Next Week On…The OC

His choice for OC will determine the Dolphins future

The Miami Dolphins, specifically Tony Sparano, is on a search, a mission, ah hell, the dude is looking for a new OC.  With Dan Henning leaving by way of “mutual agreement”, Sparano is left without Bill Parcells close and personal friend and fan whipping boy.  Last week, after it was said that Sparano was staying, Sparano said he wanted to revamp the offense, make it explosive and exciting.

Was he just spitting words to appease the fans and the owner?  Or was that is plan all along?

He has a chance not to prove it.

What happens next will define the next year and likely two years of the Miami Dolphins. Sparano is in control here. He will hire his own OC for the first time since arriving in Miami and while the defense is set with Nolan, the offense will be entirely up to the HC.  Consider that this is the first time at the NFL level that Sparano gets to choose the style of offense that will be on the field.  No more Bill Parcells standing over the players or Dan Henning running that BP style of grinder football.  Sparano gets to call this shot.

The question is, will he?

The candidates for OC are wide open and honestly, I’m not going to spend time spitting out a bunch of candidates because frankly, there are none.  Not yet.  No power guys from another team or out of work former head coaches that immediately make sense.  Nothing.  No one has been mentioned yet and anyone that has is only speculating based on opinion of what the team needs and who may be available…in other words, opinion.

I think we all had enough rumor and false reports last week to last us through the off-season…well, at least until free agency starts, if it does at all.

So this isn’t about names and who will open up the offense, it’s about the style of that offense.

The Dolphins right now, are built in the style of nothing.  Ricky Williams is gone after Sparano was retained, Ronne Brown is heading towards the exit, is Chad Henne a better QB without Henning or will he be the same?  There is nothing.  No speed at WR, no physical offensive line.  The entire unit has no identity and doesn’t lean to one side or the other.

Which means that the next OC will immediately go under the microscope when he is announced.

If Sparano wants an exciting offense then he will hire that innovative coach to install it.  If not, he goes the other way.  The OC, much like Nolan last year, will have a lot of say in what this team does in the free agent market and at the draft in April.  Last year, Nolan came on board and the team went defense in the draft early and made FA Karlos Dansby an anchor to his scheme.  The same will hold true, or should hold true for the offense.

Once that name is announced, or for that matter names start filtering in that are interviewing, we will get a sense of direction that Sparano is going to go in.  That is when the real critiques will start.  This offense is stagnant and much of that blame has been placed on Henning.  Henning is gone now, Bill Parcells is gone now, Tony Sparano now has full responsibility.

And full accountability as well.

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  • beowulf

    Before Sparano was given control, I thought that we might look for an OC with a possible future at HC. After recent events, that seems highly unlikely. There are already too many fans who wanted Nolan to get the job. Personally, I like Nolan as the DC more than I would as the HC…

    I have to wonder if we will get another FG-oriented OC since they excite Tony so much…

  • markeyh

    Here’s hoping for a West Coat Offense…..has Miami ever had a WCO?

  • MJ

    Josh McDaniels makes perfect sense to me. Mike Nolan didn’t like him because JM was calling the shots. Brandon Marshall wanted out of Denver because of his contract. If he’s put in charge of the offense and only the offense there wont be any problems. As a O coordinator he’s just that good. He’s a QB factory as well.

    • corners

      Sure, lets bring in more drama….

      You are high if you think it was just a contract thing with marshal.

      Please, show us where Nolan left because the hc was calling the shots? More guessing bs.

  • bahamas

    Tx – LOL the title was amazing! Cracked me up on a monday morning..

    Yes we are a soap opera! I want a motion happy Offense, similar to what Charlies Wiess, Cam Cameron, Norv Turner run.

    Best way to throw off the D, is to get motion happy on the of scrimmage. we barely saw this implementation this year, and the only time we ran motion was with Fasano, and it was the same motion over and over again….stupidity 101…
    i hope whom ever we bring, cough cough “Marty Schottenheimer” or “Josh McDaniels” tries this technique because it works

  • bahamas

    Here is a name to think about
    Green Bay Packers Offensive Coordinator – Joe Philbin

  • fins4ever1

    Agree with MJ that Josh McDaniels would be a perfect fit. Peter King has also floated the rumor that Elway, who just took over operations in Denver is not a Tebow fan and could be wanting to trade him. To get McDaniels AND Tebow would be a dream come true and solve 2 critical problems.

    • idahomer

      Tebow?? You’re joking right?? Tebow is not the QB answer, please tell me you’re kidding with this post.

      • fins4ever1

        Hey Homer,

        I am not sure why you seem to be so adamantly against Tebow. Did you see any of the Denver games after he was made the starter? Any Gator games the last 4 years?
        You might be under the impression he is nothing more than a running QB, but that is not true. He has a very strong arm and is smart and accurate.

        The guy is a tremendous leader and motivator. He won 2 NCS at Florida and a Heisman. Are you saying that Henne is a better choice? I agree with Josh, Tebow is going to be VERY successful in the NFL.

  • Brian Miller

    McDaniels is not the OC we need. Marshalls issue with the Broncos was everything about JM…remember he called him out for not practicing and then benched him the final game? WILL NOT WORK. Also, very bad blood between JM and Nolan…had nothing to do with JM calling the shots and everything with the way he made Nolan change things…while that would not be the issue in Miami, there is no working relationship at all.

    • fins4ever1

      The scenario of McDaniels is much like Vince Young and Jeff Fisher and y thoughts reamin the same.

      In both cases, the objective of the organization(s) should take presidence over individual conflicts. IMO, these players and coaches need to “get over themselves” and work together for a common goal. Are these conflicts so terribly bad that the two parties can’t co-exist? I know if I am the owner I want the best person for the job and take measures to insure compatibility within differing personalities.

  • daddymac

    Here is a name that will gather discussion once mentioned for sure… Dan Marino. before you all take a stand one way or another, just speculate for a moment about him being OC. After all, that is all any of us can do at the moment.

    He knew how to read defenses and what plays to call. He could make an offense exciting. None of that run, run, run, but rather burn the D constantly. I think if he were interested, and more importantly, committed to the team, with a little time and experience. he would be, in the least, an interesting fit. Can be QB coach as well.

  • Brian Miller

    I don’t think he knows how to coach. We would be better off with handing it over to Chad Pennington.