The Miami Dolphin "What If's"

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As history beholds Cameron’s 1-15 season with a warranted firing in the off-season, Tomlin has gone on to produce 3 of 4 post-season appearances and one Super Bowl win with the Steelers.  It’s a fact that Cameron had much less to work with in Miami then Tomlin had inherited in Pittsburgh, but there’s a reason the Steelers have only had 3 coaches in their entire NFL career; because they make smart hiring decisions.

So, what if the Miami Dolphins had hired Mike Tomlin over Cam Cameron that off-season?  If Tomlin had won just one more game than Cameron had, would the Dolphins have fired him too?  Dwelling over decisions like this are often left with a heavy heart, especially when you see those misses manifest into successes on other teams other than your own.  One thing is for sure -with the right coaches and staff in place, right decisions will be made.  Maybe something the Dolphins should think about.

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