Kevin Kolb Not Right For The Miami Dolphins

Use your ← → (arrows) to browse couple years ago the Kansas City Chiefs gave up a second round pick to the New England Patriots for now pro-bowler Matt Cassel.  Before the trade in 2008, Cassel played 16 games in New England for 21 touchdowns to 11 interceptions with roughly 3,600 yards and 11 wins.  He was close to bringing the Patriots to the playoffs.  His season was fantastic.  Makes you wonder what the Philadelphia Eagles are thinking when they ask for a first round pick in exchange for back up QB Kevin Kolb.  The Eagles, who have officially franchised Michael Vick as their future quarterback, have also made it known that they’re listening to offers for Kolb but are expecting a first rounder in the draft.  This alone gives enough reason why Kolb is not right for the Miami Dolphins.

Kolb played 19 games over 4 seasons with the Eagles.  Last season he was named the starter when Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins where he threw only 7 touchdowns to 7 interceptions with a yawning 1,200 yards and 3 wins.  Double his games played at his average rate and he still doesn’t come close to what Cassel achieved in New England.  Cassel passes him in passer percentage and QB rating as well.

Interestingly enough, Kolb has an almost identical passer percentage and QB rating for 2010 as Chad Henne but falls to him overall.  With one extra year of NFL experience, Kolb has the same erratic QB behavior as Henne too.  He’s also a pocket QB, which means he can’t scramble outside the pocket and pick up yards – same as Henne.

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  • Club Level Seating

    Kolb would be a major upgrade for the Dolphins. I still think most fans and execs are smarting over the Dante Culpepper signing a few years back and most are still a bit gun shy!

    • charlotte dolfan

      that is truly insane. he’s no better than henne and he has that same lost look in his eye. i thought he was overrated coming out of college, and he’s done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change that. trading for him would set this franchise back immensely.

  • azfinfan

    Not worth the risk of pick 15. Trade down and pick up a 2nd round pick. Draft Ingram (after trading down and if he is still there) and a Guard in the second. Sign Vince Young and let him compete with Henne. Young may respond with a second chance…he has shown he can win games and he could run the wildcat if the team decides to still employ the formation.

    • idahomer

      And you base that on what? Kolb had done absolutely nothing in the NFL so far. His stats are actually less impressive than Henne’s are. You should at least add the phrase “In my opinion” before that statement, because you have zero facts to support that Kolb would be an upgrade. It is strictly your opinion.

      At least Culpepper had prior sucess in the NFL..

      • truefinfan

        Thank goodness other people share my same sentiment towards Kolb! He is NOT an improvement over Henne. Ilive here in burbs of Philly and they can’t stand him. Andy Reid is smart in that he will market him well. He’s the next AJ Feeley.

    • idahomer

      azfinfan – my reply was meant for club level seating, didn’t mean to post it under your comment, which I tend to agree with.

  • Gary

    I agree, Kolb is not an upgrade over Henne. He hasn’t done anything more than Henne has.

    Vince Young has improved every year and last year his QB rating was up there in the top three. He would be an upgrade and so would Kyle Orton.

    I say the Dolphins should try and sign VY or Orton, let Henne compete for starting job.

  • Luke

    Orton and only Orton. If we do anything else it is a bad idea. They want a second round pick so my thought is we give them our first and Channing Crowder. for Orton and our second round pick back. We use the second rounder on the best RT moving Carey inside where we all know he belongs and move on. Third round we pick up the best center and we are a solid o-line again and we have a starting QB he can get the ball to our play maker. Then we pick up a WR/KR in the late rounds who is a burner. Like the kid from TCU or Boise or an unknown and roll. We also need to sign Richie, Solai and Micheal Bush. CBA come on we need you bad.

  • jon

    Kolb is still an unknown quantity. I’d rather take a chance on Cam Newton or Jake Locker. That being said, I also would rather make a trade for Orton especially if he’s cheaper.
    I too would like to dump Crowder for any value before his contract comes due. But the dolphins defense seemed to struggle when he was hurt. Can Tim Dobbins get better?

    • dodgeguy


  • erikwb21

    i have posted this before, but i feel even more right when i say we should trade Brian hartline for a 2nd rd pick or high 3rd. yes he has talent and upside probably could become a really good #2 for someone. Now is the time to trade him because the dolphins have to get more picks in the first 3 rds of this draft.
    they can replace hartline in FA with a speed guy and consistent deep threat as for QB keep henne and draft Ponder. He could easily be the future for MIAMI!!

    • idahomer

      Unfortunately no one would give us a second or a third for Hartline. There are too many decent WR’s that can be had in the 4th through 6th rounds. Not all of them will stick, but Hartline doesn’t have the numbers to get that high a draft pick. Bess on the other hand could get you a second round pick – but I wouldn’t want to give him up.

  • DolfanPTY

    I totally agree with you Nando…. Orton is to me and actually BY FAR the best and safest FA QB that the dolphins could sign… Kolb wouldnt be able to start this year and doing so could hurt us a lot more… Vince Young I really dont know what to think of him… I feel its a 50 – 50 type of deal, it could go REALLY WELL OR REALLY BAD…. So Orton to me is a much safer pick..

    • kcphins4life

      Orton is under contract with Denver. A trade has to be made in order to have Orton on this team, unless Denver releases him. That won’t happen with only Tebow on their roster.
      I think he could maybe be had with our 3rd rounder.

  • Randy C

    Kolb is not worth a 1st round pick,V.Young no way in hell
    no skinny running back with a qb #.
    Ingram 1st round, pick up a couple line men free agency
    draft receivers rounds 3 & 4

  • dodgeguy

    if we can get a 2nd for crowder i say we go for it.even if the 2nd don’t turn out any better than him we haven’t lost’s the least penalizing move IMO

  • dodgeguy

    but i don’t think he’ll bring a 2nd anyway… much for how good he really is heh? the only thing he’s really good at is runnin’ that gator chompin’ mout’! i love the gators, just not him.

  • erikwb21

    Hartline has is a top 30 in YPC and has the same avg yds/ gm 51.3 as Bess and he is 24 yr old!!! i think there are some teams out there willing to give up a low 2nd or High 3rd for a posession reciever that can give them an consistency in the recieving game.

    • charlotte dolfan

      hartline was rated by most teams as a 7th rounder\free agent. i don’t believe he’s done enough for a team to part with that kind of pick. i think he’s a good player for us and i wouldn’t trade him anyways.

  • charlotte dolfan

    amen brother. i repeat again-kevin kolb is a scrub. just say no to any qb from philly. aj feeley anyone??? i wouldn’t give a 3rd rounder for kolb. he looks like a deer in the headlights.

  • mike

    No to Kolb for the reasons you all stated and trading for Orton would be a mistake also. Trading away any pick would be a big mistake. Only trade down to pick up a later 1st and a 2nd. Drafting a QB in the 1st would be a mistake. Sign Vince Young in FA and draft QB T.J. Yates in the 6th. Don’t know why people aren’t higher on Yates. He survey’s the field well, senses pressure moves and throws on the run well. He had 5 games last year where he had 70% completions or better and finished overall at 67% completions. He had 2 bad games last year but here are his best games and against who:
    LSU 28-46, 412 yds, 61%, 3 TD, 0 INT
    @FSU 24-35, 439 yds, 68%, 3 TD, 0 INT
    NCS 33-44, 411 yds, 75%, 2 TD, 0 INT
    He had 19 TD vs 9 INT. 6 TD’s were for 50+ yards.

    It would be wishful thinking if the phins could trade Crowder straight up to Green Bay for Matt Flynn. Wait, where was he drafted, oh the 7th round in 08′.