"She said she was 18."

That’s Who Mark Sanchez Reminds Me Of!

I figured with all the glum, “woe-is-us” Dolphins sentiment that’s been pervading the fanbase lately, we could all use a bit of a break. And what brings a Dolphins fan more happiness than watching the New York Jets embarrass themselves? So with that in mind, I can now answer a question that has been plaguing NFL prognosticators for the last two years.

What NFL quarterback is Mark Sanchez most comparable to? Everyone needs to be compared to somebody else in the current NFL, someone whose already in the league or even played generations ago. We heard a slew of comparisons when he was first coming out in the draft and over the past two years it’s a question that’s continued to plague people. Who does Mark Sanchez remind us all of? How about Ben Roethlisberger? It seems the Sanchize has been getting into the cookie jar a little early… if you catch my drift.

If what Deadspin is reporting is true, and they were dead-on about this Brett Favre incident, then apparently Mark Sanchez and his new lady aren’t exactly… legal. She is only 17 and now seems to have hired a lawyer to represent her in the coming weeks as this information goes public. Once again a cell phone has screwed over a Jets QB as the girl allegedly has cell phone photographs taken from inside Mark Sanchez’ room (You can tell from all the Menudo memorabilia).

Now, I’m not terribly interested in this story for what it says about Mark Sanchez. He’s 24, she’s 17… ok that’s a little bit creepy. But if he were in his 30′s it would be cool which could be a bit of a double-standard. Still, he’s the starting quarterback of the Jets, he’s been in GQ, he’s loaded, he’s in New York. He can’t find someone who can buy her own cigarattes? Or hell, maybe even her own drinks? Where would he even meet a 17 year old?

Regardless, this is just another fun example of the Jets being the classy team we all know and love. Their old quarterback was sexting team employees, their coach is on the internet making foot fetish videos and their new quarterback is picking up women in high school. They got receivers getting arrested for DUI days before a game and only missing a quarter, players harrassing reporters, Antonio Cromartie seducing ladies.

It kind of makes being a Dolphins fan seem a little better. And to all the Jets trolls out there, your QB is 1-3 against Chad Henne. So shut up.

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  • Paul Morin

    that last sentence says it all for me! :-)

    • david

      They only real creep is the reporter who is stroking this non-story for all its worth. Pretty sad when all you have going is making up stories about people you don’t even know. You are one step below the bottom feeders.

      • Patrik Nohe

        One step below a bottom feeder is called being a Jets fan.

  • Paul Morin

    That last sentence says it all for me !! :-)

  • Donald McClenaghan

    His molesting of younger girls were swept under the rug while at USC and so this will be as well. The only reason Sanchez isn’t a bigger creep than Rapeslithberger is the fact that he isn’t big enough to force himself on some hapless gal.

  • Dale

    I agree he is a perv and should be treated as such BUT the legal age in NY is 17 so he didn’t doing anything legally wrong. Morally Yes, Legally No. J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck

  • Ali

    I wouldn’t expect for a Dolphin-based site to get the facts straight before reporting on them. Thankfully I stumbled across this article and since I’ve been following this story over the weekend I’d like to clear some things up.

    First of all they’re not dating, it was a casual hook-up at best. The two met at a nightclub in the city, which off-the-bat suggests that she had a fake ID. To check someone’s ID is the job of the bouncer at the door not any guy who happens to be patronizing the club and hits on someone (even a famous NFL quarterback). She lied about her age & told him that she was 21 but then must have felt some guilt because she then told him that she was 19 (still a lie).

    I don’t know if anyone here knows any 17 year old girls but there are number of them who could get away with lieing about there age up to 5 years not only for the way they look but the way they act.

    The age difference is not illegal. The girl is from Connecticut, where the consenting age is 16 years. Sanchez lives in New Jersey, where the consenting age is also 16 years. And the two met in New York, where the consenting age is 17 years. Wherever they banged it out, it was perfectly legal.

    • dodgeguy

      big flunkin’ deal. so you’ve been keepin’ up with this story, so friggin’ what…….he’s still a jack-off!

      • bonozoffa

        don’t let the facts get in the way. then again, phins fans have never been all that smart. and how is he a jack-off? oh right, all he’s done is WIN for the jets and the last time the phins won anything worth mentioning, a former jet was their QB.

  • Shannon

    You levae Hunk-chez alone you dweebs need to slap yourself. Girls lie all the time…why wouldn’t any girl lie about here age to get at the hottest thing walking New York baby! And by the way..at her age it’s not illegal where it happened. Just because Henne is butt-ugly and so are you…doesn’t mean you have to hate.

    • dodgeguy

      your just like all the other chicks out there….you’re a pig you’ll do whatever to get to him (then cry wolf) when sh#t goes bad. don’t come cryin’ to me when your layin’ face down in an ally ’cause your actin’ like a mutt, then get treated like one also.and you wonder why there’s predators out there!

  • Moses57

    Mark Sanchez is 4-2 in the playoffs, all on the road. What is Henne’s playoff record??

    • corners

      Jets will become the next 3-peat conference championship losers like the eagles, id go 1-15 to see that happen.

      You and i both know how it would have went had Sanchize played in Miami. The guy can barely complete 50% of his throws in his career.

