Dan Marino The Pot Smoker?

It’s been so long since Dan Marino was in uniform for the Miami Dolphins that thinking back that far can make your head hurt.  Of course for some of us, remembering those old days of the Marino led Dolphins simply makes us angry when we see the state of the team post-Marino.  Imagine what it’s like for an entire generation of new Dolphins fans who never saw the guy play at all?

It’s funny, there is things in this world that for whatever reason we remember what we were doing the day it happened.

Take the 25th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster yesterday.  I bet those of you alive remember exactly where you were when that happened.  Or 9-11, and our older readers can tell you all about the day John F. Kennedy was shot.  We all have our memories.  I can still remember exactly what I was doing the last time that Dan Marino wore a Dolphins uniform in that blowout playoff loss.  Luckily I was unable to watch that game but listened to it VIA radio in between fire training exercises.

Basically the picture I am trying to paint here is that we all have images in our heads and as time goes by we tend to skew them in some ways to make the good memories more exciting and often over-exaggerated and the bad ones a little less dark.

Which brings us to how you remember Dan Marino as a player. Would it change that image if you knew that he smoked pot before the games?According to former NFL player Kyle Turley, who was on the Dan LeBatard show yesterday, Dan Marino used to smoke pot before games.  Makes Ricky Williams look like he did nothing wrong if true.

Turley was talking about his big Super Bowl party that he is promoting and bragged about how he drank whiskey straight from the bottle and enjoyed the hemp from time to time, but never before a game.

“I heard Dan Marino did, down there in Miami. That’s a rumor, but I don’t know. You’d have to ask Danny. All those old pictures of him and his old hair, I wouldn’t pass it by him.”

“It’s locker room talk,” Turley said. “I’ve heard a few things. I was going to do it one time in my prime, but definitely not when I wasn’t in my prime. It never happened. I was facing too many guys I needed to take care of, so I wanted to be at my best. Not that I wouldn’t have been at my best. I’ve actually heard from guys that it actually slows things down so you can see things a little better and that’s where the whole Marino thing came from. And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s something I heard that that was something that he was able to get relaxed before the games and not be too edgy and calm and collected and be able to see things more clearly on the field.”

This is a rather slanderous comment considering that Turley lacks any real evidence or proof and directly states that it was all rumor. So why bring it up at all?  Why throw a name into the pot that could potentially do harm to someones otherwise glowing image?

It’s simply Turley being Turley.  Who also stated that his coaches took shots before games.

The truth is that it’s likely never going to come to life if Dan did or didn’t smoke a little weed before games unless more than a few players that actually played with him come out and say so or if Dan himself does.  Both unlikely scenarios.  Either way, this is simply absurd that anyone would throw a name into a conversation simply based on rumor.

That would be like Richmond Webb who never played with Troy Aikmen coming out and saying that he isn’t surprised that Aikmen is getting a divorce because it was always rumored that he was gay.  A real rumor that had circulated for many years during and after Aikmen’s career.

I suppose the question that would linger in reality is this.  How would that information change your perception of Dan Marino?  Putting your fan loyalty aside.  If you weren’t a Dan Marino fan to the degree you are, would a revelation of him smoking pot before games change your impression of him?  Answer the poll question below and let us know.

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  • hawkfinfan

    I voted not one bit. I am not a fan of pot. Character comes into play. He was there for the games. RW quit. That’s the difference.

  • AL

    This is the dumbest off season thread I have ever seen. Are things that slow in Dolphins land? Whats next? Did Don Shula wear womens undies? Did Jason Taylor sit down when he peed? Well he probably did all three…..but thats the Jets Problem and besides the point.

  • Brian Miller

    Actually I think it’s a very good article for the off-season, in-season, or any other time. It addresses an issue that is relative in many ways to what this team has been going through with Ricky Williams since his arrival.

    But I’m glad you found it so stupid that you just had to respond to it.

  • finfan28

    There are many things worse than burning a little rope. With that said maybe all out QB’s ……………….. Just a thought.

