Breaking Down The Secondary Part III – Alpha CB

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Vontae Davis:

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Davis will be our starting alpha cornerback when the 2011 seasons kicks off.  Davis is everything we had hoped he would be, when we selected him 25th overall.  He has shown dedication and improvement each year, in the passing game as well as helping out in the run game.

They only piece of advice that I would share with this soon to be pro ball athlete is start making some more game changing plays.  Last year against the Vikings, he was dominant.  The best game I have ever seen a Cornerback play, in a Dolphins uniform.  What we need to see is more of that.  Opposing teams will no longer be shocked to see Davis lining up against their primary receiver, and Davis now has to take advantage of those match ups.  When he starts doing this, I am sure everyone around the league will be diagnosed with VD.

Nolan Caroll:

This prospect surprised everyone! Caroll showed stead improvement during the course of the year, and was able to get some playing time on defense.  During training camp, I played close attention to this former Maryland prospect and was impressed with his raw ability.  Caroll has very smooth transitioning technique and his shadowing is almost flawless and will get better with more NFL experience. What Caroll needs to work on is his zone responsibilities.  Watching some game tape, I can see Caroll missing his assignment reads in a cover 2 and cover 3 schemas.  Not sure how much he played these hybrids coverages at Maryland, but the good news is that this is coachable.  Caroll needs to dedicate himself to the film room, and grasp tendencies and zones responsibilities.  If Caroll, does that, then we got a steal! If Davis goes down with an injury we don’t have to worry about who will step up.

Will Allen:

Let’s face it, Davis took Allen’s position. Allen has been nothing more than an ideal player for us and our organization.  However coming off an ACL injury is never a good thing.  Allen’ best asset is his speed, how much of that has he lost due to the ACL injury is the better question. Allen is also on the wrong side of 30, and with a huge cap hit, you have to think that Allen might not lace up in the aqua and teal anymore.


It would be a huge mistake for us to use or 1st or 3rd round pick on CB, considering the depth we have at this position. Therefore let’s take a closer look at some prospects that I like in the late rounds.

DeMarcus Van Dyke, CB, Miami

Isn’t it about time we start drafting players from the “U”? Every other team has been doing this for years, and our sole pick Veron Carey has turned into a lock down Right Tackle.  Enter Demarcus Van Dyke.  This player has the size I like for CB, standing a tall 6’1, but needs to add a lot more weight, only at 163lbs he will get pushed around like a rag doll.  However, Miami has a strong offseason conditioning program and DeMarcus could be a player that we develop into our system.  I like his raw ability, but there are lot of flaws in his game, he just needs proper coaching and conditioning to become an NFL ready player.

Shareece Wright, CB, USC

I like this prospect.  He reminds me of the next Will Allen.  Same build, speed and he is a class act on and off the field.  His size is what will scare off a lot of teams but his tenacity will be shown during the combine.  He has a knack for where the ball will be and is a little pesky, which you want from a smaller corner.  I can see him being around in the 4th to 5th rounds.

Free Agency

Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK)


A kid can dream! Having Ash on our team is just that, a pipe dream, but can you image if we did? Ash is the best corner in the league – period.   Say all you want about Revis Island, but Ash has is the most feared CB in the league, ask anyone WR or coach and they will tell you that you Ash will take out one side of the field. 
I don’t know what his contract demands will be, but if you can image Ash and Davis as our two top CB’s…that would be scary.

Johnathan Joseph (CIN)

I liked Joseph when he came out of South Carolina.  If you take out last year, he has played very well for a team that had zero pass rush.  If you have a team that can’t pressure a QB, that will lead to coverage breakdowns and unfortunately, Joseph was the hung out to dry too many times.  I don’t know what he will ask for, and with the cap, you never know.  It would be great to add him to our team and I can see him moving into our nickel position and back up Davis if he was injured.

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