Kevin Kolb Not Right For The Miami Dolphins

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On the less abrasive, but most obvious of sides is the sheer fact that Kolb has been molded into a west coast offense QB.  The Dolphins don’t run a west coast offense.  New offensive coordinator Brian Daboll doesn’t run a west coast offense.  Daboll comes from the Cleveland Browns via the New York Jets via the Patriots – all of which do not run west coast offenses.  Kolb would need to learn a different offense, not moving a mountain, but it’s something.  Miami would be in better hands with Henne.

While the Dolphins are sure to pick up a QB in the draft, a starting QB for next season will come via free agency.  That QB should be Denver Bronco Kyle Orton.  Last season Orton had comparable numbers to Cassel in his last season with the Patriots with 1 less touchdown and 2 less interceptions.  Regardless of the Bronco’s success last season, or lack thereof, Orton managed to put up big numbers.  He is also going to come at a better price than Kolb and is in familiar territory with old wide receiver pal Brandon Marshall.

Kolb is not worth a first round pick.  Kolb is not even worth an early second round pick.  By chance the Dolphins choose to go after the QB, it should come at their advantage – a third round pick or a fair value cash trade.

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