  • dodgeguy

    if henne is doin’ it he needs to stop, he’s slow enough with his footwork and reactions to the feel of the pass rush. if dan did it to calm him so he wasn’t so wired up i think it’s a good thing. look at all the receivers that did coc in the day and probably still do and linebackers also. i think it happens alot more than is advertised. also big in the nba

  • AL

    Glad you enjoy threads that have no basis or factual information. Turley is boarding on Slander And people like yourself feed into it. What does it have to do with Ricky Williams at all? Dispicable.

  • k-dog

    you should have given us a chance to say if this makes us like him more.

  • mega

    Yeah, honestly if this was true, i can forgive Marino for his cbs commentary, perception would changr alot! But positively, Danny needs to press conference this in the name of pot

  • Michael DiFede

    QUICK!!! Get Chad Henne Some Pot! A lot of Pot!!!

  • Brian Miller

    AL: I said in my article that it was bordering on slander. So don’t say that I’m feeding into anything.

    Yes, it has something to do with Ricky Williams who was chastised because of his use of pot on more than one occassion. SO there is a comparable interest.

    And again, I’m glad that you are so against this article that you have now commented twice to tell me and the rest of it just how stupid it is.

    So thank you for that.

  • Gary


    This article is completely unprofessional and definitely not journalism. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hey, I think i’ll write an article about how someone said you are a cocaine addict and ask people if it would change their opinion of you as a journalist, nah, based on this trash it probably wouldn’t.

  • http://www.dolfansnyc.com Igor

    The reason we got Dan Marino so far down in the draft is their were all these rumors of drugs in college. He slid to us because of it.

    The only reason I would be surprised if this were true would because I am sure if Shula ever found out Marino wouldn’t been able to have children after Shula ripped his balls of…

  • http://www.dolfansnyc.com Igor

    The reason we got Dan Marino so far down in the draft is their were all these rumors of drugs in college. He slid to us because of it.

    The only reason I would be surprised if this were true would because I am sure if Shula ever found out Marino wouldn’t been able to have children after Shula ripped his balls off…

  • patrick Bateson

    The 2 percent must be jets fans

  • longtimefin

    I believe this was also a rumor about him while he was in college and one of the reasons he fell in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was toking up before pre-season games. Remember how badly he would suck in pre-season? And it’s possible before regular season games too. He tended to start slow in games and seem a bit disinterested.

  • AL


    So you only want people to respond who like what you have written? Is this just a slam the Hall of famer, best Miami Dolphin we ever had thread , and only those that agree can respond? I don’t get your reasoning that my responding has any basis on the content? Dan Marino is retired 10 yrs now. He is a highly respected Hall of fame player, media personality , member of the community , and father/husband. His charities and his accomplishments after the game almost equal his football career.

    And you want to compare him to Ricky Williams!!? A man who has 4 kids with 3 mothers? A man who quit on his Team several times? Slamming Ricky was not my intention , but Brian you are completely out of line and I stand by my oringinal post. This is a horrible thread . You are giving Turley credit by rewriting his comments . Let his dumb statements die by never repeating them.

    Its a shame that I even have to explain this to you and you continue to try to bait me becuase I responded to your nonsense. The Off season is just starting. I hope you find better things to do with your time by the draft and spring training. Are you gonna attack the 72′ phins next? Miami doesn’t have enough bad things going on now, you need to create more? Dispicable.

  • Donald McClenaghan

    *HORRIBLE* “news”…. just horrible.

    If all the world leaders smoked pot, there would be no wars unless the Doritos ran out.

  • http://Dolfantalk.net phishead

    Thanks Al, couldn’t have said it beter myself.

  • http://Dolfantalk.net phishead


  • Brian Miller

    AL, I took the liberty of going back into my article and actually reading it again to see exactly where I slammed Dan Marino. I even took it upon myself to highlight all of the comments that actually support the case as slander, even where I used the word slander.

    This is a real story, it was a national stage where it was reported and I did not ONE TIME say that Dan Marino smoked pot OR that he should be chastised if he did. I left that up to the poll readers.

