The Smart Draft Option For The Dolphins back three years to the 2008 NFL draft when the Miami Dolphins had the first overall pick.  The Fins chose OT Jake Long out of Michigan, a superb investment beyond his years.  Multiple pro-bowls later, there isn’t any doubt he wasn’t the right pick.  The option to choose a franchise offensive lineman over perhaps, a quarterback like Matt Ryan, who was on the Dolphins radar, is an argument all in itself.  Although Ryan has achieved success in Atlanta, Long has proved that he is worth his weight in gold.  History will repeat itself this 2011 NFL draft when the Dolphins select running back Mark Ingram out of Alabama as their first round pick rather than a quarterback.

The Dolphins hold the 15th overall pick in the draft and because of that, their much needed and coveted quarterback draft pick will most likely need to wait till the third round.   First round worthy QB’s Blaine Gabbert and on the fence, Cam Newton are likely to be picked up early.  Although Ryan Mallet is worth a first round pick, he is not worth the Dolphins 15th slot and thus falls to the tail end of the first round.  The Dolphins could trade their 15th pick down to the Seattle Seahawks for the 25th overall pick and a second round pick.  That would ensure them Mallet and a decent running back in the second round.  However, that scenario seems rather erratic for the Dolphins taste.

Since both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are sure to be gone next season, the Dolphins will likely draft Ingram.  There’s a desperate need for a running back and a revival of the once prolific running game in Miami.  He’s the highest rated RB coming out of the draft and the fact that he might drop as far as 15th means the Dolphins would be stupid to pass on him, no matter what their QB needs are.

Ingram boats similar qualities to that of Brown with a comparable body type.  But remember, this is a three-back league.  He would have to come into a support system of backs.  He would rotate well with, perhaps a veteran offseason pick and Lex Hillard or Lousaka PoliteMel Kiper has described him as an Emmitt Smith type of back for many different reasons.  If Ingram drops late in the first round it’s because he lacks game breaking speed, as did Smith.  Ingram is also coming out of a similar college system, as Alabama is in the SEC.  Smith came out of Florida.  Remember too that Smith was overlooked early in the draft and fell to the 17th slot where the Dallas Cowboys traded up to get him.

What Ingram does have is great balance and great vision, which gives him patience in the backfield.  He also gets those extra yards after contact, something the Dolphins greatly looked for in Brandon Marshall.  That would be enormous, especially if the offensive line continues to block as they did this past season.  Other than that, he’s a great kid and a hard worker, who is eager to learn and determined.  Can’t ask for much more from a rookie.

This offseason for the Dolphins is imperative for the coaches and the overall future of the organization, regardless of a NFL lockout.  Productive offensive pieces need to be put in place.  That means a quarterback or two, a running game, a stone on the offensive line and a speedy receiver in that sequential order.  With the way the draft board looks now, it makes more sense for the Dolphins to wait on drafting a QB than drafting a mediocre, possible bust, in the first round.  Take what’s worth the pick.  Miami needs a spark for their running game anyway.

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  • BrigadeRosse

    I would be happy with either Ingram or Pouncey in the first. A guy like Pat Delvin will fall into the later rounds. Perhaps the third. That would be perfect for Miami’s needs.

    • BrigadeRosse

      I forgot to mention Colin Kaepernick. I think that kid will be a gem!

  • yo gotti

    yo man i want cam newtontcom to miami dolphins, so many good running backs for the future, its only few great quarter backs…. man i dont know man i want cam nwtn for 2nd round man but hes a 1st rounder, idk we need to 1st rounds

    • imawriterrobj

      Do not ANY of you know the FINS DON’T HAVE A 2ND ROUND PICK???
      How can your comments mean a thing if you’re all that uninformed.

      Sorry for the rant, but it is deserved. Please Study up first before throwing stuff out there.

      • SoCal Phinphan

        Cant you read? The article talks about trading down with Seattle for a second round pic. That is what he was talking about.
        Oh and about what Miami should do. I feel that it would be idiotic to draft a running back in the first round. There are plenty to be had in the open market. If we draft anything other than a QB it needs to be an interior linemen!

  • Andre W

    I just like Miami to continue bargain shopping for a QB. Havent we gone thru this before?? Remember the names of the QB’s coming out. Because even though we claim not to want them now we’ll be crying to trade picks for them down the road.

  • Brandon

    Draft mark in the first trade for qb and draft a center in the third it’s the smartest thing to do.we wuld have a good running game with lex hilliard and mark in the back field and a good passing game with watever qb they get and with the top 10 deffence we would be on the playoffs but knowing Miami they won’t do it and they will draft a center in the first round like that’s going to help us score points lol be smart dolphins and follow my blueprint lol let’s get it done go dolphins !!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    I could see Miami picking Ingram or Mallett in the first, what we need to look for is Hankerson from “THE U” for our second round pick. I strongly believe him and Marshall with Bess in the slot would be a decent WR tandem.

  • Edgar

    Can’t waste a 1st round draft pick on a QB that isn’t ready to play right away! From what I’m reading (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), Blaine Gabbert is the only one who can start right away & he’ll be gone before the 15th pick! Henne is still under contract and isn’t going anywhere! Not sure if he is still considered “The Guy” by management but there is a lot invested in him and seems a waste to give up on him just 2 years into his development! Maybe pick-up a QB on free agency who can push Henne or just take the job from him! We need the QB to protect the football in key situations! That’s the difference between winning & losing those games versus the Jets (1st game), Browns, Lions, & Bills! 4 more wins would have gotten us into the playoffs w/ 11-5 record!

