Sorry Folks, It CAN Get Worse

I was of the opinion that nothing could really get worse than today’s news that the Miami Dolphins have turned to the Cleveland Browns reject to fix their anemic offense.

I was wrong.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Chad Pennington is going to try and come back from his fourth shoulder surgery because he still has the “fire” within.

IN other words, there is the Dolphins veteran QB they have been looking for.

Pennington is also a 100 percent endorser of new OC Brian Daboll and made his feelings about the man known.

“A lot of the coverage knowledge that I have, and understanding defenses, comes from Brian,” Pennington said. “The year I spent with him, I just learned so much about how defenses attack offenses, and all of the nuances of coverage that I didn’t understand before.”

“He made me a better quarterback,” Pennington said, “and helped make me become a quarterback who not only understood what I was doing, but how to do it, and why – why we are running certain plays and why we were attacking certain coverages the way we were.”

Hear that Sparano?  Daboll?  Ireland?  Pennington is using the right words to make sure you don’t cast him off summarily into the retirement heap just yet.

And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

If I were a betting man, I would put money down that after Sparano gets canned sometime in the next three years, that Mangini will be his replacement.

I’m just saying.

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  • dodgeguy

    then we’ll go 4-12 or 5-11 for the next couple of least we’ll get a ton of top 10 draft picks that way….not all bad heh?

  • george

    stephen ross is slowly turning the miami dolphins into the detroit lions of this decade! soon enough, the players will not want to play for this team any longer and free agency will no longer be an option! maybe ross’ plan is to move the dolphins to another city? needless to say i WONT be renewing season tickets!!!! well ross, thats four more seats you’ll have to find SUCKERS for!

  • dolfandon

    You know, I thought it couldn’t get worse. After a decade of stupidity I thought with Parcell’s hire things were going to turn around. Silly me. Very heavy sigh…

  • imawriterrobj

    No need to apologize for your rant, Bri.
    The facts speak for themselves. The fist pumping, with the score showing a 17 (or so) point differential, the undignified sideline behavior for a COACH. Not sure what’s worse, Daboll’s freaky chest bumps, or the Titans DC giving the finger to the refs. (probably learned that from Bud (I’m nearly as old as Ralph Wilson) Adams.

    I want my Coordinators a bit more in control. s’OK to celebrate…OK, even a fist pump after a TD, but THIS? And a few folks think “ah ha, this guy has more going than Dan Henning.”
    Ladies and germs, an avocado has more going on than Dan Henning.

    I hope and pray…yes PRAY…there, I SAID IT…that I’m am totally off base here, and this guy is our Charlie Weis. At least we don’t have to face HIM in the NFL, but my beloved Canes will have to in a few years.

    Truth is, there really wan’t a whole lot of NFL qualified assistants out there that DESERVED a promotion to OC, but somehow I just feel that had a real impressive candidate emerged, Tony and Co would have missed it… THIS much.