Focus Now On Assistant Coaching

The Miami Dolphins are not done with their coaching changes.  When the 2010 season ended, Dan Henning took flight as did QB coach David Lee.  Henning was replaced yesterday by Brian Daboll.  The QB coaching vacancy is still there and some speculate that Daboll may simply do the job himself…something that he has done before.

Following the announcement of Daboll, the team also released a much quieter announcement.  RB coach James Saxon and TE coach George Deleone were both released from the positions.

So let the vacancy hunts begin.

The Dolphins will likely turn to familiarity for those positions.  Either VIA coaches that Daboll has worked with in Cleveland or NY or Tony has worked with in Dallas.

The vacancies are not earth shattering in terms of challenging re-fills but the new coaches will have to fit the mental mold of what new OC Daboll has envisioned for his new team.

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  • Dylan

    Get Cleavland’s running backs coach and Dallas’s tight ends coach, if you’re gonna go after “familiarity”

    • imawriterrobj

      Any way to post a comment without hitting the reply button? (probably right in front of me, but i wonder if being a mac guy…safari–has something to do with it.
      Well, my comment is that if The Canes don’t bring back Don Soldinger along with the Art Kehoe, who better than Soldi?

  • Josh

    Newsflash… they are still screwed and will be terrible for years to come. I’ve finally given up on this joke of a franchise and you all should too. Maybe if they lose every fan they’ll finally start trying. Parcells ruined us when, instead of finding a quality head coach, he handed the job out the back door to some unqualified buddy of his. As long as Sparano is there, they won’t be a contender. Actually… they may just never be a contender anyway. I’m going to be the first person (as far as I know anyway) to call it the ’72 curse. They are cursed because of that pefect season and will never win another Super Bowl.

    • dollphan00

      hey “josh” you do realize we won the SuperBowl in 73 right? AFTER 72.. so if we are cursed from perfection we shouldnt have won after.

      • Josh

        Perfect season and a back to back win. Even worse. I wasn’t paying attention but that doesn’t stop them from sucking does it. Lose the sarcasm and go spend time with your ugly kid.

        • imawriterrobj

          Josh, that last comment was uncalled for.
          The curse came with the firing of Don Shula, more so the WAY it was done. Disgraceful.

  • Josh

    Not until they AT LEAST get rid of Sparano… and especially GET RID OF HENNE. He doesn’t even have any confidence. Have you ever looked at that guy after he throws a pick? (God knows we’ve had enough opportunities to.) He always look like he wants to sit down and cry and give up. He just hangs his head and looks sad like a pee-wee football crybaby. He’s a total bust and needs to be run out of Miami by an angry lynch mob. Why is this franchise so incapable of just biting the bullet and drafting a 1st round quarterback? Enough of these 2nd round or later “projects.” It’s just another way of saying, “quarterback who will more than likely never pan out to be anything of value.”

  • dodgeguy

    we must still be laughin’ stocks around the league also.i’ve been watching nfl network and espn and all they’re headlines and up to the minute notes don’t even have daboll as our new OC ’cause they must think he’s that erellavent, that or the dolphins are like a redheaded step child.only dallas or elite teams (in their minds anyway)are news worthy…..i’m so ashamed!

  • BrigadeRosse

    I can’t wait to see how many of you “fans” jump on the band wagon is Daboll does well. Cut the guy some slack. HE WAS THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR FOR THE CLEVELAND BROWNS FOR CHRIST SAKE! Who did he have to work with? Senneca Wallace? JAKE DELHOMME? Colt McCoy (a rookie)? Cut the guy some damn slack. He’s only 35 years old. All the fans wanted a “young mind”. Well you got it! Chilly would have been a horrible fit. His players hated him. Sit back and watch this season before you judge.

    • scott

      Give Daboll a damn break he will bring a good offense to the fins. If you don’t like the way things are going go and root for somebody else.

      • BrigadeRosse

        I’m on your side, bud.

  • imawriterrobj

    Ok, saw the comment button ABOVE the previous comments below. Sorry for bothering y’all.

  • http://yahoo Jim Smith

    Sparano is fine, You can see how much better Nolan made the defense in only one year. Daboll better do his job correctly and bolster our offense. Thanks to Parcells for all he’s done, he’s a great football mind. Ross seems to be doing his job trying to get Harbaugh, who everyone wanted. This is pro football. Anyone can be cut at any time. Sparano is great but who wouldn’t have wanted Harbaugh. Let’s draft some great offensive weapons and maybe the best middle linebacker we can get. We’re in the toughest division in football and we’re already competitive. Now we just need to turn the corner.

    • imawriterrobj

      Jim, I’ll have some of whatever you’re smoking!
      Seriously, your optimism needs to be injected into Chad Henne, to counteract the hatchet job/courage lobotomy performed on him by the team of Sparano/Henning.

      This alone should have gotten Henning fired mid-seson, for which I blame Sparano.
      I believe we would be better served with a 2nd pass rusher (FA Jason Babin of the Titans is an animal), as opposed to a middle line backer, though both would be welcome.
      A great pass rush will help obfuscate our sometimes suspect secondary’s problems.