    I like when people disagree with what I write, when it’s opinion, but I cover the team and in other respects the NFL and as such I am not going to sugar coat something because I don’t like it or not write about something because I disagree with it.

    The fact is, and the only fact of my entire article is, Turley made some disparaging remarks about Dan Marino who is a Miami Dolphin and I covered it. In fact, my article actually reads more ‘lightly’ than anywhere near a slam of Dan Marino. Which it never was.

    As for the comparison to Ricky Williams, I think for the purpose of the supposed comments it is 100 percent relevant. Not Ricky Quitting or his kids, but the fact that he smoked pot and that alone got a lot of fans turned off to him when it was revealed and he served his 4 game suspension.

    So yeah, if it was proven correct that Marino smoked pot before games, would it change your opinion of him? Which is the poll question. SO guess what, it’s all relevant and it was presented in that way.

    I simply don’t understand what you read in that article. Because what your comments say don’t reflect it one bit. I can defend my opinion but another fact is that in that article, there is ZERO of my opinion in it.

    Fact: Turley said those things and on several lines of that article I asked why the hell he would say it.

    Fact: It was said on a national stage, so I reported about it. I can’t pick and choose to only post nice articles that make you feel good. Truth is this one should, it makes you think about Marino.

  • Gary

    I agree with Al, 100%.

  • Jesse

    If blazn some kush helps u throw for 60,000 yds Henne def. needs to be doin it. Ricky Williams situation was a bit different quit hatn people noone is perfect and i doubt our superbowl run was very strong that year with or without him anyways. Time to worry about this year and whether or not to change the entire coaching staff AGAIN and lose 10 games because a bunch of noobs was a good idea i dont see the patriots or the steelers changin it up as much as we do. Stick to a plan management eventually it will work.

  • Brian Miller

    Pot is supposed to mellow you out…do we really want Henne more mellow? LOL

  • Rick

    Every body smoked pot or did recreational coke back in the eighties. No big deal although many made a big deal out of it. You wonder about the people that are too young to have seen Dan Marino play? What about all the people to young to have seen Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, or the No Name defense play.

  • student1776

    The level of focus and intensity of Dan’s play, the engagement with the other players, the command is really not compatible with the pot hypothesis. Exceedingly unlikely phenomenon and completely inappropriate as an assertion without evidence.

  • AL

    I never said you agreed with it. What I said was is that it is the dumbest off season thread ever. I think its sad you didn’t recoginize that off the bat and choose to repeat it here and try to make a serious debate about it.
    By just repeating this you are legitimizing Turley and his comments and giving them creed. Don’t you see that? What good could possibly come from this 10 yrs later? Sounds to me like Marino might have said something about Turley during a commentator highlight and this is his way of getting him back.

    As far as Ricky Williams goes , Most fans were not upset becuase Ricky hit the bong , they were pissed off that after he tested positive he continued over and over again putting the wacky weed ahead of the Team and the fans, and ulimately his 4 children and his 3 baby Momma’s.Then he ran away leaving everyone screwed , blue and tattooed. You need to get your facts straight if your gonna print stuff like this.

    The fact that Dan never tested positive for anything , he was always productive speaks volumes. To drag his good name in through the mud now is just dispicable . (Turley not you) And to repeat it like it was possible and try to start a whole debate , further legitimizing it , is completely ON YOU. Not Cool. How can you not see that?

  • Kurt_Anthony

    Ive been a dolphins fan all my life, Dan Marino is the reason I am a football this day. No one in this world is a saint, so who is right to pass judgement from one person to the next? I know Ive done my fair share of sins and still do. I dont judge a man by the small mistakes he has made but by the kind of husband he is to his wife and father to his kids, thats how you judge a man’s worth! Do I think Dan Marino smoke pot? No! But if he did so what, most people on this earth have done a lot worse, so why try to bring him down by this?

  • Kurt_Anthony

    Ive been a dolphins fan all my life, Dan Marino is the reason I am a football fan this day. No one in this world is a saint, so who is right to pass judgement from one person to the next? I know Ive done my fair share of sins and still do. I dont judge a man by the small mistakes he has made but by the kind of husband he is to his wife and father to his kids, thats how you judge a man’s worth! Do I think Dan Marino smoke pot? No! But if he did so what, most people on this earth have done a lot worse, so why try to bring him down by this?

