Rewinding History...Want vs. Need

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Reviewing the statistics between Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers you can see why Smith was the first overall pick.  Smith lead his Utes to a 21-1 record, and based on Urban Myers high powered spread offense, put up some interesting numbers in his final season.

College Stats:


Passing Rushing
Season Team GP Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT Att Yds TD
2002 Utah Utes 2 2 4 50.0 4 0 1 2 -11 0
2003 Utah Utes 11 173 266 65.0 2247 15 3 149 452 5
2004 Utah Utes 13 214 317 67.5 2952 32 4 135 631 10
Totals 26 389 587 66.3 5203 47 8 286 1072 15

Extracted from

Compared to Aaron Rodger:

Passing Rushing
Year Team Comp Att Pct Yds YPA Td Int Rate Att Yds Avg Td
2003 Cal 215 349 61.6 2903 8.3 19 5 146.58 86 210 2.4 5
2004 Cal 209 316 66.1 2566 8.1 24 8 154.35 74 126 1.7 3
Totals 424 665 63.8 5469 8.2 43 13 150.27 160 336 2.10 8

Extracted from

Smith threw for 8 more TDs and had 4 less INTs, however one thing that should stand out, Rodgers had more attempts to his players, which some scouts argue was one of the deciding factors  that pushed Smith over Rodgers.  Secondly, Smith had a type “A” personality, and scored extremely well in the wonderlic test.  Mike Nolan (Coach of the 49ers at the time), who has a strong personality and an old school approach didn’t believe that Rodgers attitude could co-exist with his.

Now remember, coach Saban, a coach that will forever be remembered as scolding no non-sense coach.  Saban believed in dictatorship, and he was the only voice in the franchise.  Remember Manny Wright? Cry baby?

Now can you understand why Saban decided to pass on a Rodgers who at that time seemed to have nonchalant persona.  Rodgers was excited to just be at the combine and get an opportunity to play in the NFL.

Six years later, Saban left Miami, and Rodgers just raised him first Lombardi Trophy, with a MVP honours as well.  The ‘want’ we passed on now has become a house hold name, whereas our Dolphins still have a glaring ‘need’ for a starting QB, and a starting Running back.

Enter the Trifecta Era.

Tony, Jeff and Billy boy take over a 1-15 team, and automatically provide us with high hopes, earning a conference title and a home playoff game.

Dolphin fans started believing in the hype, and understanding that we finally have the front office that can lead us back to the promise land.  Wises choices, disciplined team, and one voice mantra, is how are front office was perceived around the league and our community.

We all knew that Bill Parcells is on the never ending quest to find the next, Lawrence Taylor.  Finding DeMarcus Ware in Dallas, and Lamaar Woodley in NY, Miami was anticipating the next great find.

During the 2009 draft the Dolphins had the 25th overall pick, followed by the Packers at 26.   Clay Mathews was a beast at the combine, putting up some interesting numbers that caught the eye of almost every scout; however his college tenure was his red flag.  Mathews only had one year of starter playing time, which saw his USC teammates being selected in the top part of the first round. Scouts pegged Mathews as a developmental players based on his college experience.  Not a player than can suit up day 1 and make an impact on your team.

Wow, huge mistake!  Fire you entire scouting team.

The Dolphins had a ‘want’ for a linebacker, but the ‘need’ for an elite cornerback was the deciding factor.  Listen, I have nothing but great things to say about Vontae Davis and his career with the Miami Dolphins, but do you ever wonder what Clay Mathews would have looked like in aqua and  teal?  Put him next to Dansby….scary.

As history tends to always repeat itself, it’s up to our dual now (Tony and Jeff) to sincerely find and satisfy our most glaring ‘need,’ but let’s not forget about the ‘wants’ that can push us over the top.

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