now, over Sparano and Henne any time.

  • Mike He is the leader of your franchise. He makes York look like a genius. Well that’s not true York is an idiot. Maybe that’s why both franchises suck right now.

  • Bus Driver

    if your source thinks he has interest in the UConn job than your source rides the short bus to school/work and you should ignore anything and everything else he/she says. that is flat-out idiotic.

    • mlm92124

      LOL the “short bus”. That doesn’t fit as well anymore with various small, private schools using them. I still know what ya mean.

  • Jeffrey

    How does $6.8 million to $7.2 million make him the highest paid coach in the NFL? I thought Belichick has a contract paying him upwards of $7.5 million

  • NinerTico

    MBachCSN Mindi Bach

    Mr Steven Ross has just departed the Bay Area. Did not see Jim Harbaugh with him

    Jim was never in Miami. He met with Stanford today. It ain’t over, but Ross went home alone.

    • mlm92124

      Wrong! Jim was in Miami, for the Orange Bowl that his current team played in. That’s what everybody writing the articles has been referring to. I guess Ross was seen chatting with him or on the sidelines just as Elway was.

  • Brian Miller

    This could go completely the other way but i would be a stupid fool for not reporting what i have heard from a normally reliable source…still havent confirmed it from the other as he said he doesnt know yet. Sparano announcement im told is on hold until tomorrow and all depends on the rooney rule being satisfied….we’ll see but if this doesnt go down i will be without one source going forward…lol

    • mlm92124

      Rooney Rule is a waste of time when you have a certain person, or certain, people you want to pick from. I don’t see it being used in regard to player personnel and it should be “even across the board”. If it’s being enforced for coaching then it should be enforced for players. That said, if I was the man intended to be “interviewed” as the “Rooney Rule candidate”, knowing it’s a farce, I’d say “NO”.

  • erikwb21

    sporano is froM conneticut, right??

  • Jeff in Tennessee

    Hey Brian, check your e-mail from me. This is in regards to an interview that the Sports Animal did with Chad Pennington today. It was really good.

  • boylarson

    Thanks for breaking the Rooney rule. We will try and make a good selection with your draft pick.

    Yours Truly,

    Jed York

    • mlm92124

      Actually, for all any of us know they might have already interviewed their assistant that Dallas interviewed and Ross just hasn’t reported that yet.

  • Brian Miller

    You don’t lose draft picks for breaking the Rooney rule and they wouldn’t give it to the 49′ers if they did. It would simply vanish…like New Englands.

    As for the Rooney rule, I am wondering myself what they are going to do to take care of that.

    • Dan

      **BREAKING NEWS** Brian Miller is a moron….enjoy Tony for another season!! hahaha!

  • Your source

    My source has now confirmed it. You’re an idiot without a source who’s tried to break a story without any facts. Congrats idiot, you can join the other idiots who tried to break this that are now reading that the dolphins coach will be retained.

  • mlm92124

    Miami needs a new coach who isn’t timid about making changes on the field. As good as it appears to sound, Miami possibly getting Harbaugh, I have a couple problems with it. One, no NFL experience so the price shouldn’t be that high. Two, it would make more sense for Harbaugh to take the San Fran job, even if it’s less money, than to uproot his family and have all of them (Jim included) possibly be irritated a year or so later about leaving CA for FL. I’ve been a Dolphins fan since I began watching football, before Marino was QB, and I still think the San Fran job makes more sense for Harbaugh. San Fran will likely be an easier team for him to build on and start winning with immediately. He may even make it to the playoffs in his first year at San Fran considering the records all four teams in that division had this year. Yes, maybe they are an 8-8 team in his first year, but making the playoffs can have an impact on how the team feels and they would likely get better and better. Will Jim ever have the team at the dominant level Walsh, Montana, Young and the rest of the team did? I seriously doubt it but he might make them a very good team again in a matter of years. With my team, the deck is stacked against him. There is a lot of dysfunction on offense and more questions than answers. Add to that the fact that the system the Patriots have had for some years now is not going to change with Bill still coaching. As much as I hate to say it, you could plug almost any QB into the Patriots team and they would still be good if not better than good. Miami has a tough road ahead of them and I’d rather see Jeff Fisher with the Dolphins than Harbaugh, Sparano, or Cowher. How many years did it take Cowher with the Steelers to build them to winning a Super Bowl? Fisher, for the most part had been consistently good and I believe he has the will and desire to fix my team, now the Titans just need to let him come to Miami. He’s been with TN for years and a change of environment would be refreshing for him. The challenge of fixing a once powerful team in the AFC East would be invigorating. We need Fisher far more than we need Harbaugh. But that’s just my take on it.

  • luigi29

    LMAO!!! To Brian Miller and his source … don’t quit your day job!!! Sparano LIVES!!!! hahaha!!!

  • Mike

    Dolphin blogs are as bad as the team. Congrats to your once fat coach who refuses to buy clothes that fit.