Parcells Still Involved

Bill Parcells walked away from the Miami Dolphins a week before the season was to start.  He spent the year taking Stephen Ross‘ money and even reportedly considered helping out another team in their head coach search.  Now, as fans, well many fans, have come to agree with his departure and hope that he won’t return any time soon, the soon part is out the window.

Bill Parcells is back.  Sort of.

Parcells was part of the group that consisted of Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano who sat down and talked with QB Andy Dalton of TCU.  At least according to his father he was quoted as saying this to a local paper:

“Really, this week is the first chance that NFL teams have to talk to you as a player,”Greg Dalton, Andy’s father, said of the Senior Bowl. “He met with the Miami Dolphins coach and general manager and Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll and the Seattle staff, andJason Garrett of the Cowboys. Parcells has developed a criteria for drafting quarterbacks. The height was fine, and he has to put on a few pounds.”

So now Parcells appears to be back “advising” now that the season is over and the draft is in view.  Great.  Has anyone forgotten just how awful Parcells is with QB evaluations?  At least he isn’t scouting WR’s.

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  • dodgeguy

    if ireland and sparano are truly in hot water, then they need to sink or swim without parcells. if they take his advice and it fails who the flunk will they point the finger at! i wouldn’t allow him on the property! much less take his advice.

  • AL

    I wish they would let Jimmy Johnson still “advise”.

    • DolphinBob

      Why not let Don Shula in on it. We need people who are loyal to the organization and want to see it win. Someone who will stay with it even when it seems like its falling apart.

  • imawriterrobj

    Well, Parcells DID win a super Bowl with Jeff Hostetler.
    With henne, they got the size and arm correct, but the psychological part…NOT so.
    I think having Parcells around is bad for Henne’s health. O course I think the same about Sparano. Thank Gawd the Henning is gone.


    JJ could advise but I would be very interested in the opinions of Bob Griese and Dan marino before Parcells. They know how to play QB and can study film and evaluate better than him. I also figure with Parcells in the mix, he will take off as soon as things takea downturn and leave his proteges twisting in the wind. Besides, he doesn’t draft QBs in the first round. Andy Dalton isn’t projected until round 2 or 3.


    Where are you getting your info from about Parcells involvement?

    • DolphinBob

      Because we’re idiots and don’t learn from the first mistakes.

    • Brian Miller

      It was in the local papers as well as the local paper where Dalton lives. Daltons father said that Parcells was with Ireland and Sparano

  • DolphinBob

    I cringed when I read this. Why does Ross still listen to this unloyal, greedy fool? He’s already shown that he couldn’t hang in when the going got tough. He left Ireland and Sparano hanging in the wind. When he couldn’t win in three years he cut his loss and left (instead of fixing it and actually winning). If he were a business consultant, he would be fired, banned from the building. Yet, we continue to go to him. Now we console him on a QB? If we’re smart we’ll say thanks but no thanks and get lost. I’m really not understanding this upcoming season: we have a head coach who had his legs cut from under him, we have an owner who lied to the fans and embarassed a once proud organization, the same owner who is more interested in selling minority ownership to the celebs who arent even fans, we have coaches that are coaching areas that they have no actual experience and we continue to listen to an old fool who screwed the organization. Geez I can’t wait for the draft, i’m sure we’ll add to this list. All I can say is, “please get your act together”.


    DolphinBob, I fully share in your frustration. Don Shula would be an excellent Advisor and Consultant because he bleeds aqua and Orange. I also feel the same about Dan Marino and Bob Griese even though they have to be unbiased in their present occupation. Wrong, Bob can speak his mind in retirement now. I would value their assessment of players in this draft. Yes, some Coaches appear in areas outside their expertise and all we can is hope that they bring alot to the table. Honesty and trust are earned and I believe that Sparano, Ireland and Dee and quite possibly Ross, blew that. They deserve for every action to be questioned and dissected from now on. Apparently Parcells is still the Puppet Master.


    Brian, the paper had it right and it is sad to learn it first from them and not the team management. I wonder what else they are keeping from us>