At Least We Have Furgie

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What can you say? This season started with hope. I think everyone knew that we might not be “there” yet but were conceivably close. Close enough to make a few tweaks this offseason and potentially be in position to make a statement this upcoming year. That’s how I saw it. Frankly, I have more confidence in Micheal Jackson’s personal physician than the Dolphin’s Organization at this point. At least we have Fergie.

I expected a firm stance after the last game of the season. Instead, Dolphins fans everywhere were scratching their heads assuming there was something happening that was beyond our understanding and that something big would come of it. At this point, however, we have a coach who lost the team by season’s end, then was left in the timeout corner while Steven Ross pitifully threw money at other prospects. When that failed, it not only made it obvious that the job was not enticing, but that we now have to start the offseason with a coach who’s been decimated with doubt. I remember when Ricky Williams first came to Miami and made a comment about the organization as being well-respected for a tradition of winning. Now he obviously wants to be somewhere that has any kind of structure and assemblence of strategy. At one time it was not difficult to draw good personnel to this organization. It seems to be now. I am very concerned about the team’s image since I fully expected to land a top tier coach with the ensuing overhaul of the system. When you lose all but one game at home and have a season like we just witnessed, you need to act rapidly and swiftly in a way that lets everyone know you have a calculated plan to revive the situation.

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  • imawriterrobj

    Commenting on Colts v jests…which IS all there is to warm Fins fans souls right now.
    Unfortunately, if the officiating of Jets games stays to form, the officials will find SOME way to take away a colt TD, or allow the usual egregious holding by jets db’s, especially Cromartie.
    The league (and gamblers) would love NY $$$ the next 3 games.

    I’m not generally a conspiracy theorist, but I have a long memory ragarding that horrible official Johnny Greer, who ALWAYS seemed to do Fins games against the jets.
    As memory serves, he negated a 1 yard dolphin TD run by PERSONALLY tossing a flag for HOLDING.
    No O-lineman can possibly move fast enough to hold on a one yard run at the 1. LOL
    Wasn’t laughing at the time, though.

  • http://tits jimbob

    The man took us from 1-15 to 11-5 in one season after getting rid of veterans we thought we could never spare. Its not the coach, its THE PLAY CALLING. Vanilla ice cream thinks this offence is too plain….
    Maybe if we get someone from this century to call some dubble/tripple options, reverses, flea-flicker pitches, I DONT KNOW!!! maybe ANYTHING we could do something!! you have Ronnie Brown, Ricky Willams, and Brandon Marshall….and you cant be top 10 offensively???
    WHATS MIAMIS PROBLEM?!?!?!?!?! two words…..

  • Eddy

    Well at least as Dolphin fans we have this LOL……