Bombs away! Air Raid in South Beach

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As fans we were not able to choose our head coach or allowed at the negotiation table where the new CBA will be drafted up.  All we get to do is support our team the best way we can, an uncommon dedication that few gals in the world truly understand.

We never know who will listen to our great ideas, but for once, I need Stephen Ross and the new duo to seriously listen to my case.

You no longer need to look around for our next Offensive Coordinator – may I present Michael Leach.

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  • YO YO

    Bahamas, I like reading your posts, continue with the good work.
    I am not sure if Leach is the right fit, didnt he get fired for treating a player wrong? What makes you think his success in college will translate in the NFL?

    • bahamas

      I don’t know how Leach is going to in the NFL. We all saw Steve Spurrier offense fail miserbaly in the NFL, what makes Leach style different? I can’t answer that question, but what i do know is that we need a new style, that will excite our owner and our fans.

      We need to spread the field and catch opposing teams sleeping. What we need to do, is a create confidence for our players and our team. I honestly think Leach system might have the potential we all want to see.

  • armyrn

    Sounds like he reitroduced the ole run n shoot

  • davessi

    Well, its a modified spread offense that has a single back. he used a modified I-formation too that had the second back…WAY back like the pistol offense Arizona likes to use. He is extremely creative and uses his strengths better than any college coach I have seen. his only issues have been (1) Ego and (2) lack of a defense. Actually, if Leach had a defense it would have been Techsas Tech playing in the Championship rather than Oklahoma. tough deal to rack up 38 points and still lose. I, for one, love the idea. He got fired because he scolded a kid and told him to sit in a dark equipment shed. I suppose the kid freaked out because he was claustrophobic…not quite sure of all the details, but you can look them up. …..on another note what the hell is wrong with this forum when you cannot use a state’s coreect spelling??? TE’X’AS