      Though, i cant not give him no credit at all for his playoff runs,i just feel you could have plugged 24 of the NFL’s 32 starting QB’s in for Sanchez and probably got the same results because of the Jets other weapons and their Defense.

      My thing is our 2 teams are so much more similar then people want to give them credit for. Not the attitudes of the players but the nuts and bolts. Great def, physical line play,great secondaries. Young qb.

      I dont think the fins are as far off as people think. So many seasons are determined by a few bad calls and dropped picks or bounces or whatever.3 or 4 games last year could have bounced the other way. Just a rough year.

      • Moses57

        Mark Sanchez is clutch and a leader. He makes the plays he Needs to make and his playoff record is 4-2.

        When was the last time the dolphins even made it to the AFC championship game???

        • SS

          Ditto Moses57! plus Jason Taylor helped us in 2010!

  • Lou

    You know the Met fans here in NY take a similiar approach towards the Yankees.

  • http://procerus.ca/ Steve Hoffart

    Way to go Patrik! You started a comment war, lol! It’s pretty remarkable to see these guys in the news so consistently, by that I mean the Jets. The comment by Ali, “even a famous NFL quarterback”, couldn’t be more naive! Famous NFL quarterbacks should absolutely not take the highly talented and educated bouncer, who is paid to take a bullet for celebrities careers when checking IDs at a nightclub. The fact is that Sanchez has probably been told that he has to be on the lookout for girls like this and his small brain overtook his big brain on this one.

    No one can convince me that this chick isn’t seizing an opportunity to make some money off of this dough head. These guys must hold themselves to a higher standard and therefore hold there “hook ups” to that standard as well; otherwise they will continue to be off-season headlines.

    Thank you for posting this Patrik, that’s what good reporters are supposed to do.

  • bonozoffa

    Back to back AFC championship games, Phins Nation. Make fun all you want, as I know you’d trade places – and QB’s – in a heart beat. Admit it…then suck it. (and i don’t mean my toes)

    And b/t/w, where’s the Deadspin story? Oh right, we’re talking about a news site that gets 1 in 20 stories right, and it just so happened their Farve story was the “1″.

  • bonozoffa

    don’t let the facts get in the way. then again, phins fans have never been all that smart. and how is he a jack-off? oh right, all he’s done is WIN for the jets and the last time the phins won anything worth mentioning, a former jet was their QB.

  • spooneman

    Wow, why are there so many Jets fans on a Phins site? It’s like your looking into our house from the front window. Go gush over yourselves and your QB somewhere else.
    I will give you this, you guys are sure up on the legal age of consent in the North Eastern region of the United States. I wonder why that is?

  • http://phinphanatic fishfry

    legal age is florida is 13. And judging by the comments on here there’s loads of that plus some inbreeding goin on down there.
    as far as jets fans beeing on here this story is being linked on google news.
    finally really poor journalism here Patrik, onesided, uninformed. If you ever want to be more than a blogger for the phins, You’d do well to up the ante, You never know whos reading your stuff.
    Fry the Fish

    • Patrik Nohe

      Couple of things, if Florida is so bad we’d love if you northeastern windbags would STOP RETIRING DOWN HERE. Second of all, this isn’t reporting or journalism. This is a post on a Dolphins blog about a story being reported on by another source (Dead-Spin, hence the link). I’m always amused when someone is shocked that a Dolphins blog would be slanted. One-sided? Yep, we’re allowed to be. Especially when it comes to the group of miscreants that play for and follow the Jets. I never pretended to be unbiased.

      • Joe

        lol. So basically you admit you are not a journalist or at all objective and that you don’t even research before publishing your thoughts.

        Then you’ve embarrassed yourself far more than anyone else possibly could.

        • Patrik Nohe

          I never claimed to be a journalist! This is a Dolphins blog, smart guy. It’s a form of entertainment. My goal isn’t to write an article for the Herald it’s to entertain a fan-base of Dolphins fans. Here’s where you’re not connecting the dots. Dolphins fans HATE the Jets. Anything that’s embarrassing to that joke of an organization entertains the people here. If you’re looking for hard-hitting unbiased journalism on a Dolphins blog that’s just moronic. We’re here to entertain Dolphins fans. Go troll your own blogs and talk to them about journalistic integrity because they’re reporting this too:


  • Joe




  • Kathryn

    I really want to know why Sanchez isn’t suspended for 6 games. At least Ben Roethisberger’s hit it and quit it was over 18. Nothing happened to Favre, either, but then he’s the darling of Goodell, so that’s not surprising. Now, Ben’s still scum as far as I’m concerned, but this double standard is ridiculous.

    Sanchez might be legal, but legal doesn’t make it morally right.

    Why was this UNDERAGE girl in a nightclub at 2 am, by the way? The girl’s parents obviously didn’t teach her anything, but then, they’re wealthy financiers so the rules don’t apply to them. They can do whatever they want, I guess. My daughters are 16 and 15 and if I’d never allow them in a place like that…because men are pigs and will screw anything that walks no matter how old you are.

  • Moses57

    I don’t blame you for wanting Sanchez suspended, since its the only way you have a chance at the playoffs.

    BUT, Sanchez did nothing wrong when it comes to the law. How dare you compare his situation to Roethlisberger, WHO RAPED Women, against their WILL!

    Sanchez had a relationship with a 17-year old, legally!