Where Things Go From Here

What a week.  As a Dolphin fan I am as embarrassed as anyone.  I feel bad for the way that Tony Sparano was treated, and for how the fans were treated.  We didn’t know if we were to get excited or upset about anything, all we got was a week’s worth of confusion and rumors.  Owner Steven Ross came out and made his intentions public, but that was just an attempt to put out the fire that he created. 

I’ve watched all the video’s from the ’round table’ session with Ross, General Manager Jeff Ireland, and Head Coach Tony Sparano.  Not once did he apologize to Sparano, all he did was say he would do things different if he had the chance to do it all over again.  Well you don’t get that chance Mr. Ross, the least you could have done was tell Tony you were sorry.  So where do the Miami Dolphins go from here?

As a fan, I’m glad that both Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano will be retained for a few more years to come.  I would not have liked to see Miami rebuild once again.  Some good players have been brought in over the last 3 years, and I want them to have the chance to develop.  If the Miami defense can get another year with DC Mike Nolan, they will become even better than they were this past season, and that is something to look forward to. 

I’m also anxious to see what Jeff Ireland can do on his own.  If you really stop and think about the drafts over the past 3 seasons, it’s not hard to tell what picks Parcells had his hands all over.  Did anyone notice how many players were let go once Parcells left?  Do you think it was Parcells that got his way with the Brandon Marshall trade?…..I don’t.  I think Ireland has a knack for finding talented players, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do when he is calling the shots during the draft.  I’m also glad to see that the coaches for the Miami Dolphins will not be coaching one of the Senior Bowl teams this year.  This will give them a better opportunity to grade everyone in the draft, and not be clouded with what they see during the Senior Bowl practices. 

An upgrade to the offense is obvious, and it will start with who becomes the offensive coordinator.  I haven’t heard of anyone on the radar of Ireland and Sparano, but nailing that hire is the most important thing they can do right now.  Once that person is in place, the right players can be brought in to fit the scheme.  With Ross, Ireland, and Sparano claiming the offense will be aggressive and exciting next year, speed at the running back and wide receiver positions will be a definite necessity.  Over the next few days I will review the offense position by position and try to decipher who needs to stay and who goes.  Until then, be glad the week long circus is over, be glad that yet another rebuild will not be taking place, and be glad that Dan Henning will not be coming back!

Phins Up!


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  • jack

    love this article hit it right on the head go phins

    • Bruce Lamb

      Thank You!

  • ez e

    Sign Nnamdi Asomugha

    Draft a QB- trade up, and offensive speed.

  • Shula knows

    You are delusional

    Sparano will be FIRED in 2011.

    Ross needed to “extend” his contract to create the illusion that Mr. Sparano has job security in order to attract quality assistant coaches including an offensive coordinator in addition to quality FA’s. If Tony looses in 2011, he will be gone as the mere thought of three straight loosing seasons will be daunting for Ross and his ridiculous letter to the fans about his commitment to win.

    The fact that Ross did not seriously pursue a quality hc and gm is similar to the action of the rest of the owners. Look at the teams with loosing records. They did not fire but rather extend the contracts for one more year. There appears to be great uncertainty over the labor talks and possible lockout/strike. The owners for the most part are not willing to commit 30-40M on a new hc and gm until the matter is cleared…simply business.

    As a result, we are stuck with a clown for HC and a quite clueless GM. 2011 will be a trying year. I predict a 6-10 record. The schedule will be harder than this past year as we play the NFC East and our division will be much improved.

    • Bruce Lamb

      I hardly doubt Ross is willing to pay Sparano for 2 more years just to create and illusion to attract a good OC and free agents that he will have to pay top dollar for too. I think Ireland is going to do a great job in this upcoming draft, I think it was Parcells that wiffed the most the past 3 years. Not sure what teams you are talking about when it comes to extending the contracts of their head coaches, Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati was at the end of his deal so he basically got a new one. Fisher in Tennessee is heading into the final year of his deal with no extension yet. Minnesota, Denver, San Francisco, Dallas, Cleveland, and Oakland all let their coaches go with time left on their deals. And Carolina didn’t give Fox and extension and just let his deal run out. If Ross wanted him out, he would have let him go.

  • Pete G

    I think the NFL is simply a must perform well now type of business. These people want to be in the NFL and get paid very well for it.

    Should we feel sorry for all the other coaches who got the axe? Perhaps we should we feel sorry for all the players that were cut?

    My only hope is that Sparano is introspective and looks hard at what got him on the hot seat in the first place. And then makes the necessary changes to improve. The buck stops with him.

  • mnasr

    Hey Bruce, I like this article and the main reason why is I agree i do not want a rebuild just yet, whether it was intentional or not, keeping sparano and ireland without parcells is key and now we can see what Ireland and Sparano can do without the tuna looking over their shoulders.

    It’s kind of pointless to have an HC and GM if the VPO is sitting there not letting you do anything. I still don’t agree on how things went down but this can perhaps be the smartest move we’ve done in a long time, if shit hits the fan at least we can say we tried and move on.

    let’s see what happens in the next few weeks hopefully they can prove to us that they do mean business.