Bombs away! Air Raid in South Beach

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In a state where football is only second to God, Leach took an ordinary team, with half the budget, of a top collegiate program and transformed his team into the second best team in the country (2007 to 2009).

Image what he could do with an NFL bank roll and talent level?

Leach popularized the “Air Raid” Offense. We have now entered the passing era in the NFL, no longer is our old school philosophy of run first offense outdated, but it doesn’t work! Are we in the playoffs? Did we finish with a winning record? The truth hurts sometimes.

Let’s bring an offensive philosophy that is brand new and will shock the competition.  Let’s flash back for a second, remember the last time we implemented a new offense, aka Wildcat, what happened? We not only won the division, but had our first home playoff game in a long time!

Leach brings a explosive type of offense, which focus on playing into the defensive weakness and exploiting it over and over again.  Unlike our previous OC, we no longer will be playing for Field Goals, rather presenting a ‘stay off the field’ card to opposing teams.  Leach’s offensive mentality presents a pass first approach, which allows the passing game to open up the running game (with draws, cuts and screens)

The Air Raid Offense also has a lot of motion and trips formations, meaning stacking WRs on one side of the field and isolating the alpha WR on the other side of the field.  Think about it this way, do you isolate Brandon Marshall with double cover or allow Hartline, Bess, Wallace in single coverage all the time?

Second aspect is that you have to allow your quarterback to  audible on the line of scrimmage.  This was not the case with our former OC, but Leach system is completely 100% owned by the quarterback.  No longer will our philosophy be robotic, but adventurous.  Play on the strengths of your playmakers and allow them to just relax and play the game they love.

I know this sounds simple, but if you allow players to understand what made them play this game rather than why you are playing this game, you will see a different level of desire. Allowing us to see the ‘it’ factor that we have all been waiting to see….(cough cough Henne)

Even if we need to reshuffle our oline one more time this year, Leach approach is similar to the west coast offense, in which allows patterns to develop quickly.  Every play has a different player running the hot route in case of delayed or scheduled blitz.  Due to this outlet, quarterbacks are sacked less, and able to remain on the field. 

If you look back at previous press conferences you will always see Tony stating ‘chunk yards’ is something our teams has not been able to obtain.  Leach’s systems allows WRs to go after those yards after contact (YAC), thus creating an opportunity for our playmakers, Marshall, Bess, Ronnie to do what they do best.

Remember Michael Crabtree in college? Breakout season during his junior year and put up gaudy stats in just eleven games, which allowed San Fran the chance to draft him 10th overall in the 2009 draft.  Michael Leach was his head coach.  Leach knows what do with an alpha WR, which would make the biggest talent on our team happy.  I can see Brandon Marshall loving this system.

Now to the fun part:

Watch this! And I think everyone that does not know who Michael Leach is, will now have a chance to be introduced to the next Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator.

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