    If there is anything we can take away from these playoff caliber teams we are watching on tv, it’s that the games are won up front in the trenches! Fortify that offensive line with Pouncey and run the football! Bring back Ronnie and draft another young back in the later rounds (free agency is also an option)! Dolphins can’t keep wasting high draft picks on guys that aren’t going to start, let alone be on the team the following year!

    • Ed

      Solid point on the teams in the playoffs and making a move for Pouncey. Drafting Ingram is safe and lazy. We need a mean pulling guard,a playmaker, a weapon at TE and maybe a QB to develop. Your point on Henne is way off though, just because we have 2 years invested in this kid doesn’t mean we should continue if we know he doesn’t have “it”. Don’t waste any more seasons on a guy we know is a dud. And yes, we know he’s a dud. No more excuses of coaches in his head, line, etc. etc. Thigpen came in and looked better with no practice time. That’s all I need to know about Henne.

  • TripSta

    Ingram could not be more overrated than he currently is right now. DO NOT draft a RB with an OLINE which could make any RB a Heisman contender. Cam Newton would be a better RB than this flunkie with a questionable past. Not a fan of Newton either, but he would be less of a question mark here. I also believe that Saban may have worked this guy too hard, resulting in a player who is in worse shape this year versus his Heisman season. He is the true pimp who doesn’t give a shit about his hoes. What a sad state the NCAA is in. If we want a RB in this draft, do what most good teams do, draft a RB who performed well behind a subpar OLine in the later rounds.

    I would be fine with a 1st round RB, but not this dude. This is one area that I believe the Parcells mode of thinking is accurate, because it has been proven to work under the Belichek model.

  • jon

    Having a middle 1st rounder makes it impossible to pick up a “can’t miss” qb. Obviously, there are no sure picks, but you are clearly taking more risk when using a 15 on a project QB and no 2nd round pick coming.
    IMO, the fins have too many needs. I would go after Orton and give up their 3rd and then trade down and look to draft Ryan Williams, RB out of Va. Tech. and pick up an ILB to replace Crowder who will be in the last year of his current deal.

  • DolfanPTY

    I might be wrong but how does this idea sound to you guys…. Give Denver this years 3rd and next years 2nd or 3rd pick and get Orton… Trade down this year and get a 2nd rd pick…. Get Pouncy with the 1st RD pick and a RB with the 2nd…. Easier said than done but it would be nice…

  • imawriterrobj

    With Tony Sparano’s dink and dunk offense I’d rather have a back that DOES have breakaway speed, something the Fins haven’t had in…well, forever.

    Just cause a guy like Mendenhall has a couple of good games, now we’re supposed to forget about a QB?

    Personally, it’s all so messed up due to the lack of a CBA. I’ve posted several times about Jason Babin, a pass rushing animal FA of the Titans. With the even MORE unstable situation with the Titans, we could get him a as the perfect counterpart to Wake. RIGHT THERE we become a much better defense, as it helps the secondary, one of our weaknesses.

    I realize this a draft thread, and we DO need a serious upgrade at RB, but 4.5 RB’s can be had in the 5th-6th round, or in free agency.
    Problem with THAT is that damn CBA.

    I don’t expect any major improvement this season, so we better be satisfied with 8-8.

  • mike

    I don’t like many players in the top of this draft except WR A.J. Green and he won’t be there at #15. Maybe WR Julio Jones would be there at #15 but I believe they should go for speed and more speed. TRADE down, trade down twice if possible and pick up a 2nd and 3rd round pick. With the later first round pick select WR Torrey Smith from Maryland. Here are some comments posted on him:
    - 2010 – He has 65 catches for 1,065 yards, has set a school record with 12 touchdown receptions, and is a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball.
    - 2009 – Ranked sixth in the nation in all-purpose yards (182.7 per game) … that ranks fifth in ACC history … his 2,192 all-purpose yards set a Maryland single-season record
    - …averaging 141.2 all-purpose yards over the final five games of the 2008 season and breaking the ACC single-season kickoff return record…
    - A record-breaking receiver and kick returner, Smith will enter the NFL as one of the more intriguing big-play specialists of the 2011 draft.
    He is not small either at 6-1 and 205 lbs. Runs 4.37

    Getting at least one extra pick by trading down will make a big difference in this draft. It hurts not have a 2nd round pick so lets trade down and get it back. Then draft:

    #1 WR Torrey Smith
    #2 RB Ryan Williams
    #3 QB Colin Kaepernick
    Then target CB, OL, ILB with the next couple picks.

  • DolphFan Rick

    I think that this year is a mediocre-class at QB. (I know that we are desperate for a good QB but wasting a 15th overall pick in a bust would be devastating).

    I thing that if Miami picks either the best RB (Ingram Alabama) or the best OG (Pouncey Florida) o even the best Center (Wisniewski Penn State) would be a smart and a worthly pick.

    • lou

      Finaly, a comment on here from someone who understands the game of foorball, I obviously find myself in total agreement with your comment DolphFan Rick… You can probably see most everyone here want the Fins to become a bombs away team and seem to care very little about the fact we may not even have a running game or running backs next year.

      • thomas loy

        I agree. Miami would best be served by drafting an offensive lineman. Preferably a RT. Move Carey to guard. Preferably Miami to trade down into the lower first round and pick up a second round pick. With a good offensive line, Miami can get a good RB later in the draft. Ponder is supposed to a late round pick, and McElroy might be an undrafted free agent.