Tuesday Morning After...Not So Bad

So the Miami Dolphins have a new offensive coordinator and the forums, ours and others, are buzzing over the hire.  Not a lot of positive talk from the fans about Brian Daboll.  In fact, his enthusiasm with the Browns, as seen in various Youtube videos, has only led to more chastising of the coach as it’s referenced to Tony Sparano‘s fist pumps.

So this is the Tuesday morning after.

No more surprises.  No more waiting.  No shock to the system.  So do I feel any better?

To some degree, maybe.  While I’m not 100 percent sold on this guy, I am not quite as upset as I was yesterday.  For me, focus now goes to the hope of a free agency and the draft in April.

First, I want to make this clear.  I do not work for the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Dolphins do not, in any way, tell me what to write, “strong arm” me into towing a company line, or anything else.  I put a self imposed level of accountability on myself.  I hold myself to much higher standards than beat writers who cover the team locally because I’m not trying to sell newspapers.  Here, I’m not trying to sell web hits.  I never have and my numbers could be so much higher if I did.

I want you to read this site.  I want you to come away from this site with some information or an opinion that isn’t company lined, or over reaction.  It’s why I tend to study the issues with say, Chad Henne, instead of throwing him under a bus.  I want you to read my articles but I want you doing so with the knowledge that I keep a completely level head, most of the time, and will not arbitrarily call someone out or bad mouth the organization simply to get a rise out of people to come here so my hit count goes up.  I reserve those stabs for the Jets and Patriots.

I wanted to make that clear because yesterday, I was pissed.  I was not thrilled with this hire and I let that be known.  In fact, I posted an article I wrote for the main page to the forum, after sitting on it most of the day as I felt it said what I wanted to say but may have been far to emotionally driven to really be published.

That is all well and fine and you sure as hell didn’t click over to page two to read that.

So back to Brian Daboll.

There are some close to the situation who have been told that Daboll wants to bring a hybrid offense to Miami that is similar to the one Bill Belichick runs in New England.  It molds some of that with some of Brian Schottenheimer‘s as  well as some of Dan Hennings‘.  I know, but some of what he did was o.k.  Mabye.

In Cleveland, and let’s be honest here, he didn’t have a lot to work with outside of Peyton Hillis. Eric Mangini traded Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow as well getting rid of Derek Andersen.  Leaving Daboll with Colt McCoy, Jake Delhomme, and Seneca Wallace.  Not exactly a great QB group to lead an offense that also had Chancey Stuckey, Mohammad Massaquoi, and Brian Robiskie as the WR’s.

Miami doesn’t offer much in the way of QB’s but they do possess a desire, so we think, of upgrading the position. Chad Henne is at least more effective than the three QB’s Daboll had in Cleveland.  Maybe a more open air offense will suit him.

Chad Pennington said that he learned more from Daboll in his one season with him with the Jets than in his career prior to that.  That’s a huge endorsement.  While I really have zero desire to see Pennington on the roster of the Dolphins, I realized that he has had a solid if unspectacular career.  It seems most fans would agree that CP would be a very good addition as a QB coach…so I suppose we should accept his opinion on Daboll with a little more sugar, instead of salt.

The truth is, Daboll could be the next great OC who simply struggled in Cleveland as a result of horrid personnel and a bad HC has well.  I don’t think he will have the same defiant HC in Miami that Eric Mangini has often been rumored to be.

I’m far from sold on Daboll, but the day after has me thinking that it could have been worse.

The flash was Rob Chudzinski but there was little doubt he would follow Rivera to the Panthers.  Furthermore, Chud is a grinder who likes to run the ball and use his TE’s.  Evidenced in portions of the SD offense.  But the reality is, he isn’t a down-field thinker.  He will air it out if he can, but he doesn’t attack that way.

In Brad Childress, the Dolphins would actually have taken a step back.  His system would take a year or two to implement and the imperative nature of finding a QB to run that west coast style  would have made the system a complete failure if that piece wasn’t found.

Say what you want about Tom Brady.  The system in NE is designed to make an average QB look great.  Brady has struggled when the offense doesn’t click the way it was designed, and when he is forced to play outside of that comfort zone, he tends to look pedestrian.  Matt Cassell is another great example of an average QB stepping in and looking spectacular.  Do you think that the QB’s were so good in NE that the team didn’t miss a beat when Brady went down?  No, the system has a lot to do with that.

So the question is, can Daboll successfully bring that system to Miami?

We are going to find out.

For now, this, “day after” isn’t going as bad as it was yesterday.  There is still a little bit of hope.  Maybe, just maybe, this guy won’t be shackled by restraints and be allowed to develop a system that he wants instead of implementing someone elses.

I spoke with a friend of mine who used to work for the Browns.  He asked if the fans were done laughing at the hire yet.  I told him no, not yet.  He said they should that there are a lot of people in the league who think that Daboll will be a very solid OC in the right situation.  He said that situation is on a team that is willing to get talent on the offense that he can work with.  Told me is a very motivating coach who will bring that attitude change that he hears so much about.  He said that in Miami, players on offense will start believing they can win instead of hoping they can.

I would say that’s a pretty good endorsement.

I guess we will see.

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  • Deven

    At 1st I wasn’t happy…But I am okay now.. He will run a Offense that suit Henne for the 1st time in his carrier.. Not some lame off with lots of check downs…Sorry people that was Offense design not Just Henne doing it.. He will spread it out and throw ..Much mor suited for Chad Henne. Dan le Batard wrote “In his first two years, the Dolphins’ Chad Henne has been a more accurate passer who has thrown for more yards and been statistically better than the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez.

