Super Bowl Memorable Plays!

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Super bowl V January 16th 1972

Ok there’s not really one play that stands out from this game, but so much came from this loss to the Dallas Cowboys that we don’t really need an individual play.

Firstly, we have to thank  Tom Landry for helping name (no pun intended) the “no name defense,” when he said before the game that he couldn’t recall any of the defensive players names! Secondly, this was the last time the Dolphins lost till week 2 of the year after the perfect season.

As for individual efforts, how about Jake Scott? He came in to the game with a broken hand and preceded to break his opposite wrist. He still finished the game! Come on, that’s “iron man” football right there Mr Cutler…

As for a positive play, how about Manny Fernandez’ fumble recovery late in the game? at the goal line! A little late but a heads up play non the less.

Super bowl VII January 14th 1973

So this one’s pretty easy, we all know it now, as it is embedded in Dolphin Folklore … yes, the botched Field Goal kick by Garo Yepremian could of cost us more than the three points we missed out on! (just what was he thinking? Only he really knows). But if he had of made the kick, we would have won 17 -0 in our 17 -0 season! Alas, that was not to be.

Special mention must go to Manny Fernanadez’ sack, just before the half to push the Redskin’s back, resulting in a missed Redskin FG! He also finished with eleven tackles with six assists (from a defensive lineman, that’s big time football!!)

After seeing first hand the Patriots crumble under the pressure to go undefeated, one can only imagine the pressure on the team, but they came through simply… PERFECT!

Super bowl VIII January 13th 1974

With a third consecutive trip to the Super bowl, Miami had a real chance to match the Green Bay Packers and win a second straight Super bowl, with many saying the 73 team was better than the 72 team. This was such a dominate game! It’s hard to pick out one single play, but behind 17-0, the Minnesota Vikings were facing a fourth and one from the Dolphin 6 yard line, with less than a minute to go in the half, the Vikes decided to go for the touchdown instead of the field goal, when Nick Buoniconti tackled Oscar Reed, forcing a fumble which Jake Scott recovered, killing any hope the Vikes had of coming back in the game.

Again, with great performances from both sides of the ball, a special mention must go to Bob Kuchenburg, (should be an Hall of Famer already!) who played the game with a broken arm but virtually nullified the great Alan Page all game, frustrating the all pro to the point of despair, causing him to draw a personal foul penalty for a late hit on Bob Griese.

Super bowl XVII January 30th 1983

This Super bowl came after the first NFL player’s strike, which looking back seemed to be happening in most industries, but Don Shula guided his team back to the big game after missing out through the late 70’s. Although this game was a loss and showed that the Dolphin’s needed to address their offensive problems.

For the play of the game, (from a Dolphin perspective), has to be Fulton Walker’s kickoff return for a touchdown! Racing for 98 yards and giving Miami a strong 17 -10 lead. Fulton finished with 190 return yards and grabbing a couple of Super bowl records to boot.

Special mention to Jimmy Cefalo, who caught Miami’s first touchdown of 76 yards and gave the impression that this was going to be easy, alas! Jimmy only had one other catch and the rest they say, is history.

p.s I played corner, and I wore Don Mcneal’s number! But Don! Tackle low, your 180lbs, Riggo’s 240lbs+ come on man!

Super bowl XIX January 20th 1985.

Battle of the quarterbacks! Alas not so, Marino had taken the league by storm, breaking passing records for nearly everything. Montana was well on his way to building his Hall of Fame career! It ended up being the last time the Dolphins would grace a Super bowl! who’d ave thunk it?

But the play of the game must surely be the non fumble! 49ers Freddie Solomon had just caught a pass from Montana, when Lyle Blackwood, (part of the Bruise Brothers safety tandem with his brother Glenn Blackwood), laid a hit on Solomon, with the ball coming loose, Lyle scooped it up and rumbled towards the endzone! But the ball was ruled incomplete, this play was important because if the play had stood, the score would be 21 – 14 and a real momentum swinger! But after this play the 49ers scored again and the game was all but over.

Special mention goes to Marino, who finished 29 of 50 for 318 yards, after the season he had just had, it was commonly understood that he would be at the “big dance” more than once… but unfortunately it was not to be, and he spent the following years chasing that dream.

Well that’s it for another, historical highlight!

Just wanted to say hi to Chris Leeuw and say glad to hear your getting sorted (nice work fella!)

I will be watching the Super bowl at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester, England, so if any one’s around Manchester pop in and say hi!

I’ll be running a pre game highlight from the Hard Rock, getting UK fan’s predictions before the kickoff!

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