Medic’s Mock Draft 1.0

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15:  Miami Dolphins: Mike Pouncey, G, FloridaI find it really hard to believe that the Dolphins under Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano will go with a RB here.  Unfortunately that means that there isn’t much left, position wise, to choose from.  They need to go offense and I don’t see the value here for Ryan Mallet at QB.  His stock is falling fast and I think the team skips him.  (Personally, I think Mallet will be a very good QB in the NFL).  The team could go with Alabama RB Mark Ingram here but if they don’t fix the offensive line what’s the point?  This pick is also predicated on whether or not the team re-signs Richie Incognito to man the Center position.  While Pouncey can play both G and C, he is a more natural guard and the Dolphins could use the help immensely as it is a weak position for them.

If Incognito does not re-sign with the team, they could look at Stefen Wisniewski to take over that spot.  SW is my top pick for the team right now, in terms of personal favorite but there is zero flash in drafting a Center.  Or any other line position for that matter.  Still, this pick will be one of three, Oline, QB, or RB.

The Dolphins will, and you can count on it, try and trade back into the later half of round one and recoup the 2nd rounder they lost in the Brandon Marshall trade.  If someone on the defensive side of the ball falls, they should find a buyer.  Look for the Dolphins to really play up their interest in Ingram as there are no other RB’s in this year draft that grade out as first round talents.  The Dolphins may find it easy to drop back and still have a choice of Pouncey, Wisniewski, or even Ryan Mallet.

16:  Jacksonville JaguarsCameron Jordan, DE/DT, California

17:  New England (via Oakland) – Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

18:  San Diego Chargers – J.J. Watt, DE/DT, Wisconsin

19:  NY Giants – Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

20:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

21:  Kansas City Chiefs: Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia

22:  Indianapolis Colts:  Tyron Smith, OT, USC

23:  Philadelphia Eagles: Gabe Carimi, OT/G, Wisconsin

24:  New Orleans Saints: Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State

25:  Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami – The Seahawks may be the landing spot for Ryan Mallet in the first round but that will really depend on what happens with Matt Hasselbeck and more importantly if HC Pete Carrol believes he can find a better option in round 2, with maybe a Ricky Stanzi or a Christian Ponder later in the draft.  It’s safe to assume that RB will not be an option here.

26:  Baltimore Ravens: Cameron Heyward, DE/DT, Ohio State

27:  Atlanta Falcons:   Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College

28: New England Patriots: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama: If Mark Ingram is still on the board here, Nick Saban will be calling Bill Belichick to tell him to take him.  The Patriots will likely find another runner in free agency, possibly Ronnie Brown if he enters the pool.  While BenJarvis Green-Ellis ran for over 1,000 yards this year, it does not get an immediate endorsement from Belichick any more than Danny Woodhead.  The Patriots need an explosive tailback and Ingram could be that guy.

29:  Chicago Bears:  Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State  -

30:  NY Jets:  Allen Bailey, DE, Miami

31:  Green Bay Packers:  Jeremy Beal, DE, Oklahoma

32:  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Marcus Cannon, G, TCU

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  • fins4ever1

    Brian said, ” Look for the Dolphins to really play up their interest in Ingram as there are no other RB’s in this year draft that grade out as first round talents. The Dolphins may find it easy to drop back and still have a choice of Pouncey, Wisniewski, or even Ryan Mallet.”

    I absolutely love the thought!!!

  • Ed

    I don’t think there’s any doubt we try to trade down and get more picks. We have too many holes to fill after years of picking busts. We either trade up and grab the QB we’re after or trade down and fill holes. I’d love to be able to trade down pick up a guard and hopefuly Kyle Rudolph at TE. Playmakers at TE, KR and RB if we can’t get our QB. Henne is done, stick a fork in him.

  • Dolfandave

    We MUST draft a QB if one of the top 4 is there. Mallett is a first rounder so in this scenario we would take him.

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  • Dolphin Jay

    My prediction, Dolphins trade the #15 pick to Seattle for Seattle’s 1st & 2nd round picks. Miami can draft R.Mallett at #25 for a better value pick than at #15 and they get back the 2nd round pick they traded to Denver for B. Marshall. Everybody wins, except Chad Henne.

    • dwbalpha

      Good call. The draft value of the picks are identical, 1050. Now if only Seattle would bite.

  • mike

    Brain, I love the idea of trading down our first pick this year more than I wish we would have last year. I would be ok with Mallett or Pouncey after a trade down. Then at #2 I would love to see them setect WR Torrey Smith from Maryland. I am stuck on this kid for some reason. I posted some of his numbers on Nando’s article (The Smart Draft Option For The Dolphins) yesterday. I mentioned taking him in the 1st but that was if we could trade down twice really and know that may not be a reality.
    I just love the thought of having Brandon Marshall, Devon Bess, Brian Hartline and Torry Smith (4.3 speed) in these spread/5 receiver sets they are talking about. We have got to get some speed in there somewhere. What really stands out to me about him is he is a RECORD BREAKING receiver/KICK RETURNER.



  • Ken

    Brian, I really like the plan to pick up the 2nd round pick. However, I believe we need to draft a tackle, not a guard. Vernon Carey should be moved inside, where he belongs. He is not handling right tackle very well and is a more natural guard at this point in his career. This way we shore up 2 O-line positions with one move.

    • imawriterrobj

      Ken, I’ll go you another route. Fins trade Carey for a 2nd round pick. His salary is WAY too high for what he brings. of course, it IS that salary that might make it difficult. Logical place would be the Bears, as their line is suspect. If their 2nd round draft position is way down there, perhaps we could get them to throw in a 6rounder as well.
      I just don’t feel carey is worth what we’re paying him. of all the UM players we could have had, he was perhaps my least favorite. Not counting Jimmy Johnson’s UM’ers.

  • mike

    My pre CBA/FA/draft to do/wish list:

    1. Resign Ronnie and Ricky then trade one of them for a draft pick.
    2. Resign Soliai, Incognito, and McDaniel.
    3. Sign F/A RB DeAngelo Williams from Carolina
    4. Sign G Carl Nicks from New Orleans
    5. Trade down first pick in draft for a late first and second round pick.

    #1 WR/KR Torrey Smith from Maryland (4.37 speed)
    #2 C Stefen Wisniewski from Penn State
    #3 CB Curtis Brown from TX (4.42 speed)
    #4 ILB Kelvin Sheppard from LSU (4.64 speed)
    #5 TE-Virgil Green from Nevada (4.60 speed)
    #6 QB T.J. Yates from UNC
    #7 RB Derrick Locke from Kentucky (4.36 speed)

  • floridated

    I am afraid that Ross is going to get involved with the draft and take Cam Cameron first pick. what a mistake,that means that no one in the dolphins org knows anything about football including that clown Sparano. Imagine looking to hire another coach then giving sparano a extention. Both of them whould no be allowed anything to do with the NFL> Sparana doesn’t even know how or when to call timouts he is a clown and dolphins will never win anything with him at the helm. Another long season for us,,

  • Not a Dolphin

    Not much respect for this mock… Marvin Austen, anyone? A surefire first rounder conspicuously absent from this mock.

  • Bear

    How can you respect any mock draft that talks about who a team (the Panthers at #1) would draft with their 2nd round pick when that pick was traded away last year? Speaks to either a lack of knowledge or just being plain sloppy.