    Sanchez has completed 54.4 percent of his passes for 5,735 yards, 29 touchdowns, 33 interceptions and a 70.2 passer rating. Henne has completed 61.1 percent of his passes for 6,246 yards, 27 touchdowns, 33 interceptions and a 75.3 passer rating.

    One of them is viewed as a Sexy Winner; the other is viewed as a Boring Failure.



    Now he gets a offensive system… Could it be we are hard On Henne cuz we have never had to develop a Qb before? Nobody wants that here… I say Give him weapons this offseason for the 1st time in his Miami Life and see what he does

    • dolfan42

      Absolutely Give him some speed at the #2 WR spot and TE and fix the line, then see what he dose. But dont know how their gonna fix his deep ball? maybe try it once in awhile without the play-action.

  • MiamiChris

    The reason Henne is viewed as a boring failure is because 1, he shows no emotion, pride or leadership on the field…and 2, he fails in scoring touchdowns and excels in throwing 4th quarter picks. Watching Henne play in person, I would know who he was going to throw to a good 2 seconds before he threw it…I was all about Henne at the beginning of the year but by the last game, I was completely done. I just wished he would pick up a top-tier QB…ohhh that will be the day….

    -Go Phins!

  • DolfanPTY

    Now all this article does is prove my point on the two comments I wrote today on your article from yesterday… Now you calmed down let your emotions settle down and looked at the whole picture and I have to say that I totally agree with what you are saying today VERY GOOD ARTICLE… HATS OFF to you Brian…. One thing I wanted to add regarding the youtube video you showed yesterday… A lot of you people saw it as something negative because it reminded you of Tony´s fist pumps… I on the other hand saw a group of players who enjoyed playing for their coach and feeded off of his enthusiasm,positive attitude AND that my friends is what we need in our offense… ENTHUSIASM and let our players have FUN go score a touchdown and run back to the sideline and chest bump your coach so hard that he will fall down and roll over himself… I really saw nothing wrong with that video….

  • Brandon

    I like this idea I really do give henne one more year if the dolphins fail again we get a new coach and new qb :) soo let them try with henne and fail again so in 2012 we get wat we really want a new team without Jeff nd sperano..I can’t wait for this season of failure :) go dolphins

  • Ken

    Agreed, nothing wrong with that video, because we are talking about a touchdown, not a fieldgoal. If that was a reaction to a fieldgoal, than Dolfans would have something to bitch about. As it is, nothing more than negative, ridiculous Dolfans fanning the fires of a witch hunt.

  • Ken

    Brandon, you are about stupid! Go root for the Jets where your dumba$$ comments are welcome.

    • Ryan Coach of the Year


      at least the Jets are in the title game for the second straight year!!!!!

      4-1 in playoffs in 2009 and 2010…Dolphins 0-0…..

      Sparano should open a Pizza shop in South Beach and get out of football. Dolphins are a joke. Let’s go for another FG.

      Bow your heads to the masters of football you pesants….worship us as your leaders.


      • imawriterrobj


        Another jets fan with an honorary degree from an elementary school.

        I thought this place was supposed to be troll free.
        It’s the Herald, all mover again.

  • Eddy

    On an unrelated note to Daboll, Anyone think Bart Scott has a career in the WWE after his playing days are over?! LOL


  • Padre Jim

    Didn’t Bill Belichek get fired from the Browns? Maybe that’s a good omen.

  • Brian Miller

    Well, to be fair, everyone gets fired from the Cleveland Browns.

  • Ryan Coach of the Year

    JETS are in the title game for the second straight year!!!!!


    4-1 in playoffs in 2009 and 2010…Dolphins 0-0…..

    Sparano should open a Pizza shop in South Beach and get out of football. Dolphins are a joke. Let’s go for another FG.

    Bow your heads to the masters of football you pesants….worship us as your leaders.


    • maja-aha

      well id hope with all the talent your team has, that theyd be making a run for the super bowl. too bad dirty sanchez will have like 6 fumbles against a steelers defense that is going to demolish him all game.

  • Splitter

    Not sure what to make of this hire.Lately, a lot of things the Dolphins have done has left me completely in the dark.Have we hit rock bottom? If so,I’m ok where we are right now.And the only way out of this mess is to slowly climb up and out.When? Is it 1 year,3 or 5? Only time will tell.This much I do know,As an organization we have not replaced the trinity of three key people that defined this club.They are Coach Shula(father),Dan Marino(son) and Mike Westhoff(the holy ghost) Maybe, just maybe we (the Dolphins) can be great again…but please hurry up we’re not getting any younger!!!

  • dolfan42

    Good article

  • dolfan42

    I just want to say as a dolphins fan that I do not want to see the them take a QB in the 1st round they need bad ass WR with speed opposite Marshall. Look at the Jets both their WRs and TE are 1st round picks. The Phins are so far off, its not going to make much of a difference if draft a QB this year or next. Phillip Rivers is going to be a free agent in 2012 also. So lets build the offense with weapons so when we do get a good QB in here he will have a real offense to work with,

  • lou

    It seems as though the NEW breed of Dol-fans are obsessed with the long pass game. May I remind you that when we won the AFC East, we did it with the short pass to Camarillo and Bess and the running stylings of Brown and Williams. One day, all of a sudden, some news guy who should be doing something else for a living, suggested the Phins should have “the big play” included in their arsenal… Can I be even more historicaly enlightening and remind this always critical folks that Griesse wasn’t known for his big arm, but when he did go long, he had Warfield and even Mandich, but # 12 was football smart (sort of like Pennington). I’m not saying Pennington is going to lead the Fins to another AFC East title, but I would’ve much rather have seen Chudzinsky hired. Note: I might’ve misspelled a few words, but the Jets fans need to go back to 5th grade all over again… “Withing”???? Seriously now, for your sake I hope it was just a type-O.