  • C rod


    Stop crying and dont respond to thread. This is informing the fans what was being said.i

  • C rod

    Who cares what he did before games he put up numbers. You are obviously not a fan of pot and thats why your all bent out shape. You must not like watching pro basketball then cause about half of them smoke buddah.

  • Brian Miller

    C-Rod, this is exactly why I put this article up, it’s bringing up something that was said about the greatest Miami Dolphin in history. As such, it does deserve to be discussed.

    Besides, who am I to decide what is real and not real? If I had decided to not put this up and then it came out that it might be true, then I would have people asking me why I didn’t talk about it. The fact is, I don’t stand on that fence, if it’s worth discussing then I put it up.

    This is about Dan Marino and a stupid allegation that was nationally broadcast…that’s worth discussing.

  • AL

    C Rod…Is that what you are trying to turn this into? A pro/Con thread about Marijuania? Couldn’t care in the least.

    Since you get to assume , I will too. I’m assuming your not a Miami dolphins fan .

    Brian what exactly is being discussed? define that? Did he or didn’t he? This is the problem I have with it. Ignorant people like C Rod are going to assume its true. Just becuase some washed up hack said he heard it 3rd party in a locker room.

    Do you see my point? This is a Dumb dumb thread and its getting dumber by the day. Nice Job Brian! Hope your proud for bringing us this really important piece of factual journalism. Whats real and whats not real!? How about a trace of proof? That would be nice. Thats always a sign of whats real and whats not. Whatever. Your not getting it and either your ego or bad judgment is not letting you see anything else.

    Look back at this thread and see if ANYTHING worthwhile came from this other then to drag Dan Marino through the mud and confirm that Kyle Turley is an asshat.

    Like I said, Dumb dumb thread. Hope this isn’t a sign of what the off season has in store.

  • C rod

    I live in mass and every year I get shit on because I predict division titles n superbowl apperances…im a huge fan.

  • AL

    New England huh? Wicked cool , Say no more…..

  • Brian Miller

    My proof is that i didnt take turleys side and didnt say Marino smoked pot nor did i post a poll asking if anyone else did but instead asked if it were true would it change your opinion. I really dont care about your opinion on the matter honestly because the only thing you have done repeatedly is call the article…dumb dumb dumb. But unlike the article you have yet to provide one ounce of evidence to prove it outside your opinion and what your assumption is that i was saying.

    The facts are very clear. Turley said it, i reported what he said and did not agree with him or paint it to make him look right. So honestly i have no idea what your issue is but your continual dumb references and questioning what constitutes real journalism is amusing.

    We can disagree because if i had it to do over again i would put it up exactly the same way.

  • AL

    Hey. you printed it , I gave you an honest retort.

    had you just said , Lets agree to disagree instead of the silly :

    “But I’m glad you found it so stupid that you just had to respond to it.”

    I think you actually said it twice.As if you were only interested in positive feedback (or negative Dan Marino) opinions. Not very professional.

    And the word dumb is not an unprofessional response like you are making it out to be. I have no proof? How about the fact that he has never had an off the field issue in his life? His acomplishments? His family life? What proof do you have? Kyle Turley said it so I HAVE to repeat it. I changed my mind, not only is this thread dumb, so are you. Ignorant anyway. One minute your looking for free open discussion next you stating my opinion means nothing to you.

    Best of luck and I will remind myself never to read any of your dribble again. I encourage others to do the same.

  • davessi

    Hell, if hitting the hooka before a few games would have taken the phins to more super bowls….fire up a bowl and pass it around.

  • Ben Starosta

    I would feel a connection with Marino were the rumor true. However, as someone who has seen the youtube video of Danny freakin’ out in the CBS studio after making a mistake, I have to say he surely doesn’t use herb today and probably didn’t then. Just a rumor. Surprised there wasn’t a reference to his 420 touchdown passes, though.