How Would You Fix The CBA?

You are faced with a deadline.  March 3rd is supposed to kick off the 2011 NFL new year but you don’t have a labor agreement in place because three years ago you opted out of the last one because for you, it sucked.  Now, facing the uncertainty of millions of lost revenue by not having an off-season you contemplate staging a lock-out to get the players union to cave and do a deal that will continue things forward and put more money in your pocket but potentially not their’s.

Another NFL owner calls you up and says, “Hey Joe, we just took a vote and your going to negotiate the new CBA”.

Sucks to be you.

Now you have millions of NFL fans, 31 other owners, and thousands of football players in the NFL and college suddenly hanging on what you will propose to the NFLPA to get this deal done in what amounts to  a little more than 30 days.

How are you going to fix the CBA?

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  • MassanuttenRef

    Lock both sides in a hot & humid room with foldout couches and don’t let them out until they come to an agreement! They only get pizza, donuts, and water — no coffee and no alcohol.

  • dodgeguy

    truthfully, if we’re getting close to striking or bein’ locked out then why don’t (just for this upcoming season leave things the same)so we don’t have a work stoppage.seems to me if everyone says they want to play ’cause of the lost revenue, then see who’s bluffing. keep thigs like last year so everyone knows where they stand.then get something done for next year. everyone involved ain’t goin’ nowhere, so what’s one more year? then they can reach an actuall agreement that both sides really like. (IT’S JUST FOR THIS UPCOMING SEASON SO THERE’S NOBODY HAVING TO GO TO A PLAN “B”

  • Brian Miller

    I agree but thats what lastbyear was for as well. Same concept the status quo for one year…didnt work…lol

  • bahamas

    Here’s my idea to fix the CBA. We make it just like the NBA.
    Rookie pay scale will be a guaranteed contract for 3 years, with an option for the 4th.
    Teams can offer the max value for 1st rounders, and then each additional round will be up to the team, but it can’t exceed the thresholds
    Why this works:
    For the players – they are given a legit 3 year training program to work into. If they prove to their team that they can play in this system they will be rewarded.
    If you are injured, you are still getting paid and you can still learn the system

    For the owners – gone is the ridicilious pay scale for first overall selections.

    Veterans – you can’t complain about a rookie taking your spot, since he will have 3 years to develop into a system, if you understand the system then you have nothing to lose…

    Makes perfect sense to me!

  • Al

    Brian miller,

    Once gain you dont let me down. This offseason thread is dumb dumb dumb. I advise everyone to advoid this guys threads.keep the good work up buddy.

    • onole1

      Alf, didn’t you say you weren’t coming back to this site? Do us a favor and follow up on your threats…well promises.