Time To Get Caught Up

So I haven’t been doing much here the last few days, maybe a couple more.  Instead, I have taken this time to simply enjoy life away from the computer.  I have put up a few things but nothing much and when I saw the new coaching hires, I simply said, “eh, I’ll get to it later”.  Not like all of that stuff was earth shattering.  This is the time of year where writers’ block takes up stake in my head for a few weeks.

That long season over that started way back last March with free agency.  That doesn’t mean that stuff hasn’t been going on so let’s try and play a little catch up, in case, like me, you’ve been taking a short sabbatical from all things internet.

Let’s start with the coaching changes that have finalized over the last week.  Note:  The Dolphins still may lose secondary coach Todd Bowles who is being considered for the Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator position.


Tony Sparano, Jr as the new offensive quality control coach.

Karl Dorrell as the quarterback coach.  Dorrell receives the promotion from WR coach.  He has never worked specifically with quarterbacks in his entire career.  He did spend time as an OC at the college level.

Steve Bush will take over the roll of WR coach following his stint as the offensive quality coach….don’t think there was much quality to last years offense…do you?

Dave Flipp will assume the role of Assistant Special Teams coach.  He comes to Miami from San Francisco.  Darren Rizzi will remain as the ST coach.

Dan Campbell will leave the “intern” status behind as he become the TE coach.  Campbell was an 11 year veteran at the postion.


David Lee was not explored for retention and departed to the college ranks.


Will Allen is expected to be released next month when NFL teams can cut veterans.  He is due roughly 5.5 million next season.

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are reportedly both on their way out and according to a report in the Sun-Sentinel, the only way one of them comes back is if their camp “reduces their salary demands”.  Not expecting either one of the back honestly.

DeAngelo Williams is the first veteran runner that has made it into the rumor mill as top target for the Dolphins to solve their running game.  He won’t come cheap and has battled injury last season (nothing major) but is a true breakaway threat on any play.

QB’s are still the hot topic in Davie.  Several sources have said that the team is exploring every option to obtain a veteran QB, possibly a franchise QB as well either VIA free agency, draft, or even a trade.  The Dolphins have no second round selection however so making a trade for a seasoned quality veteran may be difficult.

For more on the Miami Dolphins and recent news, check out my Jeff Ireland article coming later today.

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  • fins4ever1

    Thanks for the update Brian. I posted a similar topic from Bleacher.

    Can someone please explain to me the promotion of Korrell, a guy with no QB coaching experience??? I am very disappointed.

    • mike

      I didn’t go off on the Dorell promotion like many have. I first thought it won’t be worse than having Lee but starting to think he might be better than I first thought/my initial reaction. Being that he has been a successful WR coach, OC and head coach in the college ranks and coached pro-bowl WR’s under Mike Shanahan in Denver. He’s a good coach. I think about Brandon Marshall and Thigpen making their own adjustments that last game and believe Marshall had everything to do with it. It’s that WR mentality Dorell will bring to coaching the QB’s that maybe they need right now (mainly Henne) and I think will only help our QB’s. Dorell has been teaching our receivers for the past couple of years on reading coverages amongst everything else. Now we will have that same coach teaching the QB’s the same thing he has taught the WR’s as far as coverage and making adjustments. I hope this will be a plus and don’t think it matters if he has never been a QB coach before. To me, a good coach is just that, a good coach no matter what he is coaching. Look at the Pats, they have brought in defensive coaches to be QB coach. Is that to teach proper mechanics, don’t think so. I believe it was to help Brady with reads and speed up that mental development part of the game for their backups like they did with Cassel. I’m not going to say I am optimistic but I will still sit back and give Dorell the chance. Of course, I think it will take a lot of coaching to to turn Henne from a programable robot to at least a robot that can think for itself.

  • dodgeguy

    i don’t know dorrell or daboll either but they won’t be the blame next season either way IMO.if all daboll has to do is be more creative with the O, and dorrell works with henne you still have to have the players respond. if we’re droppin’ passes and not hittin’ holes or not makin’ holes, then how do you blame the coaches if the players ain’t makin’ the plays….NO? i mean we can say that every year also! PLAYMAKERS MAKE COACHES LOOK GOOD! you don’t make plays nobody looks good…..but who get’s the blame.

  • dodgeguy

    brian i like the phin logo of the dolphin, and if you don’t mind i might (borrow it)for a new tat for next season. maybe i’ll just do it in blacks n grays.