Is Kolb Worth A Second?

While the debate over the rookie class of QB’s will continue through the draft and the months after, veteran QB’s will also bogart the conversations when and if the NFL and NFLPA agree to a new labor deal.  Of the veteran QB’s that may or may not be available is Kevin Kolb who the Eagles have reportedly put on the trade block.  Initial reports about the rumor was that the Eagles wanted a 1st and a third for their one time starter who lost his job to Michael Vick after being injured.  Rumors then claimed that the Eagles would take a 1st or a 2nd rounder.

It’s all nothing but speculation honestly because one, there is no CBA and thus teams can’t even discuss what players might be worth, and two the Eagles haven’t officially declared that Kolb is available…see reason number 1.

So with all that being said, would Kolb, assuming that there is any truth to that rumor at all, be worth a 2nd round pick?

Before you answer the poll, consider this.  The Dolphins don’t have a 2nd round pick and if they were to get a second round pick by trading down in the draft, that second would likely be in the second half of round 2 and not at the top.  Also consider that “IF” the CBA is signed after the draft, that the second rounder would be from the 2012 draft and could be higher or lower than Miami’s current slotting of 15 in round one and what would have been the same area in round 2 had they not traded the pick away.

Also consider that the last time we traded with the Eagles for a QB we spent a very high 2nd rounder on A.J. Feely.

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  • dodgeguy

    i think andy reid is a great q.b. talent evaluator, and he had kolb starting in front of vick because he knew he could work that system on a high level or he would not have started. if the phins ain’t gonna run a similar type of O then he would end up a bust and it wouldn’t even be his fault! sound familiar (henne) if we wouldn’t play to his strengths then it’s all for nuttin’ anyway. he would be worth a 1st if he went to the right situation and coaching staff…i don’t think the fins would do him right.

  • BC

    Kolb has done less than Henne in this league with more talented players around him. this would be the stupidest thing the Dolphins front office could do. Th Eagles are trying to unload him because they know (just like AJ Feeley) Kolb is a career back-up at best.

    • SDDolfanatic

      I’m with BC. Kevin Kolb would most likely be another A.J. Feeley disaster.(How many Pick Sixes did he throw in one season when he played for us?)

  • Luke

    Please no. He is not what we need. He is no better than Henne, Bulger, or Vince Young. All those guys will not cost us a draft pick to play with this year. He needs to go to the Vikings or 49ers. Not us no thank you. Come on CBA because if he goes to one of those teams then they don’t take a QB in round 1.

  • corners

    Heck no. He didn’t even play half a season and was taken out with a concussion. Another issue. He hasn’t played better then Henne with much more around him. 2010-2011 will and reids biggest heist dumping Mcnabb and Kolb.

    I dont buy just because he let him start he had faith in him. Sometimes you have no choice and it ends up being brilliant.