Why is finding a Franchise QB so important?

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Every single person out there (at least those who care about the Dolphins) seems to have an opinion about who they should take in the upcoming NFL Draft. Should they take an interior offensive linemen? How about a speedy WR to compliment Brandon Marshall? Maybe a tough running back, since Ronnie Brown can’t stay healthy and Ricky Wiliiams may not be around.

Here’s the deal people. The Dolphins need to find a franchise QB. There should be no debate here. I’m sorry, but look around you. Look at the teams with best WR’s. The Texans (Andre Johnson), the Cardinals (Larry Fitzgerald), the Broncos (Brandon Lloyd), the Lions (Calvin Johnson).  All are recievers when, being ranked, would be among most people’s top 10 and possibly even the top 5. How about RB’s. The Titans (Chris Johnson), the Vikings (Adrian Peterson), the Texans, again (Arian Foster), the Jaguars (Maurice Jones-Drew).

What do all these teams have in common? Besides not having a true franchise quarterback, they are also teams that missed the playoffs in 2010. Every one had a RB or WR in the top 10 last year, but none made it where they wanted to go. This is why when I hear people talking about options other then the QB position, I shake my head. If we are all in agreement that Chad Henne is not the future of this team (and it seems like most of us are), I can’t see how we can possibly look anywhere else.

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