Is April Here Yet?

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With all of this hoopla heading into Championship weekend, Miami Dolphins faithful can only look forward to off-season action in terms of trade-talks, free agent acquisitions and of course the draft. This all assuming everyone makes nice on Park Avenue in February to avoid, (heaven forbid) a work stoppage. I’m an optimist at heart and the work stoppage doesn’t scare me. What does scare me, however, is April’s draft.

This is NFL mock-draft season, and every draft guru out there is predicting certain college players to land with NFL teams, with extreme future-inaccuracy might I had. Hey, let’s be honest, the only people that know what’s going on in most cases are the ones in the war-room.  Who called Tim Tebow to the Broncos in the 1st round last April? Anyone?

I have learned my lesson when it comes to buying into February-April rumors. The only thing guys like me can do is speculate, and come up with educated-guesses as to why certain players would be an immediate great fit for a team.  Especially a team that is in desperate need of an A+ first rounder and overall draft at that.

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